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  • Supertato

    Look at these amazing Harry Potter characters that B made. I love them! I also tried to make a Harry Potter character and named his Harry Plopper. The children in school made a film using their potatoes…. We will show you when you are back in school next week.

  • Diamond class teams meeting- Monday 1st March at 2pm

    Hello everyone, I have some games to play in our final teams meeting before you return to school. It is time for you guys to have some input in this meeting. You task for this weekend is to come up with an interesting quiz question and three multiple choice answers for the class to guess. This can be about anything that you are interested in (as long as it is age appropriate!) e.g. When was google invented A) 1994 b) 1998 C) 1884

    The question that the adults deem to be the most interesting will win a prize from my prize box when they return to school.

    Hoping to see lots more of you on the teams meeting this week!

    Have a lovely, sunny weekend Miss Nesbitt :)

  • TTRockstars Gloucestershire Championships 2021

    Hello all,

    TTRcokstars are running a ‘Gloucestershire Rockstar Championship 2021’ this week. All you need to do is log on as many times as you can for the next 5 days. When you take part in any game mode (just like normal) one correct answer will give 1 point towards the competition. Let’s all take part together and see how well we can do!

  • Homework links

    Hello Diamond class,

    Welcome back, I hope you had a lovely half term. For some reasons some of the links aren’t working on the diamond class page but they are working on Ruby’s page. If the homework doesn’t open for you go to Ruby’s homework and use their link. Sorry Miss Nesbitt!

  • Welcome back...

    Hello Diamond class. I hope you’ve had a wonderful, well-deserved rest over the break. You can find this weeks home learning under the homework tab. This week it starts on Tuesday as Monday is an inset day. I look forward to catching up with you all on Teams this week. Miss Nesbitt x

  • Pancakes

    C has been working super hard these last few weeks. He finished the half term off by designing his own pancakes and then writing some instructions on how to make pancakes. I can see time conjunctions and bossy verbs. Well done C!

  • Half term!

    Congratulations Diamond class! We have made it to half term, only 6 hours left to go… I hope you have a lovely day, in school we will be making pancakes for our maths lessons, what are you doing? I hope you have a lovely break and we will speak soon. Love Miss Nesbitt, Miss Taylor and Mrs Gardinar xx

  • Lovely to see you all

    Hello everyone, even though there was some issues regarding teams it was so lovely to see all your smiling faces. Hopefully next time will be a little more straightforward and there will be more time for everyone to have a chat. If you had any problems logging on please let us know. I have set the next meeting for Thursday 25th February at 2pm! See you there, Miss Nesbitt, Miss Taylor and Mrs Gardinar xx

  • wk1 spellings after half term

    Hello everybody! Please find your spellings for week 1 after half term! I will upload at the spellings by the end of half term. You only need these for now. Thank you and have a good week x

  • Grid method

    Hello all, What a busy week it has been! S has been hard at work this week and has been working hard on his grid method, how did everyone else find it? Did you practise your times tables first? I hope you all have a lovely weekend x

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