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  • Yummmm, a different kind of creativity!

    Thank you for making me so jealous boys! These peanut butter cookies look amazing! Enjoy! You’ve actually inspired me to do some baking of my own. I’m about to try out a new brownie recipe with a weird ingredient, can you guess what it is?….

    It’s sweet potato! Fingers crossed they come out ok :)

  • I love the photos that you've been sending in!

    If you haven’t sent anything in, I’d love some more pictures or projects to add to our class collection! He is some ABSOLUTELY amazing work from IW! She has such an amazing, creative flair both with words and illustrations! How fantastic to spend Lockdown working on your creativity stills!

  • Thank you for all of your emails

    Hi Aventurine Class,

    I absolutely love hearing from you, whether that’s via Purple Mash, email or telephone calls :) One of my favourite emails this week was from NS. She had read the front cover of our home learning page and replied to me by saying:

    **Hello Miss Kelly,

    The thing that pushed me out of my comfort zone was mountain biking. I got a mountain bike for my birthday and over the weekend we went to Rodborough Common and cycled in the old quarry. There was a hill that was quite steep and bumpy and I was really scared but I eventually managed to cycle down it. I was very proud of myself for pushing myself to go down steep and rocky slopes. I felt I could do anything!**

    Absolutely FANTASTIC!! I’m very proud of you NS!

    If anyone else would like to let me know how they have pushed themselves this week, I would love to hear it!

    Speak soon,

    Miss Kelly

  • Goooooooood Morninggggggg and Happy Monday!

    I hope you all had a lovely weekend, stayed safe, got some fresh air and ate some yummy food….I know I sure did.

    Welcome to this week’s remote learning timetable. Please let us know how you are getting on, your feedback is the best way for us to move forward :)

    I had some lovely phone calls with you last week and I could tell that you were all working so hard! Keep it up! This remote learning is going to do wonders for your (and your parents’) resilience levels. If you find a lesson, or a few lessons, a little bit tricky, please do not worry! I promise you it is not worth getting upset about, try your best and we will go over it all when we are back in school. If you are really stuck, send an email to or via Purple Mash and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    This week Mrs Anderson from our class will be making a few phone calls. Being new to the school, she has never rang pupils before, so please be as chatty as you can - it can be a bit nerve-racking ringing children for the first time.

    Have an excellent week!

    I miss all of your faces already!

    Miss Kelly :)

  • Aren't we lucky to have Purple Mash as a home learning tool?

    12th January 2021

    I just wanted to pop on and say how lovely it is to be able to see what you have all been up to on Purple Mash. Every morning when I login, I go straight to my ‘alerts’ and it is full of amazing scores from the tasks set! It is also a great way to communicate with you! Don’t forget to search ‘2mail’ to get on to your emails :) This will let you ‘compose’ an email to either on of the adults in our class or one of your peers (remember they are all checked and monitored).

    Whilst I’m on the subject of Purple Mash, put your hand up if you found today’s maths a little bit hard? If you did not to worry, the decimal and percentage questions were hard! Even with his best glasses on, Loki found it very difficult :D We will be going over place value, decimals and percentages next week :)

    Always remember that you’re doing AMAZINGLY WELL during INCREDIBLY WEIRD times!

    Keep it up!

    Miss Kelly

  • Feeling like a very lucky teacher already!

    Thank you I.S and M.T for sending me your super work! You are both so amazingly creative! It makes lockdown so much easier for teachers when you send us pictures of all your lovely creations!

    If you have been busy at home, please don’t forget to let me know about it :) email me on:

    Speak soon!

    Miss Kelly

  • Have a fabulous weekend!


    How are you all doing? I have now spoken to most of you over the phone which has been lovely. If I didn’t get through this week, I will be trying on Monday morning so ask parents to keep their phones on loud. Mrs Nicholls-Grey and I have been busy this week planning your home learning for next week and setting up everything we need for Purple Mash. We have even signed you up for an email address to use on Purple Mash. This will allow you to easily contact us and also your peers. Be aware that ALL emails are monitored and checked before they reach the other person, so remember to be kind, sensible and lovely to each other.

    Have a great weekend, speak soon!

    Miss Kelly :)

  • Hello, Hello, Hello

    Hellooooo from your lovely Year 5/6 teachers: Mrs Nicholls-Grey and Miss Kelly!

    Well, doesn’t this feel a little like Déjà Vu? We are really sad that we will not be welcoming you back to school this week and are already missing your fabulous faces. We have spent the day putting our heads together to come up with a home learning timetable for you to follow for the next few weeks. You impressed us so much last term on Purple Mash that we have decided we will be moving all of our home learning on to Purple Mash within the next few weeks - so watch this space!

    We will be ringing you all this week to check in and say hi. Don’t worry if you have forgotten any of your usernames or passwords, we will be able to give you these when we ring.

    Just like last lockdown, the more you put into your home schooling experience, the more you will get out! We are here to help and support you every step of the way.

    Like you did last lockdown, please send us lots of emails and pictures showing us what you have been up to. We always love to hear from you. The email address you use to email us will be set up really shortly and details put on the front page of the website.

    Take care and stay safe, we look forward to seeing you all as soon as we can ?

    Mrs Nicholls-Grey and Miss Kelly

  • Happy World Maths Day! We have had a fab morning!

    The children have been very busy this morning: estimating time; sorting and categorising; learning how to work out fractions; convert numbers into decimals; and understand the meaning of percentages.

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