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  • Phonics

    Don’t forget to look at this website for the phonics teaching-especially my lovely receptions!

  • VE day

    Look on the homework tab for activities
    Tomorrow is VE day, the 75th anniversary which marks the end of the secong World War. It’s a time to think about the soldiers, nurses, doctors and the land army who worked so hard to stop Hitler taking over Europe. On that day the people of the UK came together and partyied on the streets. We have put some history activities together for you to find out about Churchill, the war, the king and a chance for you to create a time line from 1945 to now of your living family. There are links for you to follow to find out more. You might make bunting and tea. I’ve made a fruit cake from a recipe used at that time.
    Ideas and activities to celebrate VE Day at home
    Useful Video – What is VE Day and how can we celebrate this year?

  • Home learning img_0390

    Some of the fantastic home learning our little superstars in our class have been doing.

  • PROUD img_0383

    I am so proud of all the children who came into school this last week. It has been a weird week, but they have all coped remarkably well. I hope you all manage to stay safe and try to enjoy some time together as a family. We built our own golf course on the last day!

  • Maths maths21

    In our class we do lots of practical maths using resources. The children are becoming much more independent in using the resources and are enjoying learning how to use them. It helps us to answer trickier questions and we are enjoying being able to do them!

  • Drama littleredridinghooddrama

    We have been acting out the story of Little Red Riding Hood, talking about what makes a good performance and what we should do with our facial expressions. We even met Little Red Riding hood and got to ask her questions!

  • World Book Week img_0375

    We had a fantastic week for world book week. We made SO many things based upon our book ‘After the Fall’. At the end of the week we did a marketplace activity where we went and saw what everyone else in the school had been up to and so many people commented on what fantastic work we had done. We have put some of them up on display in the classroom so make sure you have a look.

  • Picture Book Competition denisfinal

    Mrs Gardiner and her husband have made a picture book and we would like you to do the same. Read the blurb and then write your own with illustrations as well. The best ones will be published on our website and prizes given when we return to school. Please send your work in as a word document, with photos of your drawings to Good luck, we can’t wait to read t

  • Multiplication strategy map timestablepicture

    How are your 5 times tables going? Here is an example of what we would be doing in class. Can you do similar one for the other 5’s eg 4×5 or 7×5. What does 5×5 look like?

  • Puppets img_2990

    In our bubble this week we have been making puppets based on woodland animals from Percy the Park Keeper. We learnt to sew them and designed them ourselves, we are SO proud of them, hope you like them!

  • Class Blog:

    • Good evening!

      Hi everyone,

      hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, the last week of home learning is up! Before we all get a well earned break and rest! What a term it has been! I have LOVED being back with those that are back and still speaking to those of you on the phone who aren’t back!

      Here’s to a great last week!

      Take care-keep being awesome! Love Mrs Anderson

    • Hi

      Hi all,

      Hope you are enjoying this wet and windy day! We have been very busy at school doing some retelling of Percy the Park Keeper, working on position and direction, plants and learning to sew!

      You should all have received or are about to receive your letter telling you who your teacher next year is going to be!

      I just wanted to say that although I only had you for a few months I loved every minute of being your teacher and will miss you all so much!

      Keep smiling and being awesome!

      Love Mrs Anderson

    • Good morning

      Hi lovelies,

      Hope you are having a super week-it isn’t very nice outside is it! I’ve had some lovely emails so thank you-it is still such a strange environment and you will by now hopefully know who your new teacher is going to be! I will miss you all so much and it feel strange not to be able to say bye to you all properly.

      As always if you have any concerns or worries please let me know!

      Take care Love Mrs Anderson

    • Good evening

      Evening everyone!

      Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, I’ve had 2 super emails over the weekend which I will update everyone about tomorrow!

      It has been SO windy hasn’t it! I went to see my mum for the first time since February which was absolutely lovely! Ezra loved seeing his grandma and grandad, I hope you are all managing to see family you haven’t seen for a while, hopefully it will make us all appreciate everyone a bit more, and not take things for granted.

      If I didn’t manage to speak to you this week then I look forward to speaking to you tomorrow! (or another answer phone message from me!)

      Take care Love Mrs Anderson

    • Superstars

      Hi all!

      It has been so lovely to see more of you this week! Some in school in my bubble, some in other bubbles and some in the PE sessions! You’ve all really made me smile, so thank you!

      I’ve had lovely messages and very positive feedback about how amazing you are all feeling about being back so that is fantastic!

      Remember you are all superstars no matter what you are doing at the moment-what matters is you are happy and thriving!

      Please email me about anything!

      Take care Love Mrs Anderson

    • Puppets

      This week in our bubble we have been learning all about Percy the Park Keeper. We have made puppets that we have designed, sewed and made ourselves! It was all quite tricky but we persevered. We then took them to forest school area and on a tour of the school to put them in their natural habitat and show them ours!

      It was great fun and I am super proud of the children! Have a look at our album for more pictures!

    • What a day!

      What lovely weather we have had recently! I have loved being in class with the Rainbow children that are back and I have loved speaking to you if you aren’t back! You have all sounded so enthusiastic when I’ve spoken to you on the phone, it has really made me smile.

      Don’t forget to send me pictures!

      Stay safe and remember you are awesome! Love Mrs Anderson

    • Home learning.

      Good morning!

      This weeks home learning is up, there is some very hands on, practical maths that we would love to see pictures of! Keep working hard and heres to another awesome week!

      Love Mrs Anderson

    • Weekend

      Hope you all have had a super weekend and enjoyed some of the sunshine, in between the rain! Didn’t we have some fantastic storms the other day? It is what lots of you have wanted to talk to me about on the phone!

      I know lots of you parents are making tricky choices at the moment, but remember we are here to help and support you so please feel free to email if you need anything! Don’t forget to send pictures!

      Take care Love Mrs Anderson x

    • Morning

      Fingers crossed for this rain to have actually stopped. When HJD designed her park for home learning she then went on to make it. Have a look.

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