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  • Shhhhhhhhhh... don't tell Miss Sleep . . . blog27.03.20

    We usually award a certificate to 1 person in each class at our whole school Friday assembly and we USUALLY stick to this rule but Mrs Fathers has decided to break that rule given that there’s so many people who deserve that award this week :) Well done to all our fab families for coping with a totally new situation with such good humour and patience!

  • Throwback Thursday dsc01668

    A photo to remind us all where our journey at Stroud Valley Primary School began … don’t we all look so young? Even the adults . . .

  • Dress Down Friday ptfameccano1

    A select band of 6 children enjoyed a very relaxed school day today. After our usual phonics, number and reading sessions we put on some “chill” piano music and enjoyed some making – books, pictures and meccano models. As a special treat this afternoon we had a Stroud Valley Cinema in our classroom – a film and our own bowl of toffee popcorn to munch on.

  • A Visit from the Falconer 02blog06.03.20
  • Pancake Day Fun blog28.02.2020
  • Be My Valentine! valentinesday14.02.2020

    We have been busy creating Valentine’s Day hearts during our Forest School sessions on Tuesdays. Now we just have decide who to give them to . . .!

  • Children's Mental Health Week findyourbrave

    We are busy “ finding our brave” – we are stacking our crates and jumping off and then we write our scores on our sheet.
    A group of children decide they will do their first jump together and then work individually as they decide to be brave and build the stack higher. One of us explains “ I was feeling a bit scared – I don’t like being high – I did it – I got up to 4!”

  • Ice Play 0714.02.2020

    Miss Higgins set up a lovely activity for us this week. We were very curious to see what was hidden in the ice and used magnifying glasses to observe it closely. Then we got hammers to smash the ice so that we could use the tweezers to pull out the items hidden inside. We poured warm water onto the ice blocks and also sprinkled salt on the ice and observed the changes.

  • A Visit to Stroud Library librarythankyoujan2020

    Today we went to the library to have a story time and to choose a book. Then we used the machine to borrow. book. Some of us didn’t have a library card so the lady got us one with our form. We looked at where the fiction and non fiction books are kept.

  • Gong hei fat choy! Happy New Year! 0431.01.20

    This year is the Year of the Rat – we had lots of fun making and tasting some traditional stir fry and had a go at eating it using chopsticks.

  • Finding out about predators and prey in Forest School 0217.01.2020
  • Our trip to the Pantomime 0110.01.2020

    On we had an early start at school (8.00a.m.!) because we were off to Cheltenham to see the pantomine “Cinderella”. After a quick snooze on the bus for some of us we arrived ready to be entertained. Lots of us spotted pictures of Tweedy on the posters and sure enough he played Buttons in the show. There were lots of songs and dances to entertain us, a bit of water sprayed into the audience, some very messy whipped cream and magically Cinderella flew above us at one part of the show. We all had a great time. Some comments from the Stroud Valley School audience include: “ my best bit of the trip was the chairs – they went up and down”, “ I liked Tweedy riding on the tiny, tiny bike” and “Cinderella’s dress was so sparkly – I want one like that!”. What a great trip!

  • A lovely surprise . . . blog16.12.19

    We had a lovely visit today from Santa who left a sack of Christmas books for us. We had lots of fun opening our presents and couldn’t wait to show our Year 6 Boook Buddies what had been delivered. We then spent time with them sharing our new stories. Many thanks to our school’s PTFA for helping Santa with this Christmas surprise!

  • "Born in a Barn" blog09.12.19

    This week we performed our nativity story “Born in a barn” with the angels dancing a lovely dance and the stars accompanying a song with a variety of musical instruments.

  • Stroud Christms Tree Festival 2019 03blog06.12.19

    This week we visited St Laurence Church in Stroud. The vicar, Kate, chatted to us about the Christmas story and we had lots of volunteers to help her act it out. Then we all sang “Away in a Manger”. Next we had a tour of all the lovely Christmas trees decorated in so many different ways – there were 117! On our way back to school we sang “Jingle Bells” and “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”.

  • Children in Need 2019 02blog19.11.19
  • National Outdoor Classroom Day 2019 02blog15.11.19

    We have been finding out about 2D shapes and we decided to celebrate Outdoor Classroom Day by using our outdoor area for a shape hunt. Working with a partner we set off to find out what 2D shapes we could spot in our outdoor areas. The digital cameras helped us record the huge variety of shapes we spotted and when we got back to our indoor classroom we looked at the photos we had taken and found out that we had spotted shapes in the most unlikely places!

  • Remember, remember the 5th of November ... 01blog05.11.19

    That’s when Sunshine Class got busy making their very own fireworks in our Forest School session using autumn leaves, sticks, wire and flame-coloured ribbon.

  • Harvest Festival 07blog25.10.19

    This week we had our whole school Harvest Festival at St Laurence’s church in Stroud. We brought in food items for the food bank and after we had sung our songs our families kindly donated money to the “Send a Cow” charity. Some of us felt a bit nervous before performing but once we put on our harvest crowns we felt ready to sing our hearts out!

  • Harvest Crowns 06blog18.10.19

    We are getting ready for our whole school Harvest Festival next week and we had lots of fun collecting autumn treasures in our Forest School area to create these lovely crowns. We will wear them at our Harvest Festival at St Laurence church.

  • It's the Big Bounce . . . 05blog04.10.19

    This morning we all had a great time on a bouncy castle in the hall. There was lots of laughter and our Year 5 friends helped us keep count of our bounces.

  • PE lessons 04blog27.09.19

    We are having lots of fun in the school hall in our PE lesson with Vinny. Our listening skills are improving and we play lots of games to keep us active.

  • Reading with our Book Buddies 03blog20.09.19x2

    Every Friday afternoon we get together with our Year 6 Book Buddy to enjoy books together. For the first session the Year 6 children visited Sunshine classroom and this week Reception children had the opportunity to visit Year 6 classrooms. Our lovely new buddies helped us enjoy some picture books and we got to know them a bit better.

  • Forest School 02blog13.10.19x2

    This week was our first session of Forest School with Mrs Priestley and Margaret. We put on our waterproof trousers and coats and went outside with our new class friends to explore. We all enjoyed our time in the great outdoors and the session ended with a yummy hot chocolate!

  • Welcome to the new school year! 01blog06.09.19

  • Class Blog:

    • 1st April 2020

      Good morning! welcome to the 1st day of a new month:) I have sent your families the photos of your March learning journey - what a busy time we’ve had. Thanks to R’s mum for letting me know his has arrived safely. Why not forward them on to a relative like your grandma/granpa/nan/nanny/ godparent who would love to see what you’ve been up to? lots of love to you all from Mrs Fathers xxxx

    • 31st March 2020

      C used his daily walk to go on a local bug hunt - he’s very proud of what he found. He walked through fields and over a brook and managed to find spiders, woodlice & a worm.

    • a busy time for O-D . . .

      Thursday - he helped Stan the stegosaurus find his plates for his back by adding the numbers together to pick the correct plate that fit! Friday- O and his sister painted toilet roll tubes different colours to make skittles then O added the numbers he knocked down to get his scores! Today- O has played a target game finding words as mummy says them or hitting a word and then saying what it was then we flipped over the paper plates and did some number and shapes too

    • Monday 30th March

      C has been busy in the kitchen !

    • Good Morning :)

      So lovely to chat to you all at home - how busy you’ve all been! If I didn’t manage to speak to you in person don’t worry I will ring again next week. Here’s some great photos to show what A has been up to. She says “Hello, I’ve been busy making a rainbow out of a teabag to go in my window. I’ve also been learning about bugs, making shapes out of tape and writing in my diary.” Please keep sending them in to :- Lots of love from Mrs Fathers xxx

    • someone's been busy . . .

      It’s never too early to get your recipe ready for The Great British Bake Off!

    • Great photos!

      Thanks for sending these photos to keep us up to date

    • Home hub ideas from Twinkl

      When you find you have run out of things to do or your child is wanting to do more try logging in to Twinkl It offers a daily lesson plan and provides ideas and activities. Just select the age group and go.

      Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather and working out side too. If you log into Stroud Valley Project You can create a tree as a familiy and add leaves when you find the suggested plants, birds, flowers, butterflies and minibeasts out and about on a daily walk.

    • Daisy and Rex have been busy

      Daisy and Rex have been painting pebbles, playing snakes and ladders and listening for birds.

    • 25th March 2020

      Good Morning to all of Sunshine team! I hope you are all well and getting used to a new routine. I have been busy sorting out all the creative resources at school. Maybe you could have a sort out of your toys at home? If you have any pictures of what you have been up to please email them to stroudvalley@stroudvalley.gloucs.sch and we can put them up on our class website. Here’s a picture of a pot in my garden - it’s looking lovely in the spring sunshine! Lots of love to you all and don’t forget to be sure to make “good choices” at home :) xxx

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