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  • Rocks img_0747

    In science we are learning about rocks, last week we looked at different types of rocks and how they are made. We then tried to make the three main types of rocks by using different chocolate!

  • Puppet week

    We had a very busy week making and filming our puppet week. We were scene one and were tasked with making angels that help the father to tell his daughter about his life. We spent the week making cape puppets and learning our lines. We also complete some English work on ‘The End of the Pier’ show. We had a fantastic week

  • Stroud College animal visit img_1326

    On Tuesday morning we all had lots of fun meeting the animals from Stroud College. There were snakes, spiders, tortoises, lizards and lots of other fun animals to hold and learn about. Thank you to Stroud College for the great day!

  • Picasso- self portraits img_1415

    This half term we have been learning all about Picasso, cubism and making self portraits. We have been using lots of different materials to make our self portraits. One of our favourite lessons was making our self portraits through cubism, look at our display! The following week we had fun making self portrait baubles for our Christmas trees, even though the hair was a little tricky!

  • Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens img_1509

    Last Thursday, Diamond, Ruby and Quartz went to Cotswolds Wildlife Park and Gardens. We learnt lots of facts about the animals and their habitats. We loved meeting all the Rhinos, Molly the baby was our favourite. Do you know why Zebras have stripes? Some scientists believe this is to dazzle the predators as it is hard to focus on the stripes.

  • Iron Man img_1542

    This week Diamond and Ruby class have combined their English and Science. This term we are reading the Iron Man and learning about light. As a result the children have been making their own Iron Man shadow puppets. We have learnt how to make shadows and tried out different light sources. We then learnt about the history of shadow puppets and had a go at making our own. Next week we will be making Explanation texts in English to explain all about our Shadow Puppets.

  • Wow img_1563

    Look at this amazing homework! We are so impressed with MCW fabulous homework. We have been learning about different landscapes and M impressed us with all this hard work.

  • Diamond V Ruby Badminton img_1569

    This term we have been learning to play badminton. To end this topic we had a competition between Ruby and Diamond class. It was very windy but we carried on, we managed to have some games inside and some outside. We had lots of fun playing against our friends! All the children have made great improvements since January. Diamond class won by one point. Well done to all the children

  • Norwegian and Stroud landscapes img_1610

    During ‘Our Amazing World’ project the children have designed and made their own Norwegian and Stroud landscapes. We learnt about the different countries and their physical and human features. We researched the animals that lived in each country and their adaptations. We have created our landscapes out of modrock and have added lots of details. We are really proud of all their work!

  • Diamond V Quartz dodgeball competition img_1943

    On Thursday Diamond and Quartz had a great Dodgeball competition to raise money for sports relief. It was great to see all the parents and children having fun regardless of the amber warning wind! We played lots of games, well done to team 3 for winning.

  • Levers and Pivots img_2146

    This morning, Diamond class had fun learning all about mechanisms. First of all we built catapults and then we build our own moving toy mechanisms. We looked at fixed pivots and loose pivots and how this helped the mechanism to move. We then turned them into our own design.

  • Class Blog:

    • Year 4 Climbing Centre Overnight Stay!

      Please look at the gallery photos on Ruby’s class page where I have now uploaded lots of photos showing you what we all got up to on our overnight stay at the climbing centre in Gloucester. I am sure you will agree it looks like lots of fun and it was!!

    • March 25th Homework

      Hello all, Your homework on my maths has been set. Most of you have addition and subtraction. For those of you with missing numbers here is a tip which I have set on your homework but not sure if you can see it-

      A little recap for next week! You will need to have some paper to work these answers out using column addition and column subtraction. Qu 2 is much harder, you need to use the inverse to work out. Eg. if the question is 800 + ? = 921. You need to use column subtraction of 921 - 800 = and you will find the missing answer. Don’t worry if you don’t get 100% in this we will be recapping this next week. Good Luck :)

    • The clue is in the poo

      To start off ‘Our Amazing World’ we use Andy Seed’s ‘The Poo is in the Clue book’ to learn about lots of different animals using their poo as clues. Later that week the children had the chance to meet Andy Seed which they loved!

    • STEAM

      To start our Railway Revolution topic we spent the day at steam. We enjoyed seeing the Steam Trains and learning about the history of the railway. We dressed up and learnt about the lives of some important members of the railway revolution.

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