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  • Wild Classrooms!

    Good morning Ruby class!
    Our school has signed up to Wildclassrooms with Stroud Valleys Project, accessed at: Click on Stroud valley school on the home page and each of our classes has their own tree! If you click on Ruby class tab, you will see you can add wildlife you have spotted whilst out and about. You can see my spotting from my walk yesterday, which I’ve uploaded! Why don’t you join in and upload any photos of wildlife you spot whilst out on a walk?

  • Good morning!

    Good morning Ruby class, hope you all had a good weekend? Another week of learning at home has begun and if anybody has been outside this morning, you’ll have noticed it’s pretty chilly out there! Don’t let this put you off going outside though - put your coats on like you would at school and enjoy the fresh air! Keep sharing your home learning activities by sending them through to and we’ll post them here on our class blog. :-)

  • Family work

    It’s been lovely receiving some of your photos over the last few days! Well done to D and O who have been hard at work all week, and well done to Percy who has been helping them to do their work. Great to see so many families learning together.

  • Super science! 27th March

    Bella has been doing some amazing science at home with her mum and sister! Bella’s mum drew around her, then Bella found out about the organs in the body and what shape they are, before drawing and cutting out on card. Bella then tried to locate the organs on her body before labelling them. Amazing work, Bella! Why don’t you all try this at home? :-)

  • Keeping Fit!

    Hello Ruby class, I hope you are all well and keeping busy at home. I am missing you all :-( If you haven’t already given it a try, have a go at PE with Joe (Joe Wicks Body Coach Youtube channel) at 9am Monday-Friday, which is being accessed live by children all over the world! It is definitely challenging and will set you up for the day! Here’s a picture of my children (Juliette and Elisa) and me taking part this morning… Stay safe everyone, Mrs Booth :-)

  • Hector's Caterpillars!

    Hector in Ruby class has been busy this week. Joe Wicks work outs, bike rides, maths, spellings and writing tasks. He’s also like to introduce us to his caterpillars!

  • Here are some optional writing ideas for keen writers!

    • Keep a diary • Choose an interesting object in your house to describe • Write a letter to a friend or book character • Create your own cake or main course and write a recipe for it • Design a mansion and write a detailed description of each room • Choose an interesting object in your house and write both a nonsense and a real explanation text about it • Write a play script to perform with your siblings or parents • Write a newspaper article about a current (or made up) event • Rewrite a chapter from a book from the point of view of a different character

  • Home hub ideas from Twinkl

    When you find you have run out of things to do or your child is wanting to do more try logging in to Twinkl It offers a daily lesson plan and provides ideas and activities. Just select the age group and go.

    Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather and working out side too. If you log into Stroud Valley Project You can create a tree as a familiy and add leaves when you find the suggested plants, birds, flowers, butterflies and minibeasts out and about on a daily walk.

  • PE whilst school is closed

    We think this will be a great way to wake up and start your day of home learning. If you have any photos of your child taking part please email them and we can pop them on the blog.

  • 'Stranger Danger'

    Today we discussed ‘Stranger Danger’ and what the children should do if they are approached by an adult and where they should go to get help.

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