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  • A visit from Jungle Jonathan's roadshow blog01.07.22

    We had a great “Jungle Explorers Day” this week. Jungle Jonathan brought an amazing array of creatures for us to look at and find out more about. Some of us are very brave and decide to hold Tango, the Honduran milk snake. We think he feels warm, smooth and heavy. We think his tongue licking the back of our hands feels like “being tickled by a feather”.

  • The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebrations - Sunshine Class dsc01944

    What a fabulous day of celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee we have enjoyed at Stroud Valley School today! Sunshine Class watched and talked about the Queen’s coronation. The children wondered why the footage was in black in white!
    We came to school dressed red, white and blue and were SO excited to find out that we were each given a sparky crown badge made for us by Miss Taylor and Miss Haines. We got busy adding butter and jam to scones for our picnic and creating a crown with red, white and blue materials. At assembly the queen arrived with her corgi- some of us realised it was actually Miss Sleep and Ted! We finished assembly by singing God Save the Queen. The whole school picnic was a lovely opportunity to be altogether with the whole school – a day to remember!

  • creating a still life drawing dsc01893

    we have carefully observed the shape, texture and colours and then used oil pastels to create a drawing of a jug of lovely spring flowers

  • a new school year and new beginnings in Sunshine Class gallerywholeclassphotosept20211
  • maths learning in action dsc01597

    It’s our daily number session and we are busy using our whiteboards to show different ways of making 5 – we draw cherries on 2 plates and share our ideas to check we have thought of all the ways . . .

  • Pancake Day dsc01763

    It’s Shrove Tuesday today and we enjoy sharing the story of Mr Wolf’s Pancakes. We talk about how Mr Wolf felt when none of his friends or neighbours would help him with the reading, writing, counting, shopping or making the pancakes. We find out what “declared” and “bulging” means Although we enjoy the cross and grumpy voices that Mrs Fathers uses for each of the characters, we agree that it would have been much better if the characters had been helpful and kind and worked as a team and that would probably have prevented Mr Wolf eating them!

  • We have been busy growing our very own beanstalks! dsc01905

    Our runner bean seeds have started to grow… we planted some in compost and some in a clear plastic pot with damp kitchen roll so that we could observe the changes easily. The children have found that not all seeds develop at the same time or speed. They spotted a root followed by a stem and some even have leaves now. The children have been keeping a weekly diary where they draw what they can see and use their sounds to write about the changes. We have been using lots of mathematical language to compare the grow differences that we can see. We found that the seeds in compost germinated more quickly.

  • Making Porridge for Goldilocks and the 3 Bears dsc01607

    This week we have been busy cooking porridge and tried a variety of toppings to see which one we liked best.

  • Sunshine Class Sports Relief and Comic Relief dsc01877

    Today we had lots of fun taking part in obstacle races to help raise money for Sports Relief and Comic Relief. We had practised our sports skills and enjoyed trying our best and cheering on our friends. Our mums, dads and a sister had a go at the race too!

  • Let's Get Planting!

    It’s time to put our bean plants outside in a pot with compost and a cane for support to give them more space to grow. We will observe them carefully to spot any changes in the coming weeks.

  • A warm welcome to all our new Sunshine Class friends! newstarterwelcomephotojuly2021

    We are looking forward to meeting lots of new friends and to having fun playing indoors and outdoors at Sunshine Class at Stroud Valley Primary School. Our first topic will be based on “Marvellous Me”.

  • Parent assembly dsc019152

    This week we have been super busy practising for our parent assembly that’s all about our learning about our topic “Growth”. Here we are in the school hall practising our songs, dances and words wearing our animal crowns. We think our families will be so proud of us!

  • A trip to Stroud Library dsc01805

    We are enjoying a visit to Stroud Library. We look at the fiction and non-fiction books and select some books to share. Then sit down to enjoy a non-fiction book all about under the water and a story book about birthdays. It’s Teddy’s fifth birthday today so that is something we talk about. Later we select a book to borrow from the library to take home and enjoy using the special machine and our new library cards.

  • Just add children! 100_0004

    We are ready and waiting to meet all the brand new boys and girls! We can’t wait to meet you and enjoy playing and learning in Sunshine Class at Stroud Valley Primary School.

  • Valentine's Day 2022 dsc01666

    Mrs Priestley showed us how to create these lovely valentines using natural materials we found in the Forest School grounds.

  • A visit from author Andy Seed dsc01603

    We enjoyed meeting author Andy Seed at school. He told us a funny story all about his cat called Juno and we helped join in with the actions for his poem. He talked about his new book which is all about him interviewing animals and we learned the names of animals that are new to us including the “honey badger”. We sustained our good listening skills and keen interest for the whole session!

  • Celebrating Chinese New Year dsc01628

    This week we have enjoyed finding out about how Chinese New Year is celebrated. This year is the year of the tiger and we enjoyed making masks, writing our initials using Chinese characters, creating a dragon dance with a live band and cooking and tasting a stir fry.

  • Our number game dsc01618

    We are busy playing a game in teams to help our counting skills. Mrs Fathers has drawn numbers on the wall using chalk. In our team we have a beanbag and we try to hit the different numbers in our own hoop. If we manage to hit a number we can collect that number of cubes and put it in our team’s bucket. At the end we count the total cubes in each bucket to find out who is the winner – we use careful 1:1 counting and the highest amount is 29 cubes so that team wins!

  • SVS Arts Week 2021 dsc014572_li

    Well done to all of the boys and girls in Sunshine Class for having a really busy, creative and fun time during our arts week at Stroud Valley Primary School. We really enjoyed Bella’s puppet workshop and “The End of the Pier” show that we watched on Monday. Everybody tried and succeeded at making a fabulous sparkly milkshake puppet for the whole school show. Our Year 6 puppeteers helped us when we filmed our special part. We can’t wait to see the finished product. We were a little sad not all of us could be there for the filming but we hope to see us all back together in November. A BIG thank you to Mrs Jowers, our art coordinator, for organising the week for us to enjoy – we all LOVED it !

  • creating a still life drawing

    we have used oil pastels to create a drawing of a jug of flowers

  • A Visit from Jungle Jonathan

  • Class Blog:

    • a BIG thank you...

      to all the Stroud Valley families who supported Sunshine Class’s Cake Sale a few weeks ago. We have bought a fantastic new toy called “Aqualock”. You have interlocking pieces that create a canal system complete with locks, boats and a working crane - you just add water and get busy having fun. We LOVE it!

    • Road Safety

      We enjoyed a visit from 2 helpful PCSOs this week. They explained about how to be safe when we are out and about and then we practised “stop, look, listen” road safety skills outside.

    • Music Time

      Sunshine boys and girls have enjoyed experimenting with the glockenspiels this week as part of our music lessons.

    • In the workshop .. .

      We have enjoyed using tools to create shoes in our role play area. We dressed up as the elves or the shoemaker and then got busy.

    • Sunshine shoe shop

      As part of our learning about The Elves and the Shoemaker we have enjoyed playing in our Sunshine Class Shoe Shop. The children have been busy checking what size their feet are using the foot gauge - kindly lent to us by Clarks Shoe Shop in Stroud. We have compared each other feet and then chosen which shoes we would like to buy. Some of us wrote receipts so our customers could return their purchases if necessary!

    • Book Week 2022

      “Blue” is the book by Britta Teckentrup that the whole school have used as a focus for our work and learning for World Book Day 2022. It tells the story of a little bird who lives in a dark part of the forest - he’s forgotten how to fly, to play or sing . But one day Yellow (another little bird) arrives and everything begins to change. It’s a great focus for our artwork (we have been exploring and using printing and collage techniques) and for some insightful conversations about feelings and empathy.

    • Safer Internet Day 2022

      Today we were thinking about staying safe online. We used a power point presentation to help us think about what games we like to play online and about keeping our password safe. Lots of Sunshine Class children enjoy using “Purple Mash” to practise their phonics, reading, counting and finding out skills.

    • Forest School Activities

      We have enjoyed using pine cones in Forest School with Mrs Priestley to create a sparkly tree decoration to take home for our family’s tree.

    • Stroud Christmas Tree Festival

      This week we have had some festive fun creating tree decorations for the Stroud Valley Primary School tree as part of the local festival. We used coloured lolly sticks and sparkly sequins to create our stars- we think they look great!

    • some lovely new books for Sunshine children

      We are busy reading our brand new books given to us by an anonymous local person through Stroud Bookshop ~ they have lovely illustrations. There’s a book voucher from the bookshop too - we are looking forward to visiting the shop with our families to buy another book to enjoy. We make a thank you card from all of us.

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