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  • Hello

    Hi everyone,

    Hope you have had a lovely week. I have spoken to most of you, although have left lots of messages this week so if someone hasn’t managed to get hold of you then I do apologise, we hope you are ok and if you need anything please feel free to email us at or email us on purple mash. Lots of you have used purple mash so thank you as it has been so lovely to be able to see what you have been up to!

    We miss you all lots and have a surprise for you next week!

    Take care and hope you are all staying safe Love Mrs Anderson x

  • Handwriting!

    Look what this super smiley person has been doing! He has been doing lots of handwriting and working really hard! This picture really made me smile and I am so proud of all the work he has been doing!

  • Dinosaur roar!

    Look what one of the superstars in our class has been doing! She has ben classifying dinosaurs by herbivores, and carnivores. I’m looking forward to her being able to teach me all about the things she has learnt! What a superstar you are!

  • Bonjour

    Hello everyone,

    Hope you have all had a super weekend. Next weeks home learning is up for you all. There’s a real mix of things for you to choose from so please feel free to give us any feedback on what you think of this. I’ve been on two lovely long dog walks this weekend and spent lots of time cuddling my rabbits, Toffee and Rolo! Here is a picture of them enjoying some yummy kale! Take care and look forward to speaking to you again this week!

    Love Mrs Anderson x

  • hi!

    Hi everyone,

    Hope you have had a lovely week. It has been so lovely to speak to you all this week! We love hearing what you have been up to, it really makes us smile! Next weeks home learning will be up on Sunday and we are starting to use more Purple Mash, as this means we can see what you have done and can mark it for you! There are other options on the home learning too and please check the home learning tab as that will tell you if it is a purple mash task or something else!

    We really miss you all and we hope you are all staying safe.

    Take care Lots of love Mrs Anderson, Miss Baillie and Miss Sefton xxx

  • Good morning!

    Hi everyone,

    hope you all had a super weekend, this weeks home learning is up and we have also set up email access on Purple Mash so the children can message each other and the adults. (I have to accept each message so it is heavily moderated). I’ve had a lovely email this morning with a super winter tree that someone has made it our class! It looks like they have been out to collect the resources! Don’t forget to send us pictures to it really makes us smile! Take care and we will try ringing towards the end of the week!

    Love Mrs Anderson x

  • Good evening

    Hi everyone,

    hope you have had a super weekend. It is so weird being in school without you all! We miss you all lots! Next week’s home learning has been uploaded, don’t forget to send us pictures as we love to see them and also let us know if there is anything you need help with! Please take care and hopefully it won’t be too long until we get to see each other again!

    Take care Love Mrs Anderson xxx

  • Hello Rainbow Class!

    Hello everyone!

    We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year - although 2021 hasn’t quite gone to plan just yet! You’ll see our home learning under the homework tab above, this will be updated for next week so you will have lots of things to do at home. We’ll soon be adding your new 2dos on Purple Mash, so please make sure you have your login handy. We’ll also be calling you all every week to check in with you, and we can’t wait to speak to you.

    In the meantime, stay safe and keep on smiling!

    From Mrs Anderson, Miss Baillie and Miss Sefton

  • Here we go again.....

    Hi everyone,

    well wasn’t the news last night a strange one! We are really sad that we won’t be getting to see your children everyday but it is important to keep them safe. We have been working hard to get the remote learning ready for them.

    I will be ringing you at some point this week to check how everyone is and to check you are all ‘ok’, I will be ringing off an unknown number so please look out for an unknown number. We will be updating the website with lots of information so please keep an eye on it. Your home learning for this week is under the homework tab. Don’t forget about Nessy for year 1s and Purple mash for everyone.

    Please take care of yourselves.

    Love Mrs Anderson

  • Toys

    We are SO proud of how hard all the children have been working They are loving our topic of toys and hopefully you are enjoying all their creations they are coming home with. This week we have been lucky enough to have a box of toys from the museum. See what your child can tell you about the toys that used to be played with.

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