As I’m sure you are aware things have changed around COVID-19 measures and restrictions.

It is vital that we continue to remain vigilant, as COVID-19 has not gone away. Cases in Gloucestershire remain high and by working together we will have the best opportunity to keep our school open.

These are the guidelines for you and the school to follow:

If any member of your household displays symptoms of COVID-19 arrange a PCR test for all of you and self-isolate until you receive the results.

Without a negative result of a PCR test the self-isolation period of 10 days must be adhered to.

If negative for COVID-19 and free of symptoms your child can return to school.

If positive for COVID-19 please self-isolate for 10 days.

Schools are no longer responsible for tracing close contacts of pupil who test positive for COVID-19, this will now be done by NHS Test and Trace.

In the event of a school breakout extra action might be considered, at this point we will take external advice.

The most important action for you is if you have a doubt your child, or a household member may have COVID-19 please arrange a PCR test and inform the school office as soon as possible.





When we return to school on Friday 3rd September we will no longer be working in class ‘bubbles’. Gates will be open from 8.40am.

ALL children are to come into school via the main top gate before 8.50am. The one-way system for parents will remain in place.

Miss Sleep and other members of staff will be on hand to greet you.

Sunshine/Rainbow children are to go straight into their classrooms.

All other children to walk around to the back playground to be collected by their class teachers at 8.50am for the start of the school day.



EYFS/KS1 – Sunshine & Rainbow classes will be collected at the small gate outside their play area at 3.05pm.

KS1 – Amethyst & Amber parents to collect from the back playground at 3.05pm.

KS2 – If children have a signed ‘permission to leave the classroom slip’ they will be released at 3.15pm to come out by the school office.

All other children without a permission slip – parent to collect from the back playground at 3.15pm.

(If you have previously signed to give permission to leave the classroom this will still be in place. Y2 children will be receiving a slip home today. If you need to give permission, please email the office for a slip to be sent home)


Staying Safe On Line 

Remember that not everyone online is who they say they are and it’s very easy for someone to conceal their identity.

If you do have a negative experince on social media, games and online  telling a trusted adult ASAP and making use of mute / block / report functions

Parents / Carers

If a child talks to you about  an negative expereince focus on helping that child. Listen to them you don't know what they have expereinced. help them with muting / blocking / reporting the individual(s) responsible rather than going down the route of punishment. Your young person dod a breav thing simply in telling you. and they may not disclose future issues if they think they will be in trouble and/or have their device(s) taken away)

Parents to be mindful of age ratings – they’re there for a reason, and check that their children are only utilising games and apps appropriate for their age. can help parents get a holistic overview of apps, games and even films with reviews from their experts, parents and young people.

Do you really know what your child is doing on-line? 



We believe that wearing a school uniform helps children to concentrate, behave well and to feel part of the school family. It has a positive effect on their learning.

Uniform with the Stroud Valley logo on can be purchased via the website or from Batemans Sports shop in Stroud.

During lockdown we appreciated there were difficulties sourcing uniform and so a more relaxed approach was necessary.  Moving forward next year please can you ensure your child comes to school wearing school uniform. New term, new start!

Please click here for a reminder of our policy



If you need to speak to a member of staff call the school office - 01453 764400

We are still working to reduce the number of adults on site and reduce face to face contact. We are a very busy office and would appreciate if parents could continue to email or phone the office rather than try and visit. Reminder - a lot of information (term times, lunch menu, letters sent home, trip information etc.) is available on our website.

 E-mail -, this is checked on a regular basis as we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Debbie Sleep

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If you require a paper copy of any of the information on this website please contact  Debbie Smith or  Emma McTear in the main office.

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