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  • KL's Northern Lights work thumbnail_20210120_121135

    I hope you enjoy reading KL’s work and looking at her beautiful artwork as much as I did, it really made my day receiving her work, so please send in what ever you have done.

  • Clay Canopic Jars can6

    In Ancient Egypt the internal organs were removed in the mummification process and placed in canopic jars, ready for the afterlife. The children designed and made their own versions using clay. Don’t they look brilliant, the detail on some of the faces is incredible.

  • Persuasive Writing and Debating in Literacy debate2

    In literacy we have been using modal verbs to persuade: would, could, should, will, won’t, must, mustn’t etc. We have been writing arguments for and against entering an ancient Egyptian tomb. The children then held a debate and they were BRILLIANT, amazing vocabulary and excellent arguments for and against.

  • Egyptian Art 1e

    Look at these wonderful creations. The children researched Egyptian symbols and their meaning, then they glued string to card, covered in foil and used acrylic paint over the top.

  • Egyptian Pharaoh Art col8

    In art we have been creating mixed media Egyptians pharaohs. The children were photographed side on, then they created their own crown or headdress, based on research. They added a colour wash background and designed their own cartouche with their name written in hieroglyphs.

  • Mummifying oranges! mummific

    This week the children have been mummifying oranges. Ask your child what the process is and what they had to do. The oranges have been wrapped in bandages and will be regularly checked. We will keep you posted.

  • Here's what your new classroom looks like. dsc03702

    Hi Emeralds, we are really looking forward to seeing your lovely faces tomorrow morning! Most of you haven’t been to school for 6 months, but try not to worry, it will be just fine. See you tomorrow at 8.45am by the car park slope. Mrs N-G, Mrs D-B & Mrs Howard

  • Egyptian Dancing dance2

    In PE we are learning Egyptian style dance. The children have learnt a variety of moves are working together to create a routine. ‘You had to keep your body straight, extend your arms and keep your feet flat.’ Scarlett.
    ‘It was difficult but fun.’ Bella.
    ‘I really liked their style of dancing.’ Loretta.
    ‘We worked well as a team.’ Hayden

  • What we've been up to. clay5

    As parents aren’t able to come into the classroom this parent’s evening here are some photos of what we have been doing. Drama – acting out being Howard Carter and finding the tomb. Diary writing – as if we were an archaeologist, DT -making our own canopic jars out of clay and researching Ancient Egyptian gods.

  • Northern Lights Project

    Have a look at KL’s lovely project work on the Northern Lights. Beautiful writing and gorgeous artwork, it made my day receiving this! If anyone else has project work please email in.

  • Class Blog:

    • HD-N's Narwhal Drawing

      How lovely to receive this email with a gorgeous drawing of a narwhal that HD-N did after following the tutorial on the remote learning timetable.

    • Draw a T-Rex

      DT has done a super drawing of a T-Rex, well done (it’s better than the one Mrs N-G did when she followed the tutorial!).

    • NB-C's poem

      How lovely to receive this poem from NB-C, inspired by this week’s remote learning from Benjamin Zephaniah ‘recipe for a perfect school’. I’d love to see some more examples of your work Emeralds.

    • IP's art

      Wow, look at IP’s artwork ‘Mother Nature crying for help’ as part of our ‘natural world’ topic. It’s so striking.

    • BBC Bitesize Daily

      Have you checked out the BBC Bitesize Daily? There are lots of interesting programmes about a wide variety of subjects including the pyramids of Ancient Egypt and Greta Thunberg (my favourite at the moment is listening to Macbeth being read by Ore Oduba).Tune in and remember to tell your parent/s that whilst it may look like you’re just watching TV - IT’S EDUCATIONAL!

    • DB's work

      Thank you and well done to DB who wrote a fantastic piece of work - a diary of a Victorian mill worker. I loved your choice of vocabulary like ‘plump and luncheon’.

    • Have a fabulous weekend!


      How are you all doing? I have now spoken to most of you over the phone which has been lovely. If I didn’t get through this week, I will be trying on Monday morning so ask parents to keep their phones on loud. Miss Kelly and I have been busy this week planning your home learning for next week and setting up everything we need for Purple Mash. We have even signed you up for an email address to use on Purple Mash. This will allow you to easily contact us and also your peers. Be aware that ALL emails are monitored and checked before they reach the other person, so remember to be kind, sensible and lovely to each other.

      Have a great weekend, speak soon!

      Mrs Nicholls-Grey :)

    • Hello, Hello, Hello

      Hellooooo from your lovely Year 5/6 teachers: Mrs Nicholls-Grey and Miss Kelly!

      Well, doesn’t this feel a little like Déjà Vu? We are really sad that we will not be welcoming you back to school this week and are already missing your fabulous faces. We have spent the day putting our heads together to come up with a home learning timetable for you to follow for the next few weeks. You impressed us so much last term on Purple Mash that we have decided we will be moving all of our home learning on to Purple Mash within the next few weeks - so watch this space!

      We will be ringing you all this week to check in and say hi. Don’t worry if you have forgotten any of your usernames or passwords, we will be able to give you these when we ring.

      Just like last lockdown, the more you put into your home schooling experience, the more you will get out! We are here to help and support you every step of the way.

      Like you did last lockdown, please send us lots of emails and pictures showing us what you have been up to. We always love to hear from you. The email address you use to email us will be set up really shortly and details put on the front page of the website.

      Take care and stay safe, we look forward to seeing you all as soon as we can ?

      Mrs Nicholls-Grey and Miss Kelly

    • Active 10

      New signs have appeared around the playground showing 10 different exercises. Every day the children spend 1 minute at each activity station increasing their fitness.

    • World Maths Day

      Today it was World Maths Day. The children used their estimations skills for timings around an obstacle course. They also learnt about history of numbers and even learnt to count in Swahili!

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