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  • Mandalas dsc03083

    As part of celebrating Outdoor classroom day, we spent the afternoon making Mandalas using natural materials. We created them on our own and in groups. The children were excellent a finding little treasure to place in their mandalas. They understood the pattern needed to be circular to represent the universe and then use concentric circles. You will notice some children also marked North, South, East and West using a variety of found materials.

  • Flower pots - thoughts and feelings cycle dsc08974
  • Dragonologist dsc09355

    We had great fun this morning looking at the evidence left behind on the dragon egg site.

    The children were given three pieces of evidence.
    Item 1: dragon scale in saline solution – the children looked up the meaning of saline and drew some initial conclusions that the dragon could live near sea.
    Item 2: Dragon faeces – the children drew, measured and dissected the dragon poo. They found fragments of shells and seeds. They concluded that the dragon was vegetarian or lives in the sea.
    Item 3: The children identified a piece of seaweed using a key – the key told them that the dragon was likely from the Cornwall coast (Serrated Wrack Seaweed is mostly found on the Cornwall Atlantic Coastline). The children looked up the location of Cornwall on a UK map and decided that a dragon could easily make it to Stroud.

    Great inquiry skills Quartz. Now to write a report about our dragon!

  • reward letter 16.12 rewardletter
  • Witch potions! dscf2489

    The children had a fantastic time exploring capacity and volume last week. They chose their potion and using the resources, measured accurately in mls. They checked the volume of their potion at the end, reading accurately the ml scale.

    Witchy Allen and Witchy Ward were ably assisted by the children who created excellent invisibility and flying potions.

  • River Study dscf2533

    We had a fantastic morning down by the River Frome – the children were all incredible sensible near the water and all the adults are very proud of Quartz class.

    We worked out the direction and speed of the water flow using compasses and timers, we sketched the meanders, and took pictures of all the human interaction with the River. We were very good at spotting any rubbish or old bits of buildings/bridges.

    Enjoy the photos!

  • Dragon Sighted! dragon2

    We have had a lot of fun this week, investigating whether a dragon had entered our school and classroom!

  • It's good to be me. 11

    This week, we have spent a lot of time talking about having a ‘growth mindset’ and how if we believe we can then we will achieve! The children listened to a story all about a mouse whose friends were unkind and put her down making her believe she was not good enough but in the end she found she was the strongest of them all. We have also enjoyed reading some inspirational stories from our class book ‘Stories for kids who dare to be different’ by Ben Brooks.

  • Class Blog:

    • Viking Shield

      MT has made a fantastic Viking Shield. Amazing!

    • Hello Quartz class!

      Hope you are all well. It’s been lovely seeing some of you having fun in the PE sessions with Vinnie recently. It must have seemed strange coming into school after such a long time! It’s the summer holidays soon and then hopefully you will all be back into school from September in your new classes. Hope to see you all before the end of term. love Mrs Smith x

    • Spellings

      Apologies Quartz, I have been saying to practice your spellings and they aren’t on the tab for this half term! I did think that I had put the whole of the summer term. oh dear.

      I would practise spelling the common exception words for your year group. They are the words that do not follow any spelling patterns and just have to be learnt by sight….challenging!

      Here is some general information about spelling, and has the word lists using common exception words!

      Mrs Allen :)

    • Wow!

      Ethan has been completing a project on Egypt during lock down. He has found out about everyday life in Egypt, why the Nile was so important and the names of Pharaohs.

      He also made this lovely Egyptian pyramid made from flour, salt and water. Isn’t it clever how he create the illusion of bricks?

      Looking forward to seeing some of you tomorrow at the Sports sessions!

      Mrs Allen :)

    • Hello from Mrs Barrett!

      Hello Quartz class. I have been enjoying my maternity leave, spending lots of quality time with Emma and Isabelle. We have spent most of our days creating lots of pictures and craft pieces as well as reading many books! Emma really likes knocking down the stacking cups and finds it very funny! I have been hearing about all the wondering things you have been up to at home and love to look at your pictures on the class page. What a talented bunch Quartz class are! Make sure you keep sending in messages and photos of what you have been up to so that I can hear all about them. I would love to hear if anyone has learnt a new grammar song that I can use :) I miss you all and keep up the great work! Love Mrs Barrett xx

    • Arthur and the Golden Rope!

      I bought this lovely book to study with you in English but sadly, we won’t get to read it together. It is a fantastic book and is part of a wonderful series. It is laid out like a comic/story book so is an easy read but a intriguing story line based on Norse Mythology!

      If you get a chance to get your hands on it…do!

    • Sweet Peas

      AB has been busy growing different things in her garden. She has grown sweetpeas, tomatoes and courgettes which all look pretty amazing. Here is a photo of her sweet peas which just happen to be my favourite flowers. Good work A!

    • Good Morning!

      Hello Quartz class! It’s going to be a very hot day today. Hopefully, you’ve got a few ideas on how to keep cool. I think ice cream and ice lollies are a very good idea!

    • Illuminated Letters

      Hi Quartz class,

      MT has created a stunning illuminated letter. We really like the snake design. Well done M!

    • How are you all?

      Hello All,

      Just a little note to say hello! Since June 1st, I have been very busy looking after the children who have extra learning needs and supporting them coming back to school. I have thought of all of you lots, it is very strange walking past our empty classroom!

      Hope you are continuing to enjoy your learning at home. It’s great to hear that you are keeping in contact with your friends through Xbox chat, emails, garden meet ups and some are letter writing!

      Looking forward to speaking to some of you this week,

      Love Mrs Allen :)

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