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  • Ruby Class Home Learning! hectorphoto2

    Look at all the super activities you have been doing at home during Lock-down! we are very proud of what you have achieved and we can’t wait to see you all soon! :-)

  • Ruby Class Birthdays! indibday1

    Please send in birthday photos to add to our Ruby Class album! :-)

  • Avebury dsc07694

    The Hunters and Gatherers of Ruby Class had an enriching day out, despite a rather wet start at Avebury henge looking at the evidence people have left behind from the stone age. We found out that they hunted wild ox, pigs, goat , deer, and ducks to eat and gathered apples, berries , roots, cabbage-type vegetables too. We also learnt that tools were made in the stone age out of flint, wood and animal bones.They made antler picks and cattle shoulder blade shovels to dig a nine metre ditch. The ditch took one hundred years to dig!

  • Picture Book Competition denisfinal

    Mrs Gardiner has decided to run a picture book competition. Here is hers that she and Mr Gardiner made. Once you’ve read the blurb and feel motivated, what you write and exactly how or where the story takes your reader, well, that’s up to you. But you might want to think about what happens to Dennis. How does he get out of trouble? Who does he meet? Many picture books have a moral within them: something the character and the reader learns along the way. Does your story teach, inspire or have a positive message?

    One last tip, we are of course looking for stories with beautiful and fun illustrations, we want to be dazzled with words, uplifted and taken on a journey full of emotion and drama, but don’t forget your stories should always have a beginning, middle and end!

    Please send your finished story in a Word document, or if it’s a hand drawn creation then simply take a photo of each page and sent them to Mrs Gardiner at We will review every entry and publish our favourite on the school blog. When we return to school, there will be prizes for the top three stories.

    Happy writing!

  • Class Blog:

    • Good morning Rubies!

      It is the last week of term…hooray! We hope you are all well :-) I wanted to show you how much my vegetable plants have grown! Look really closely at the sugar snap pea plant and you will see 2 sugar snap peas growing! Also, one of my courgette flowers has finally opened up - isn’t it pretty! No flowers on my runner beans yet, but they are growing very well, so hopefully I will see some little orange flowers soon! I can’t wait to eat my homegrown vegetables over the summer; if you are growing vegetables at home I hope you enjoy eating them too! Love from Mrs Booth :-)

    • Lily has spotted some beautiful wildlife...

      Look at the the beautiful moth (on the left) and butterfly (on the right) that Lily and her mum spotted! Thanks for sharing :-)

    • Lego Challenge!

      Hello Rubies and Diamonds, who fancies a Lego challenge…? There are 4 challenges to choose from in the picture here - why don’t you give one a go? Good luck and send in photos of your creations! :-)

    • Happy birthday Huseyin!

      Wishing Huseyin a very happy 8th birthday! We hope you have a super day! :-)

    • Georgie's artwork!

      Georgie has really enjoyed working on her scream roller coaster emotion picture this week! How clever combining the two art tasks into one! Thanks for sharing :-)

    • Hector's computing homework!

      Great work on your computer viruses poster, Hector! Thanks for sharing :-)

    • CH enjoys the great outdoors!

      Look at these smashing pictures from CH’s play date at The Heavens! Lots of fun was had and CH really enjoyed seeing his friend again after 3 months apart! :-)

    • Louie's Poem...

      Wow, this is a fantastic poem! A lot of effort went into this, I can see! After writing his poem, Louie learnt how to use Photoshop to create his own Zelda Image. First he drew the picture in pen and the took a photo of the image. In photoshop he then coloured in the characters and added a backdrop he found online from Zelda.

      Here is a link to the document, as I couldn’t get the image onto the blog post!

    • Louie's Scream Painting!

      Look at Louie’s fantastic scream painting from last week’s art lesson - amazing work, Louie! Thanks for sharing this with us :-)

    • IP's favourite things to do!

      IP has been having lots of fun! Canoeing in the River Wye at the weekend, baking pancakes at home, spending time with his dog Luna and making dens with his neighbour! Wow! Thanks for sharing :-)

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