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Class Blog:

  • Hedgehog Republic

    We are working alongside the Hedgehog Republic team to tey and increase Hedgehog numbers around the local area. Lots of data collection and photos from Hog cams.

  • Outdoor Learning

    We are learning about the Stone Age during our outside learning activities.

  • Stroud Book Festival

    We’ve been so busy over the last few weeks. Stroud Book Festival was brilliant - we got to start our own stories with the help of Christopher Edge.

  • Harvest

    We all enjoyed taking part in the Harvest Festival at St Laurence’s church.

  • Rugby Fun

    We had a wonderful time at Stratford Park playing rugby with each other against other schools.

  • Place Value

    Ruby Class have been working hard in maths learning about the value of the digits in three and four digit numbers, rounding numbers and solving reasoning problems. Maths is so much fun we thought you might like to try one!

    We are thinking of a number. It is smaller than 6,000 but larger than 3,000.

    When we add together the digits the total is 14.

    What could our number be?

    How many different answers could there be ?

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