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  • River Study dscf2533

    We had a fantastic morning down by the River Frome – the children were all incredible sensible near the water and all the adults are very proud of Quartz class.

    We worked out the direction and speed of the water flow using compasses and timers, we sketched the meanders, and took pictures of all the human interaction with the River. We were very good at spotting any rubbish or old bits of buildings/bridges.

    Enjoy the photos!

  • Witch potions! dscf2489

    The children had a fantastic time exploring capacity and volume last week. They chose their potion and using the resources, measured accurately in mls. They checked the volume of their potion at the end, reading accurately the ml scale.

    Witchy Allen and Witchy Ward were ably assisted by the children who created excellent invisibility and flying potions.

  • reward letter 16.12 rewardletter
  • Dragonologist dsc09355

    We had great fun this morning looking at the evidence left behind on the dragon egg site.

    The children were given three pieces of evidence.
    Item 1: dragon scale in saline solution – the children looked up the meaning of saline and drew some initial conclusions that the dragon could live near sea.
    Item 2: Dragon faeces – the children drew, measured and dissected the dragon poo. They found fragments of shells and seeds. They concluded that the dragon was vegetarian or lives in the sea.
    Item 3: The children identified a piece of seaweed using a key – the key told them that the dragon was likely from the Cornwall coast (Serrated Wrack Seaweed is mostly found on the Cornwall Atlantic Coastline). The children looked up the location of Cornwall on a UK map and decided that a dragon could easily make it to Stroud.

    Great inquiry skills Quartz. Now to write a report about our dragon!

  • Mandalas dsc03083

    As part of celebrating Outdoor classroom day, we spent the afternoon making Mandalas using natural materials. We created them on our own and in groups. The children were excellent a finding little treasure to place in their mandalas. They understood the pattern needed to be circular to represent the universe and then use concentric circles. You will notice some children also marked North, South, East and West using a variety of found materials.

  • Dragon Sighted! dragon2

    We have had a lot of fun this week, investigating whether a dragon had entered our school and classroom!

  • Flower pots - thoughts and feelings cycle dsc08974
  • It's good to be me. 11

    This week, we have spent a lot of time talking about having a ‘growth mindset’ and how if we believe we can then we will achieve! The children listened to a story all about a mouse whose friends were unkind and put her down making her believe she was not good enough but in the end she found she was the strongest of them all. We have also enjoyed reading some inspirational stories from our class book ‘Stories for kids who dare to be different’ by Ben Brooks.

  • Class Blog:

    • Busy children

      Hello Everyone,

      Hope you all have had a good Wednesday!

      Iris sent us pictures of all the lovely things she has been up to at home! Halving quantities of ingredients, mud kitchen chocolates, times tables and lots of FUN which is good to hear! Her chocolates look very edible yum!

      I enjoyed a lovely walk in the countryside today, which as you know, always cheers me up! It’s good to get outdoors - kick a ball, build a den, geocache (locally ;)). Make sure you are getting out once a day!

      Keep positive Quartz, Love Mrs Allen :)

    • Tuesday :)

      Mrs Smith and I really enjoyed speaking to lots of you today :) You sound like you are keeping busy and have a positive mindset… well done!

      Here is a picture of Kate who has been working super hard at home, baking lemon drizzle cakes, story writing, spelling and Maths practise! Amazing.

      She has drawn a picture of a Viking woman as she has rightly seen that they aren’t talked about much in History books! I mentioned to Kate that she may like to research Aethelfaed - she was a local Saxon Queen when they Vikings were also in England. She was one of the most influential and powerful women in England at the time but the history books have forgotten her! What can you find out?

    • Good Morning!

      Hello Quartz Class, It’s been lovely talking to some of you recently and hearing about what you’ve been doing.

      I’m enjoying going on my daily walk and discovering places that I didn’t even know existed. I love trying to spot and name all the wildflowers that are stating to bloom now Spring has arrived.

      I’ve also been trying to get better at playing my keyboard. I’m using some of the tutorials on YouTube to help me. I haven’t played it for a very long time so I’m a bit rusty and I’m not sure Mr Smith is enjoying it as much as I am!

      I hope to speak to more of you during this week.

      Take care.

      love Mrs Smith

    • Good Afternoon!

      Mrs Smith and I are feeling really happy this morning because we have had emails from Jack and Marlon! It is so lovely to see what they have been up to. Jack has promised that he will bake us all a cake and Marlon can teach us some illustrating skills when we get back - isn’t his Rumplestiltskin fantastic?

      Keep emailing to let us know what you have been doing.

      There is a birthday in Mrs Allen’s house (not hers) so today so she is eating lots of chocolate cake to celebrate! Not as much as Bruce Bogtrotter in Matilda though!

    • Hogwart's spelling

      If I have spoken to you about Hogwart’s spellings via our phone call this week, please use these ones!

      Can you remember the rules about when to double the consonant?

    • happy weekend :)

      Hello Quartz,

      Just a note to say hope you have a lovely weekend. Are you trying anything new at the moment? Now, would be a great opportunity to learn a new skill - I have seen lots of clips online of people learning sign language, I may give that a go at some point.

      This is my latest new skill, cross stitch! I am inspired by our sewing together so here goes! I think the word I am stitching is apt for the moment, don’t you! (Yes I know I haven’t completed very much…getting started took a while!)

      Let us know what new things you are trying or learning by emailing:

      Love Mrs Allen :)

    • Hello Quartz Class

      I hope you are all still enjoying the sunshine. Mrs Allen and I would love to hear about what you have been doing. You can email your news to We can then put it on the Blog for all your friends to see.

      Mrs Smith

    • Good afternoon Quartz Class

      Hello Quartz class, How are you all? It seems very strange not seeing your faces everyday! I hope you are finding some nice things to do in the sunshine and not getting too bored.

      Yesterday, I had my first attempt at making home-made pasta. It didn’t go too well and you should have seen the mess! I’ll keep practising and let you know how it goes.

      Have you tried The World of David Walliams( I think you would enjoy listening to him reading his stories if you fancy a giggle.

      Missing you all, keep safe.

      Mrs Smith

    • Hello Quartz Class

      Keep checking the blog for updates.

    • How are you all?

      Hello Quartz class,

      Hope you are doing well! What a strange time we are in!

      How have your days been? Mine have been very busy, trying to get my two pickles to listen to me and do a bit of school work at home … I think you all listen ALOT better to me! Any tips?

      We have been doing lots of baking (and eating), been out in the garden and practising some writing. We have enjoyed listening to audio stories over lunch, we are currently listening to Famous Five Treasure Island. This website has lots of free stories which are a great listen

      We have also giggled away at David Walliams The World’s Worst Children - he is releasing a story each day for thirty days. You can find this here

      Do let Mrs Smith and I know what you have been getting up to on Hopefully we can post some of your fun :)

      Speak soon, Mrs Allen :)

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