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  • reward letter 16.12 rewardletter
  • Dragonologist dsc09355

    We had great fun this morning looking at the evidence left behind on the dragon egg site.

    The children were given three pieces of evidence.
    Item 1: dragon scale in saline solution – the children looked up the meaning of saline and drew some initial conclusions that the dragon could live near sea.
    Item 2: Dragon faeces – the children drew, measured and dissected the dragon poo. They found fragments of shells and seeds. They concluded that the dragon was vegetarian or lives in the sea.
    Item 3: The children identified a piece of seaweed using a key – the key told them that the dragon was likely from the Cornwall coast (Serrated Wrack Seaweed is mostly found on the Cornwall Atlantic Coastline). The children looked up the location of Cornwall on a UK map and decided that a dragon could easily make it to Stroud.

    Great inquiry skills Quartz. Now to write a report about our dragon!

  • Mandalas dsc03083

    As part of celebrating Outdoor classroom day, we spent the afternoon making Mandalas using natural materials. We created them on our own and in groups. The children were excellent a finding little treasure to place in their mandalas. They understood the pattern needed to be circular to represent the universe and then use concentric circles. You will notice some children also marked North, South, East and West using a variety of found materials.

  • Dragon Sighted! dragon2

    We have had a lot of fun this week, investigating whether a dragon had entered our school and classroom!

  • Flower pots - thoughts and feelings cycle dsc08974
  • It's good to be me. 11

    This week, we have spent a lot of time talking about having a ‘growth mindset’ and how if we believe we can then we will achieve! The children listened to a story all about a mouse whose friends were unkind and put her down making her believe she was not good enough but in the end she found she was the strongest of them all. We have also enjoyed reading some inspirational stories from our class book ‘Stories for kids who dare to be different’ by Ben Brooks.

  • Class Blog:

    • Thank you Mr Bailey!

      Yesterday, we said thank you to Mr Bailey for working with us for the last six weeks ish. We enjoyed having Mr Bailey with us, we loved learning about your love of New Zealand and football!

      THANK YOU!

      Mr Bailey is now moving to work in Ruby class till January.

    • Start of Term 2: Dragon Sighted!

      What a start to Term 2 we had this week! Mrs Barrett walked in to devastation within the classroom. Her beloved ‘fronted adverbials’ sign along with many newspapers had been burnt down. Tables were all over the floor and a trail of ash left all over. Thanks to Mr Ward, we were able to watch the CCTV footage gathered from the night before but we weren’t expecting to see what we did! A DRAGON!! We carried out our own investigation to prove whether a dragon had entered our school. On Tuesday, there was a lovely surprise left for us from Peter, Furry’s (the dragon) keeper, a set of beautiful dragon books for us to read. Have a look at the gallery to see the fun we had!

    • Personal Social Health Education

      This half term we are thinking about the link between our thoughts and our feelings.

      Today we talked about the cycle: thoughts affect our feelings, and feelings affect our behaviour.

      We discussed how positive and negative thoughts affect our feelings - how we can counteract negative thoughts with positive ones! The children understood that they control their thoughts and feelings, whilst they cannot control the actions of others around them.

      Have a look at our flower diagrams - the flower is the problem, the seed our thoughts and the flower our feelings.

      We talked about how there are no ‘bad’ feelings but if we are feeling sad and anxious a lot of the time, we need to learn how to manage them.

    • Comic strips

      Over the next few weeks the children in Quartz class will be designing and writing their own comic strip based on The Bayeaux Tapestry.

      Today, we looked at a selection of magazines which included comic strips. The children looked at three different comic strips and were able to identify three things that were the same in each comic. This is the beginning our ‘Comic Strip Toolkit’. This will help us create our comic strip with the proper features! The children are very enthusiastic and we are hoping they will be able to create their comics using an app.

    • School council reps

      Well done to our new council reps who will help pass on our thoughts and ideas this year during their council meetings.

    • 1066

      Our topic this term is 1066. We were very lucky this week, as a member of Quartz class brought in the Bayeux Tapestry for us to look at. This week we will be looking at it in closer detail.

    • PE Competition skills

      We are very lucky in Quartz class as this term we have a session with Vinny who is helping us improve our competition skills for Tag rugby. Please can you make sure your child has some warm PE clothing such as joggers rather than shorts as the weather turns colder.

    • Place Value

      This term in maths we are learning and revisiting the topic of number and place value. Last week, we concentrated on seeing whether we could state the value of each digit in a number up to 4 digits and year 5’s a number up to 1,000,000!!

    • Welcome back!!

      Welcome to Quartz class! This week, we have all been getting to know each other. Both myself, Mrs Allen and the other adults in the room, are all really impressed with how quickly the children have settled in. We have spent the week talking a lot about having a ‘growth mindset’; please ask your child to tell you all about this. We have also worked really hard to improve our geography knowledge: learning all about the 7 continents; what we mean by the terms longitude and latitude; where the equator and prime meridian are as well as looking closely at the United Kingdom. As you can see we have had a busy week! Your child will be bringing home a new reading record and book, their spellings and possibly a library book. Please check the top of this page where you will find our curriculum overview, newsletter for the term, spellings for the term and our 1066 homework sheet. Your child should also have handed you a trip letter this week. Mrs Barrett

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