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  • Pompeii in Stroud!! vol2
  • STEAM Railway Museum pic11

    We had an amazing time yesterday! We did so much learning and enjoyed exploring all the steam trains. Especially the North Star – the fastest train of its time :)

  • Topic Homework pic11

    We love sharing our homework every Monday. Here are a few from our topic on the Iron Age :)

  • Exploring the senses at Christmas! img_0721medium

    For our English lessons this week we are writing a Christmas poem.

    To help with our creative writing we had a lesson exploring all five senses with Christmas related items!

  • Puppet Week cc

    We had such a wonderful and enriching week. We designed and made our willow fish and then composed music to go along with our scene. We are very proud of our efforts :)

  • Animal talk 07/12/2021 img_0437medium

    The lovely students from Stroud Collage came into school today to show us some of the wonderful animals they look after.

  • Cotswold Wildlife Park img_0775

    Ruby class took a trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens where we got to learn all about animals and their habitats. This is part of our topic ‘Our amazing world!’

  • Art lesson - The Northern Lights! img_0831

    In Art last week Ruby class were looking at the northern lights – using chalk we created some of our own.

  • Iron Man img_1542

    This week Diamond and Ruby class have combined their English and Science. This term we are reading the Iron Man and learning about light. As a result the children have been making their own Iron Man shadow puppets. We have learnt how to make shadows and tried out different light sources. We then learnt about the history of shadow puppets and had a go at making our own. Next week we will be making Explanation texts in English to explain all about our Shadow Puppets.

  • Year 4 Climbing Centre Overnight Stay img_0340

    What a great time we all had on our year 4 overnight stay at the climbing centre. We were all amazed at how brave, courageous and fearless the children were in climbing up so high! They also had a great time in the caves as well as eating lots!!

  • Preforming our playscripts! img_1129

    Ruby and Diamond class have been learning all about writing and preforming play scripts this week!

    They then created their own scripts for the book ‘room on the broom’.

    We then rehearsed and preformed a script using props and our super acting skills to Rainbow and Sunshine class!

  • Class Blog:

    • Compass and Map skills

      Today we used compasses to navigate our school grounds and began to look at OS maps and how to use grid references to read them. We compared the human and physical features of the difference maps.

    • Year 4 Climbing Centre Overnight Stay!

      Please look at the gallery photos on Ruby’s class page where I have now uploaded lots of photos showing you what we all got up to on our overnight stay at the climbing centre in Gloucester. I am sure you will agree it looks like lots of fun and it was!!

    • Maths Homework

      Log into your TT Rockstars account. For the next few weeks we are focussing on your quick recall of times tables. Try to improve your persoanl best!

    • Anglo-Saxon Clay

      This term we have been looking at Anglo-Saxons in our topic, this week we linked this to our art lessons.

      We designed and created our very own Anglo-Saxon inspired brooch out of clay!

    • Fantastic Mr Fox!

      This week in Ruby class we have been looking at playscripts and reading ‘The Fantastic Mr Fox’ by Roald Dahl.

      On Friday, we created our own puppets and acted out a scene from the book using playscripts and following the stage directions.

    • Times Tables Rock Stars

      Ruby Homework Set Date: Monday 13th June 2022

      Hand in date: For the next few weeks we are looking at our times tables.

      Please log into TT Rockstars and practice the times tables questions. Can you beat your previous score?

    • Norway and Stroud 3D landscapes

      During our topic “Our Amazing World” we compared the human and physical features of Stroud and Norway. We then created 3D sculptures of these landscapes using modrock. We think they look super. Can you spot any similarities and differences?

    • Animal Talk by Barney

      Last Tuesday Ruby class went to see some Animals.

      Stroud College came in with a single spider, a tortoise, 2 snakes, giant African snails and beetles, water pythons that was a black a poisonous spider it did bite, they had mice I got to hold one it was soooooo cute. But not cuter then my three rats.

      I got to stroke a snake, it feels so weird it feels wet, both of the snakes felt the same. The mice felt soo fluffy but not fluffier than my rats. There was geckos, they were yellow and spotty.

      There was a really big lizard I had no idea what it was, the turtle was really lumpy its shell felt weird its skin colour was all brown my favourite animal was the spider it was so big

    • Animal Talk by Casper

      Last week animal people came and it was amazing! There was tarantula and a royal python and some giant African snails and a giant tortoise.

      Mrs. H said do they eat children no but then a gecko bit Mack and it would have eaten him!

    • Animal Talk by Maddie

      Last week we went into the lunch hall…well me and my class. It was a surprise, we didn’t know what it was…but then we did.

      IT WAS ANIMALS! It was amazing! T

      hey where amazing well IT WAS JUST AMAZING! So you get it, it was so much fun but you don’t know what animals where there where in the hall…OF COURSE I WILL TELL YOU! There where 2 snakes and 2 hamsters or mice, I don’t know! But anyway, there where gecko’s- Oh I have to tell you guys something!

      So our teacher said “Will they bite (the animals)” and they laughed and said “No!” but then Mack got bitten by a leopard Gecko.

      There where GIANT! African snails and a grown-up baby dragon and a S.C.A.R.Y tarantula!!

      (Photos in gallery)

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