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  • VE day

    Look on the homework tab for activities
    Tomorrow is VE day, the 75th anniversary which marks the end of the secong World War. It’s a time to think about the soldiers, nurses, doctors and the land army who worked so hard to stop Hitler taking over Europe. On that day the people of the UK came together and partyied on the streets. We have put some history activities together for you to find out about Churchill, the war, the king and a chance for you to create a time line from 1945 to now of your living family. There are links for you to follow to find out more. You might make bunting and tea. I’ve made a fruit cake from a recipe used at that time.
    Ideas and activities to celebrate VE Day at home
    Useful Video – What is VE Day and how can we celebrate this year?

  • Home learning img_0390

    Some of the fantastic home learning our little superstars in our class have been doing.

  • PROUD img_0383

    I am so proud of all the children who came into school this last week. It has been a weird week, but they have all coped remarkably well. I hope you all manage to stay safe and try to enjoy some time together as a family. We built our own golf course on the last day!

  • Maths maths21

    In our class we do lots of practical maths using resources. The children are becoming much more independent in using the resources and are enjoying learning how to use them. It helps us to answer trickier questions and we are enjoying being able to do them!

  • Drama littleredridinghooddrama

    We have been acting out the story of Little Red Riding Hood, talking about what makes a good performance and what we should do with our facial expressions. We even met Little Red Riding hood and got to ask her questions!

  • World Book Week img_0375

    We had a fantastic week for world book week. We made SO many things based upon our book ‘After the Fall’. At the end of the week we did a marketplace activity where we went and saw what everyone else in the school had been up to and so many people commented on what fantastic work we had done. We have put some of them up on display in the classroom so make sure you have a look.

  • Picture Book Competition denisfinal

    Mrs Gardiner and her husband have made a picture book and we would like you to do the same. Read the blurb and then write your own with illustrations as well. The best ones will be published on our website and prizes given when we return to school. Please send your work in as a word document, with photos of your drawings to Good luck, we can’t wait to read t

  • Multiplication strategy map timestablepicture

    How are your 5 times tables going? Here is an example of what we would be doing in class. Can you do similar one for the other 5’s eg 4×5 or 7×5. What does 5×5 look like?

  • Class Blog:

    • Good evening!

      Good evening my lovelies,

      I hope you all have had a super Saturday, I managed to speak to some of you today which was lovely-even though it is the weekend! I didn’t manage to speak to all of you this week-there’s 4 of you left who I will try and ring next week (even though it is half term, 2 weeks is too long to go without speaking to you!) I have been busy this week trying to sort things out for those of us who are coming in. I hope you have enjoyed your Saturday, it has been SOOO windy! We lost our gazebo last night, it blew into the garden of the house 2 doors away from us!!! Luckily they gave it back, it is all in one piece and didn’t damage anything!

      Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend. There is a challenge grid on the website read for you to do some amazing home learning tasks that are less ‘worky’ for you to do with your family over half term. This is a picture of someone reading their favourite book! I hope you have all been enjoying reading as much as he has!

      Take care, Keep being amazing and keep smiling Love Mrs Anderson

    • YAAAAY!

      I was beginning to feel incredibly unloved and then out of the blue came this ray of sunshine!!! This ray of sunshine sent me some amazing work she had been doing, trying to make her writing nice and neat, doing some fantastic work about space and being creative.

      It’s made me miss her even more but has also made me smile lots!

      Thank you so much!

      Don’t forget to send me an email with what you have been up to!

    • Beautiful!

      What a beautiful day today! It is so sunny, I hope you have all been enjoying it-remembering to wear a hat and suncream.

      I have been in sorting the classroom out for those of you are coming back, it is very strange!

      I hope you all have a lovely day and I will ring you all at the end of the week.

      Take care, keep smiling and being awesome Love Mrs Anderson x

    • Good morning!

      Good morning all, another Monday morning. It all comes around so quick doesn’t it!

      Hope you enjoy the home learning this week, don’t forget to send me pictures-Mrs Golding’s class are very good at doing that!! We lack in this definitely and I get jealous when I see she has one!!

      On a serious note thank you all for your support, kind words and being honest and open in your hard choices and discussions you are having to have.

      I will be ringing you all again later on in the week-it always brightens my day talking to you all!

      Have a good day. Take care Love Mrs Anderson

      P.S Look at the photo I found! Do you recognise anyone in it?!

    • Good morning

      Good morning everyone.

      Hope you all have had a lovely restful weekend and are ready for another week of home learning. Last week was VERY busy speaking to lots of you numerous times so thank you for engaging with me so much, I know we are asking a lot of you-it is such a weird and confusing time!

      It is set to be beautifully sunny over the next few days so hopefully you can get out and about. Don’t forget to send me an email with pictures of what you have been up to. I miss you all lots!

      Take care Love Mrs Anderson x

    • SUPER

      What have you done today to make you feel PROUD?! (I like to sing that, as lots of you know!)

      That might be some amazing maths work, not fighting with your bother or sister, feeding the dog or even getting dressed (that’s a challenge for me at the moment!). Please be proud of whatever it is you are doing as it is a crazy world and you are all being amazing.

      Keep smiling, this too shall pass.

      Take care Love Mrs Anderson x

    • Super duper

      Hi all,

      Hope you are having fun, it’s much colder today! I’ve been speaking to lots of your mummy’s and daddy’s and they are super proud of all of you so I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you.

      You are all superstars and if we were at school would be getting SOOOO many dojo points, my special gold stickers (I know, I rarely ever give them out!) and just so much praise.

      I know the world is funny right now, but you are all so important, so be proud of what you are doing and enjoy spending time with your family!

      Take care Love Mrs Anderson

    • Excited

      I was very excited to hear from this superstar and his mum. It sounds like they are doing some super things and enjoying the time together. Thank you for the pictures!

    • Monday

      Another Monday has come around!

      Hope you are still enjoying the home learning and have checked out this weeks on the homework tab. I will be ringing the rest of you tomorrow if I haven’t spoken to you.

      I’ve been trying to read more, but some one wants me to read their books and not mine so I’ve got very, very good at the ‘that’s not my’ books as they are his favourite!

      I hope you are all staying safe and enjoying the time together.

      keep emailing me!

      take care Love Mrs Anderson

    • Good morning

      Good morning everyone!

      Hope you have had a super week and have been enjoying the sunshine. What did you all do for VE Day? I’d love to see photos!

      Sorry I didn’t get to speak to you all this week, if I didn’t speak to you (or even if I did) be expecting a phone call net week!

      It’s all a little crazy at the moment so I hope you are all taking good care of yourselves.

      Don’t be afraid to email if you need anything. My picture is a beautiful rainbow one of our superstars drew to cheer me up! How beautiful.

      Take care Love Mrs Anderson

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