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  • The Queen's Platinum Jubilee School Celebration! img_3524

    During the last week of term, we all enjoyed a range of activities with a theme of the ‘Queen’s Jubilee’. The children learnt all about our longest reigning monarch and the key events in her life. We also took time to learn the national anthem; bake cookies that the Queen herself would love to eat; test our stitching skills creating our own bunting and make union jack pompoms. It was a great week that ended with a whole school ‘Jubilee picnic’.

  • Our Norwegian and UK landscape sculptures img_2879

    Have you ever wondered what physical and human features you can see in Norway’s landscape? And what about how our environment compares to the fjords of Scandinavia?

    Using paper, modroc, paint and clay, we created landscape sculptures that explore the 2 landscapes. It was great to see the children working collaboratively and bringing their work to life with miniature buildings and other human features.

  • Animal visit img_1189

    Just before the Christmas holidays, we met some amazing animals in our school. Some where furry and cuddly whilst others took a bit of getting used to with their slimy or spikey bodies! Well done to all of the Quartz children who overcame their fears and stroked or held these beautiful creatures for the first time.

  • Quartz class Vs Diamond Class Dodgeball Competition img_3274

    On Thursday, Quartz and Diamond had a great Dodgeball competition to raise money for sports relief. It was great to see all the parents and children having fun regardless of the amber warning wind! We played lots of games! Well done to all the teams and especially Team 2, winning the final match for Quartz class!!

  • Capel's Mill img_1259

    On a wet, chilly morning in January, we visited Capel’s Mill. Whilst there, we identified the different wildlife habitats as well as the dangers that manmade changes pose to these creatures. We has a great time drawing maps and learning about some of the flora and fauna of our local environment.

  • Children in Need! img_2416

    Today, we took part in a range of ‘Children in Need’ themed activities. We spent the morning learning all about Children in Need and why we support it each year. The children took part in Joe Wicks’ live PE lesson. After this, we spent some time learning some mindfulness techniques from Dr Ranj and talked about what we are grateful for. In maths, we had lots of Pudsey themed code breaking maths to work through using our knowledge of addition, subtraction and multiplication.

  • Welcome to Quartz class! blog

    We are really looking forward to seeing you all in September and getting to know each other. In Quartz class your teachers are Mrs Jowers (who will teach you on Mondays and Tuesdays) and Mrs Barrett (who will teach you on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays). We are very lucky that we also have Mrs Ward who will help us in class every morning as well as Mrs Gardiner.

  • Cotswold Wildlife Park dsc00949

    We had an amazing trip to the Cotswold Wildlife Park last week. Whilst there, we looked closely at a group of animals to learn about their habitats and how they have adapted to survive. As a class, we also spent lots of time walking around, visiting as many of the animals as we could. It was a lovely trip enjoyed by all.

  • Corinium Museum img_0469

    We had lots of fun on our trip yesterday and learnt lots of new facts. Some new facts included: When the Romans invaded Britannia they built a fort which later developed into the forum; they really enjoyed playing games – especially counting games and their game ‘knucklebones’ used real animal bones from sheep and goats. Make sure you ask your children what other facts they learnt!

  • Marvellous Mosaics img_3647

    We have been inspired by Roman mosaics and have made our own summer leaf designs. We used the authentic method of tiles, adhesive and grout which got quite fiddly and sticky! We are really proud of the results.

  • Spring at Slimbridge! img_1262

    What a lot of fun we had today meeting Ava the Osprey and following her trail around Slimbridge. As well as learning about some of the creatures who live and migrate there, we also got plenty of time to play and enjoy a picnic lunch.

  • Coaley Peak Ramble img_1149

    What a misty morning we had up at Coaley Peak today!
    Our first stop was Nympsfield Long Barrow where we asked lots of questions about who built it, why it was constructed there and how it was used for ceremonies.
    Then we started our sponsored ramble whilst looking out for items on our Nature Checklist. Do you know what red campion, sloe bushes and hart’s tongue ferns look like?
    We took our topic books so that we could sketch the world around us ready to inspire our next piece of story writing.

  • Planetarium img_3259

    On Thursday, we enjoyed experiencing ‘the planetarium’. We learnt lots about star constellations as well as volcanoes! At the end, we were very lucky to hold a ‘real’ piece of meteorite from outer space!!!

  • Class Blog:

    • Exciting Writing: Friday 1st July

      This Friday, the children will write their final exciting writing piece of the year.

      Please spend some time this week with your child discussing the following story opener: “The three friends set out on their journey, with nothing but each other to help them for what lied ahead.”

      What journey are they heading on? Why do they need to go on the journey? Who are the friends? What happens along the way? How will their story end?

      Thank you, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Jowers :)

    • Maths Homework WB: 27th June

      This week, please complete your homework on Purple Mash called ‘Time - Mixed Questions’.

    • Gold Success!!!

      WOW! Well done to ‘W’ who is the first child in Quartz class to achieve gold and move on to the ‘Platinum’ club in our weekly times tables 99 club session. What a great achievement!

    • 99 club!

      Well done to these children for moving up in our 99 club this week!

    • Reading WOW!

      A huge congratulations to these children for reading lots at home and achieving a reward on our reading chart! Keep it up!

    • 99 Club Success!

      A huge congratulations to these children for moving up a club last week!

    • TTRockstars!

      Well done to these children for increasing their times tables recall speed! Keep it up :)

    • Thank you Mr Bartrop!

      We have thoroughly enjoyed having Mr Bartrop teach us this year! We are very sad to see him leave but wish him all the best on his new adventure with his ‘own’ class! Good luck Mr Bartrop and please don’t forget us here at Stroud Valley :)

    • Quartz Cake Sale: Friday 17th June @ 3.15pm

      Just a little reminder that tomorrow is our class cake sale. If you have some spare time, we would love for you to make some cakes for us to sell after school, raising important funds for us to use.

      Many thanks,

      Mrs Barrett and Mrs Jowers :)

    • Maths Homework WB: 13th June

      This week, please log onto My Maths and complete your maths homework called ‘Telling Time’. Please note, this is a recap lesson to show us what you can remember) :)

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