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  • Hello Drake's cousin

    B has had a busy week, she has been out on some lovely walks and has been helping to make lunches. I was excited to receive a picture of Drake’s naughty cousin. I wonder if Miss Lennox has met him yet? He looks very cheeky but I am sure he is having lots of fun with B!

  • Hello my little Diamonds

    Hello Diamond class! Missing you all. It was lovely to speak to lots of you this week, some of you I left voicemails for or will try on Monday! I hope you have all had a lovely week, I can see that lots of you have been working hard. Have a fab weekend. Love Miss Nesbitt x

  • Friday's guided reading

    Hello all, I just clicked on today’s link to listen to David Walliams read. Unfortunately, it has been removed and you can’t hear him read the extract. It was there when I planned this last week so sorry about that. You can still click the link to read his work and some of you may even have the book. Miss Nesbitt

  • Let's bake!

    Hello, its great to see what you are all up to! S sent some pictures of some butterfly cakes he made, they look delicious and made me very hungry…. Lovely to see all the creative ways you are learning and keeping yourself busy in lockdown.

  • Art sheet help

    Hello Diamond and Ruby children, The art sheet help link doesn’t work on the home learning tab. Sorry about that. Here is the link you need.

  • E's world

    Look at E’s fantastic mythical world. He’s started with a shoe box and has added lots of 3D elements to create a wonderful world. I can see a fire breathing dragon, what can you see? I love how creative he has been. Well Done!

  • Happy Birthday Sweep

    Today is Sweep’s 1st birthday (Miss Taylor’s dog!) Happy Birthday!!! He’s enjoying his lock down birthday. Is anyone else having to have a lockdown birthday?

  • Diamond emails

    Hello everybody, I have set you up with purple mash emails (I think, still getting used to all this!). Let me know if you can’t access them. This will allow you to email your friends in Diamond class. Be aware that all emails will be checked by a Diamond adult before they are sent to your friends so be sensible.


    Miss Nesbitt

  • Still life drawing

    Look at F’s fab drawing of his cat, Newton! He has been practising his still life drawing. I wonder is Newton sat still the whole time whilst F drew him… What has everyone else been up to? I am in school this week so Miss Taylor and Mrs Gardiner have been calling you, I am missing you all a lot so please keep emailing me at

    Thanks Miss Nesbitt x

  • Shape poem

    Have a look at S’s fabulous shape poem about a leaf. I love the use of the words rustling crunch, I can hear the sound the leaves would make as S was walking through them. Has anyone else managed to do a shape poem?

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