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  • It's great to be back together! pe03.03.21x2

    We played “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Stone” today and had a great time seeing our friends during our busy PE session outdoors.

  • It's beginning to look a lot like . . . blog04.12.20

    Advent! This week we started opening the doors on our Sunshine Class Advent calendar. There’s a chocolate treat hiding behind each one. The numbers are all mixed up so it’s a great learning opportunity as we try to work out where each number is.

  • "We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!" angels18.12.20x2

    All the angels in Sunshine Class would like to wish you a “Merry Christmas” xxx.

  • Good Morning from one of our friends rg11.01.21

    Here’s one of Sunshine Class out on a long walk at the weekend. He took his cowboy hat and made sure to check his horse was ok. Can you work out who it is?

  • PE with Vinny blog06.11.20

    It’s our first PE session with Vinny today. He teaches us the “Bean Game” as part of our warm up. When he says “beans on toast” we have to lie flat on the floor. It’s a great test of our listening and memory skills! We are going to be practising our throwing and catching skills in today’s PE lesson and we watch and listen carefully whilst Vinny explains what we have to do when throwing the beanbag. Then we get busy practising and we end our session with a game where each team tries to throw 3 bean bags into a bucket and a hoop – it was lots of fun!

  • Getting green fingered blog13.11.20

    This week Sunshine boys and girls got busy planting a variety of daffodil bulbs ready for next spring. We worked in groups to fill our pot with compost and once the bulbs were hidden we topped the pots with pansies for some winter colour.

  • Gong hei fat choy! Happy New Year! stirfry11.02.211

    We are learning about Chinese New Year and talk about the dragons that are used for the parades. We find out about how everyone gets ready by cleaning and decorating their houses and wearing red clothes for good luck. 2021 is the Year of the Ox. Next we get ready for some cooking. We wash our hands and put on an apron and then we carefully stir our ingredients in the wok. We listen to the ingredients sizzle in the hot oil and spot the steam coming out as they cook. Once our Chinese stir fry is cooked we use a pair of chopsticks to eat it -it’s a bit tricky but we keep trying till we manage to pick up the food. Some of us try it with a sprinkle of soy sauce too. Finally, we enjoy a fortune cookie. We find out how to snap the cookie to reveal the message inside. We can read some of the sounds and the adults help us read the words – we find out we might all be winning something special very soon!

  • Enjoying our number skills blog20.11.202

    We have been outdoors this week having lots of fun playing number skittles. A tennis ball was used to try to knock the numbered skittles over. For each one we knocked over we collected the matching Numicon piece on our scoreboards. After we each had 2 turns we added our pieces to find our total.

  • Estimation blog27.11.201

    In our class number time we have been finding out about estimating. We now know this means having a “sensible guess” of the number of objects we have or can see. We used conkers and a scoop and recorded our estimate. Then we used careful counting to find out what the real total was. The children spotted that the bigger the scoop used the bigger the number of conkers we had

  • Forest School Fun blog22.10.201

    This week we have really enjoyed finding out how to control the hose to fill the buckets and loved having a dig in the mud. At the end of our session we enjoyed a hot chocolate with our friends – delicious!

  • Using tools in Forest School blog11.12.201

    Mrs Priestley has shown us how to safely use tools and, in this week’s session, we created some decorations using natural materials. We will be taking them home to help us decorate our houses ready for a visit from “you know who” on Christmas Eve.

  • Marvellous Me! blog16.10.20

    Our playing and learning has been based around the theme of “Marvellous Me”. We have been finding out all the wonderful skills that we have and we’ve also been busy learning new ones too. Lots of us LOVE getting busy at “The Office” where we enjoying wring and drawing. Mrs Fathers displays our independent writing on the special writing board.

  • Working together blog09.10.202

    This week Sunshine boys and girls have been having great fun working together to explore one of our new play areas. We have been busy finding with the cars and vehicles to explore different ways to connect the black guttering and the “tunnel” (a huge cardboard tube) to make the cars and trucks roll down really fast. Although we all wanted a go at exactly the same time we found out that if we waited for our turn patiently everyone was happy!

  • Dancing Fun dsc00007

    We have had loads of fun dancing to some new songs this week – The Skeleton Dance and the Pinocchio Song. We tried to copy and remember all the actions!

  • A super start to school . . . gallery211.09.20

    It has been SO lovely to meet our new friends in Sunshine Class. We were very busy making self-portraits using chalks and then we created a crown using “treasure” that we found in our Forest School area.

  • working together 02blog18.09.20

    This week Sunshine boys and girls have enjoyed the opportunity to work together with some new friends. We used straws and connectors to build and create different structures and items. When it was tidy up time we worked very quickly to help everyone put away.

  • dinner is served! 04blog02.10.20

    This week was our first time that we have had lunch at school. We all had a try at some new and some familiar tastes and really enjoyed the chance to eat in the school canteen with our new friends. Then we spent time playing in our outdoor area before it was time to see our parents and tell them what we had been busy doing.

  • Just add children! 100_0004

    We are ready and waiting to meet all the brand new boys and girls! We can’t wait to meet you and enjoy playing and learning in Sunshine Class at Stroud Valley Primary School.

  • Class Blog:

    • under the sea

      As part of our work related to the story of “Commotion in the Ocean” Sunshine class have been busy creating an undersea mural in their corridor. They have drawn, decorated and labelled a range of creatures using their phonics to write the name. Our young writers have managed to write fish, rainbow fish, coral, starfish, kelp, krill, dolphin and shark - great work!

    • Red Nose Day 2021

      It’s Red Nose Day today so we wear red clothes to school, bring some silver coins and enjoy telling jokes. We have a whole school assembly on TEAMs and enjoy hearing the other classes’ jokes too!

    • out 'n' about

      It’s been lovely to be enjoying our Forest School sessions with all our friends in the sunny spring weather.

    • PE - ball skills

      We are loving being back at school and it’s time for PE. We are listening carefully to Vinny explaining the “Banana” song and warm up - we love all the actions and it really makes us laugh! Then we work in teams to play the “squirrels game” and each team works together to try to catch as many beanbags as we can. Three of the teams manage to get the same score of five beanbags. Vinny sets us the challenge of practising our throwing when we are at home or in our garden or at playtime at school.

    • Home Learners' Story Time

      Thanks to everyone for joining today’s final TEAMs session - it was great to see your smiling faces again! Thanks to CN for his information on “the hidden Gruffalo”. It has made me have a good look at my other well-loved books by Julia Donaldson. We’re looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow for our 1st session together since December 2020 :)

    • "Commotion in the Ocean"

      ES has got busy today creating a colourful fish and CN has used his clay to make his very own snappy crab! Lovely to see your creations boys - well done:)

    • Home Learners' Story Time

      It was great to see so many happy faces at our Teams session today:) GREAT listening and it was lovely to be able to share your news with our friends. Here are today’s titles if you want to have another read at home:- “Sharing a Shell” by Julia Donaldson, “Under The Sea” by Anna Milbourne and “Totally Wacky Facts About Sea Animals” by Cari Meister. Not long till we can have story time in the SAME room - we can’t wait!

    • some new toys . . .

      The PTFA have kindly bought us some fantastic new Lego for Sunshine boys and girls and we have had fun opening the first box. A BIG thank you - we are loving building loads of new models!

    • Ggggggood morning on this chilly February day!

      C and his sister R are making the most of the very cold temperatures and froze some animals in pots with water by leaving them outside last night. Then they melted them with some hot water and “it was really fun”.

    • Sunshine Fairy Tale Story Time

      Hello everyone - here are the titles of the stories we enjoyed today. You might want to read them online. It was SO lovely to see so many of you! Thank you for helping me with the wolf and sheep noises !!! Loads of love from Mrs Fathers x

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