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  • See you tomorrow Emeralds! 24337338d27379e63f030337b16306ec

    Hey Emeralds, I can’t wait to see you all tomorrow (Thursday 4th March) at 1.30pm for PE with Vinnie. I will greet you tomorrow and it will be so lovely to see you all again. In the meantime here are some funny memes. I have REALLY missed you. Mrs N-G x

  • Fun in the Snow t2

    Hi Emeralds, wasn’t the snow beautiful on Sunday. Please send in your photos of what you got up to and I will add to this album. TA has sent in these brilliant ones of him snowboarding – he looks like a natural doesn’t he! I went for a lovely snowy walk, but forgot to take any photos! PT made some super snowmen. I look forward to seeing your pics, send them to

  • KL's Northern Lights work thumbnail_20210120_121135

    I hope you enjoy reading KL’s work and looking at her beautiful artwork as much as I did, it really made my day receiving her work, so please send in what ever you have done.

  • Clay Canopic Jars can6

    In Ancient Egypt the internal organs were removed in the mummification process and placed in canopic jars, ready for the afterlife. The children designed and made their own versions using clay. Don’t they look brilliant, the detail on some of the faces is incredible.

  • Persuasive Writing and Debating in Literacy debate2

    In literacy we have been using modal verbs to persuade: would, could, should, will, won’t, must, mustn’t etc. We have been writing arguments for and against entering an ancient Egyptian tomb. The children then held a debate and they were BRILLIANT, amazing vocabulary and excellent arguments for and against.

  • Egyptian Art 1e

    Look at these wonderful creations. The children researched Egyptian symbols and their meaning, then they glued string to card, covered in foil and used acrylic paint over the top.

  • Here's what you have been up to thumbnail_image31

    Please keep emailing me examples of your work, it’s lovely to see what you’re doing and it makes me smile. Here are some pics from IN showing her maths work, as well as her work on endangered animals. I miss you chaps and I don’t get many pics :( so please get emailing!

  • Did you hear EW on 6Music on Thursday? 1081389

    Did you hear our very own EW on 6Music last Thursday asking Professor Brain Cox about wormholes in space? EW came across so well on national radio, the presenter even commented on how assured he was. Lovely to hear your voice EW.

  • Egyptian Pharaoh Art col8

    In art we have been creating mixed media Egyptians pharaohs. The children were photographed side on, then they created their own crown or headdress, based on research. They added a colour wash background and designed their own cartouche with their name written in hieroglyphs.

  • Mummifying oranges! mummific

    This week the children have been mummifying oranges. Ask your child what the process is and what they had to do. The oranges have been wrapped in bandages and will be regularly checked. We will keep you posted.

  • Here's what your new classroom looks like. dsc03702

    Hi Emeralds, we are really looking forward to seeing your lovely faces tomorrow morning! Most of you haven’t been to school for 6 months, but try not to worry, it will be just fine. See you tomorrow at 8.45am by the car park slope. Mrs N-G, Mrs D-B & Mrs Howard

  • Egyptian Dancing dance2

    In PE we are learning Egyptian style dance. The children have learnt a variety of moves are working together to create a routine. ‘You had to keep your body straight, extend your arms and keep your feet flat.’ Scarlett.
    ‘It was difficult but fun.’ Bella.
    ‘I really liked their style of dancing.’ Loretta.
    ‘We worked well as a team.’ Hayden

  • What we've been up to. clay5

    As parents aren’t able to come into the classroom this parent’s evening here are some photos of what we have been doing. Drama – acting out being Howard Carter and finding the tomb. Diary writing – as if we were an archaeologist, DT -making our own canopic jars out of clay and researching Ancient Egyptian gods.

  • Northern Lights Project

    Have a look at KL’s lovely project work on the Northern Lights. Beautiful writing and gorgeous artwork, it made my day receiving this! If anyone else has project work please email in.

  • Class Blog:

    • TTRockstars Gloucestershire Championships 2021

      Hello all,

      TTRcokstars are running a ‘Gloucestershire Rockstar Championship 2021’ this week. All you need to do is log on as many times as you can for the next 5 days. When you take part in any game mode (just like normal) one correct answer will give 1 point towards the competition. Let’s all take part together and see how well we can do!

    • See you on the 8th March Emeralds

      Hello lovely children, after the Government’s announcement earlier this week we look forward to welcoming you back to Emerald Class on the 8th March! We have missed you all so much. Mrs N-G, Mrs H & Mrs D-B x


      Emeralds - you are invited to join a LIVE music workshop this FRIDAY 12th February. This workshop is from The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama and all you have to do is follow the link below.

      Sign in from: 0930

      Workshop Activity starts: 0945

      Activity ends: 1030

      Joining Link:

      We would love as many as possible of you to join this free & fun event.

    • Music Lesson- Dave Grohl Style!

      So, in the Nicholls-Grey household we are big fans of Dave Grohl’s music (Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age & Foo Fighters). Follow the link below to see what 3 albums he believes children should be listening to, enjoy & please email me any suggestions you have of great music.

    • So lovely to see you all on Teams!

      Our first class catch up was a great success today, thank you to all the children who joined the meeting, it was lovely to see you. If you had any problems joining the meeting please email me ( so I can sort it out for our next catch up after half term.

    • See you all tomorrow at 11am on Teams!

      Don’t forget to be on your computer/device tomorrow morning just before 11am logged onto Teams and then you will be invited to join Emerald Class. See you then, I can’t wait.

    • BOOM! Your Grotlyn stories are brilliant.

      I have already had 5 Grotlyn re-writes sent in and they are FABULOUS, well done TA, AFD, IW, DB, EW and LR. It was such a positive end to the week. Now come on the rest of you Emeralds - please hand yours in!

    • Read Gloucestershire

      Hey hey!

      We’ve just found out about a fantastic online event called ‘Read Gloucestershire’. The event will take place all day Friday, with lots of different things you can get involved with.

      All the information is in the link below. You need to pre-register for the first event with the author Sam Copeland. Please follow this link to do so

      Let us know if you have any questions that you would like to ask Sam Copeland. If we could have them by Thursday afternoon, we can then send them on. You never know, Sam Copeland may answer your question! Read Gloucestershire Leaflet

      Take Care,

      Mrs Nicholls-Grey and Miss Kelly

    • Ice Art

      Here some lovely creations from TA. What you can’t see in the photo is that he’s wearing flipflops with no socks - IN THE SNOW!

    • IN's Endangered Animal Iced Biscuits

      This made my mouth water! IN’s endangered animal iced biscuits, yum.

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