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  • Our Finished Creatures

    Aventurine’s family of mini-beasts.

  • Shrinking with Mini-Beasts

    Arts Week ‘Shrinking with Mini– Beasts,’ was Aventurine’s chapter from the playscript ‘The Amulet’. The children had such fun and really enjoyed the week, where they created such fantastic milk bottle puppets based on the script. These included woodlice, ladybirds, grasshoppers, a giant wasp, slug and snail! The giant snail was a 3 manned puppet operated by Aimee, Rowan and Mehmet when filmed on Thursday.

  • Cracking Contraptions

    Aventurine have learnt how to create imaginative computer-generated animations using, various tools, backgrounds and sounds. Their creativity was absolutely amazing as they created their own “cracking contraption” animation based on Wallace and Gromit. Have a look on our class Purple Mash blackboard where the children are adding their contraptions.

  • Crime and Punishment

    Should Robin Hood steal from the rich and give to the poor? The children have thoroughly enjoyed the start of this topic. The mediaeval justice system and the reason for crime has been explored. This was followed by work that included a discussion of whether Robin Hood was a criminal himself or if indeed Robin Hood was right to act against the injustice of the mediaeval courts in Nottingham.

  • Camp Green Lake

    In English this term, Aventurine are reading ‘Holes’ by Louis Sacher. The children have used their skills of deduction and inference to create maps of ‘Camp Green Lake’. This has led to wonderful descriptive writing by all. A few quotes from the children’s writing: “In the clear sky, the sun beats down on the weak campers, who retreat to their tents.’’ “The only shade for miles were two oak trees. Stationed between them a hammock that mocked the boys, who inhabited the worst of camps.” “Down on the ground vicious creatures lurked from corner to corner of the holes, looking for shade.” Well done to all!

  • RE

    On a Thursday afternoon Miss Haines and Mrs Yeomans will be teaching the children the R.E. curriculum. The overarching question for the term is ‘What do religions say to us when life gets hard?’. Building on their previous understandings, during lessons children will be exploring definitions of heaven, salvation, and reincarnation from a Christian, Hindu and non-religious perspectives. They will be encouraged to ask questions, read and respond to material and reflect and express their own ideas, concerns about life after death and the life beyond.

  • Welcome to Aventurine!

    Aventurine have had a very busy start to the term. The children have embarked on a series of dance lessons. It was a delight to see how they embraced the challenge of responding to music using tension and body movements. This resulted in lively sequences, which I am looking forward to seeing develop as the term progresses. In maths the children have been securing and developing both the language skills relating to place value. The quality of their interactions such as listening, explaining and problem solving has resulted in confident accurate explanations. Well done Aventurine!

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