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  • Hedgehog Republic Project Open Afternoon hedge2

    We were proud to invite parents and carers in to school to show them the wide variety of work we have done with Hedgehog Republic (HR). We displayed leaflets, our mural in reception, our amazing ‘Scratch’ games. Over the last term the children have worked with HR to create a coding game which shows the hazards hedgehogs face and what will help them to thrive and not decline in numbers further.

  • Dressing up in WWII uniform sol4

    We were lucky enough to have a genuine uniform from World War Two brought in by Daisy, thank you. The children all tried it on.

  • Evacuee School Trip 1

    Aventurine and Emerald Classes had the most wonderful, atmospheric school trip. They dressed as evacuees and were sent off on a steam train. They also learnt about being a fire warden, had to spend time in an air raid shelter and much, much more (ask your child what they did).

  • The Charleston col1

    This term one of our PE topics is dance and the children have been learning the Charleston. They have thrown themselves into the dance and are all eager to perform in front of the class. Sorry about the blurry photos, they couldn’t keep still. Next we will be ‘doing the Lamberth Walk – Oi!’.

  • Evacuee Day 1

    The children came dressed as evacuees, complete with a gas mask box and a small suitcase/pillowcase filled with items they would pack. They listened to Mrs Jefferies talk about her experiences of life as an WWII evacuee and seeing the bombed remains of a neighbour’s house. ‘Sergeant Nicholls-Grey’ from the Parachute Regiment came in to look for potential future recruits. The children sewed toys out of scraps of material, knitted and made models of Anderson Shelters and sung war time songs. In the afternoon they had their rations of bread, butter, jam and spam.

  • Quiet Critters 1

    In our first week together Emerald Class made their very own Quiet Critters. Quiet Critters like to sit on our desk and watch us working, but if it gets too noisy they can’t stay, they can’t stand loud noises! So they all live on a shelf and when we need to work quietly they come to our desks.

  • Class Blog:

    • Mindfulness with Miss Lowrie

      Emerald Class are lucky enough to be working with Miss Lowrie on a 12 week project called ‘Paws B’. We will be learning to train our mind to change our brain. This week we learnt about the prefrontal cortex, the part of your brain that makes choices. Feedback today from the children included ‘You grow happiness by starting it and then spreading it to other people.’ ‘I want to get better at controlling how I feel when I’m not good at something’. ‘Your brain gets bombarded with so many things it’s nice to feel calm.’

    • Our School Value - Respect

      In PSHE last term we discussed one of the school values: respect. The children worked in groups to produce posters about what respect actually means and listed some top tips on how to be respectful. Each group then presented their work and the rest of the class listened (respectfully!).

    • Aventurine and Emerald Class assembly

      Thank you very much to all the parents and grandparents that attended our assembly. It was great to see the hall packed. We are very proud of the children and it is wonderful to see them growing in confidence.

    • Code Cracking

      This afternoon we learnt about the pivotal role Alan Turing played in cracking codes in World War Two. The children then had to really use their brains to crack codes using a Caesar Shift Wheel to decipher secret messages.

    • Grandparents who have lived through World War Two

      We were very fortunate to have Alan & Gwen visit Emerald Class today: they are grandparents to one of our children and have lived through World War Two. They talked about being evacuated, rationing, playing as children and their memories of seeing the City of London bombed, they also answered lots of the children’s questions. It was a very interesting and humbling experience, thank you so much.

    • All Aboard!

      What a fantastic day we had yesterday! The children, as expected, did their teachers very proud. Once we arrived at Winchcombe Railway Station the children looked fantastic dressed as evacuees, stood on the old railway station platform. Throughout the day the children maintained a very mature, engaged attitude and interacted well with all of the activities. The children asked interesting questions and listened well to all of the characters that they met throughout the day. The whole experience really brought our WWII topic to life!

    • Meet our new School Council Reps

      These children were voted to represent the class at the School Council.

    • Place value and ordering numbers to tens of millions

      In maths last week Mrs N-G was looking at property prices in London, we learnt how important it was to understand place value (the value of each digit in a number) and to be able to read numbers correctly and then we ordered the properties in descending order. Imagine thinking you could afford a house in London as you read the number as £20,000 but it was in fact £20,000,000, quite a difference!

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