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  • Stewed Fruit dsc02487

    This term Diamond class have been learning about the Stone age. Last week we travelled back to the Stone age to try some stewed fruit. The children were in charge of cutting up all the fruit and then we cooked it, some of the children were hoping it would be over an open fire!! The children all loved the stewed fruit, but that may have been helped by a sneaky bit of sugar that was added. See if your child can make you some lovely stewed fruit.

  • Stonehenge

    Today the chidlren created their own Stonehenge out of clay! They started by designing their own backgrounds, deciding if they wanted a dark night or a sunset. Then they spent the afternoon sculpting Stonehenge out of clay. Can you spot any of our clay people who are visiting Stonehenge?

  • Multiply by 10 and 100 dsc02695

    This week Diamond class has been turned into a giant place value grid. The children have been learning how to multiply and divide by 10 and 100. The children have learnt how multiplying makes a number move to the right to get bigger and dividing makes it smaller, meaning it moves to the left.

  • Rugby tournament dsc02655

    On Wednesday 6th November,Diamond, Ruby and Quartz class went to Stratford Court to take part in a school rugby tournament. The children were all placed into countries to play against each other, we saw some fantastic sportsmanship. The children had all worked really hard over the half term to learn the rules of tag rugby in our PE lessons.
    Well done to Scotland who won our tournament.

  • World Book Week img_0002

    Diamond class had a fantastic week. All our lessons were based on ‘After the Fall’ by Dan Santat, we produced some great art work, collaging Humpty Dumpty on his wall and producing his paper birds. In maths we measured how far Humpty Dumpty’s birds travelled and produced a graph to compare the distances. We discussed the difficulties that Humpty faced through out the book and how he over came them relating Humpty’s bravery to our own lives. On Wednesday, Mr West came in to help us create our own walls for Humpty and his own house, unfortunately that collapsed too, after playing wall jenga. We loved dressing up as our favourite book characters, the children and their families had put so much hard work into their outfits. Can you spot Cruella De Vil stealing the Dalmatians in the picture? Diamond class helped her to come up with her plan….

  • Picture Book Competition denisfinal

    Mrs Gardiner has decided to run a picture book competition. Here is hers that she and Mr Gardiner made. Once you’ve read the blurb and feel motivated, what you write and exactly how or where the story takes your reader, well, that’s up to you. But you might want to think about what happens to Dennis. How does he get out of trouble? Who does he meet? Many picture books have a moral within them: something the character and the reader learns along the way. Does your story teach, inspire or have a positive message?

    One last tip, we are of course looking for stories with beautiful and fun illustrations, we want to be dazzled with words, uplifted and taken on a journey full of emotion and drama, but don’t forget your stories should always have a beginning, middle and end!

    Please send your finished story in a Word document, or if it’s a hand drawn creation then simply take a photo of each page and sent them to Mrs Gardiner at We will review every entry and publish our favourite on the school blog. When we return to school, there will be prizes for the top three stories.

    Happy writing!

  • Class Blog:

    • Lego Challenge!

      Hello Rubies and Diamonds, who fancies a Lego challenge…? There are 4 challenges to choose from in the picture here - why don’t you give one a go? Good luck and send in photos of your creations! :-)

    • 2 weeks left

      Good morning,

      I can’t believe we only have two weeks left at school!! It was lovely seeing so many of you during our PE lessons last week. We hope you all enjoyed it. Keep sending in pictures of everything you’ve been up to.

    • Good morning

      Hello Diamond class,
      How are you all? I am missing you all lots, I am back in school more but am trying to keep up with phoning you all, sorry if we missed you last week, we left lots of voicemails. I had a lovely socially distancing picnic in the park this weekend. What have you all been up to? Speak to you soon Miss Nesbitt

    • O and D's Pooches!

      Look at these super cute dogs: Percy the sausage dog and Betty & Maggie the Jack Russels! They are gorgeous, thanks for sharing boys! :-)

    • Elder flower cordial

      F has been working hard at home in the half term. He has helped to take down a fence and has been making Elder flower cordial which looks delicious. Has anyone else been doing some cooking? Keep sending me emails and pictures.

    • Owen's Pogo Challenge!

      Hello Rubies and Diamonds! We hope you are all okay :-) Owen in Ruby class has taken on the challenge to do 10,000 pogo hops in June, to raise money for The Great Western Air Ambulance Charity.

      Owen smashed his target of raising £150 on the first day! He has so far raised £415, and has done 1300 hops! Great work Owen!

      If you would like to support Owen by donating to this fantastic charity, which does work locally in Stroud as well as across the West of the UK, please copy and paste the following link into your browser:

      Happy hopping! :-)

    • All the sports

      Cycling, golf and tennis! Look at all the sports N has been doing. His new tennis racquet is super.

    • Hello

      W has been very busy doing lots of work in lockdown, he was very happy to be moving onto the bronze club. He has completed a report on Lizards with lots of interesting facts.

    • Spot the difference

      This week I have been in school with the key worker children along with Mrs Morris and Miss Taylor. We have been doing lots of art and learning to draw from artists online. The children have enjoyed doing cartoon pictures. Can you spot the differences in the pictures below? Which adult do you think drew which picture? Hope you’ve had a lovely half term

    • JK Rowling's new book

      I was very excited to hear that JK Rowling had written a new children’s book. She is releasing a chapter every day, I have read the first two chapters this morning and I am very excited to see what happens in the story. There is a daily competition linked to the chapter. I hope you enjoy the chapters as much as I do. Make sure you email me your stories and illustrations.

      Follow the link below:

      Happy reading Miss Nesbitt

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