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  • This week's english task story3

    I have been blown away by these stories, please keep them coming. Enjoy the read!

  • VE Day Coin vecoin2

    IW and NF have designed 2 fantastic coins with fantastically thoughtful detailing. Has anyone else done one to send me?

  • Evacuee Day 1

    The children came dressed as evacuees, complete with a gas mask box and a small suitcase/pillowcase filled with items they would pack. They listened to Mrs Jefferies talk about her experiences of life as an WWII evacuee and seeing the bombed remains of a neighbour’s house. ‘Sergeant Nicholls-Grey’ from the Parachute Regiment came in to look for potential future recruits. The children sewed toys out of scraps of material, knitted and made models of Anderson Shelters and sung war time songs. In the afternoon they had their rations of bread, butter, jam and spam.

  • Evacuee School Trip 1

    Aventurine and Emerald Classes had the most wonderful, atmospheric school trip. They dressed as evacuees and were sent off on a steam train. They also learnt about being a fire warden, had to spend time in an air raid shelter and much, much more (ask your child what they did).

  • Year 6 Hoodie Sizes Please newsizes

    Dear Parents,
    We will be ringing you this week to ask you what size your child is so we can order their Leaver’s hoodies as soon as possible. Please look at the size chart and if you are able to please email us your child’s size to or we can ring you. You also need to let us know how you want your child’s name to appear. The sooner we have everyone’s sizes the sooner we can order as there will a wait of a few weeks. Many thanks Mrs N-G & Miss Kelly

  • Picture Book Competition denisfinal

    Mrs Gardiner has decided to run a picture book competition. Here is hers that she and Mr Gardiner made. Once you’ve read the blurb and feel motivated, what you write and exactly how or where the story takes your reader, well, that’s up to you. But you might want to think about what happens to Dennis. How does he get out of trouble? Who does he meet? Many picture books have a moral within them: something the character and the reader learns along the way. Does your story teach, inspire or have a positive message?

    One last tip, we are of course looking for stories with beautiful and fun illustrations, we want to be dazzled with words, uplifted and taken on a journey full of emotion and drama, but don’t forget your stories should always have a beginning, middle and end!

    Please send your finished story in a Word document, or if it’s a hand drawn creation then simply take a photo of each page and sent them to Mrs Gardiner at We will review every entry and publish our favourite on the school blog. When we return to school, there will be prizes for the top three stories.

    Happy writing!

  • Redwood Camp 2019 1

    Hey lovely children, as Year 6 can’t be on their residential I thought you would like to see the camp photos from last year.

  • Class Blog:

    • Blown away...

      Thank you so much IW for sending in such a humorous, well thought out, well punctuated poem. It will be a real keep sake to remind you of your time in lock down. Keep sending the work in please :) Missing all you home learners terribly

    • If only every Monday started with amazing art

      Thank you IN for these fantastic pictures. I am so inspired by the beautiful colour shading and blending, along with the use of silhouettes. You are so talented. Keep up the amazing work! Has anyone else had the paints out and would like to show off their work? Good Luck with your home learning this week, I’ll be ringing round to see how you are all getting on :) Speak soon! Miss Kelly


      If you are not in school this week your hoodie will be hand delivered by one of the lovely adults in your class, so keep an eye out for them!

    • Year 6 Hoodies Have Arrived!

      Mrs Howard has had a busy weekend wrapping up the Year 6 hoodies. If you aren’t in school we will let you know tomorrow how you can get them.

    • The new spellings for this term are now up

      Sorry for the delay, the new spellings are now up for the rest of this half term are now on our spelling tab. Good luck on your spelling test.

    • Yay, we have made it into the final half term

      Good morning munchkins!

      I hope you all had a lovely half term and a nice rest. There is some new learning on the class page which I hope you enjoy :) I’m really hoping that you find our new science topic of ‘Inheritance and Evolution’ exciting as it’s one of my favourites because it is just so interesting.

      Even if you are not in school this week, phone calls will still continue so keep an eye out for the ‘withheld number’.

      I love this ‘hello june’ picture, but can anyone tell me the problems with it?

      Really excited to see or speak to you all soon!

      Miss Kelly

    • Foooood, Glorious Food!

      I have found a silver lining to this whole situation: you have done more ‘food technology’ in 9 weeks than what we would have managed all year in school! I love to see that you have all been busy in the kitchen :)

      Top left: KL’s amazing chocolate cake Top right: IN’s oaty, yogurty amazingness Bottom left: RS’s incredibly fancy pickled radishes Bottom right: KM’s delicious looking churros

      You are all making me very hungry!

      Take care and stay safe!

      Miss Kelly

    • One for the parents

      We just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you for being so fantastically supportive, encouraging and friendly over the last 9 weeks. We have loved ringing and chatting to all of your children, but have equally enjoyed talking to all of you too. Thank you for trying your absolute hardest to become teachers over night, that can’t have been easy! And thank you for all of your emails enabling us to see what the children have been up to, we miss them terribly!

      As always we hope you are keeping well and please do let us know if there is anything we can help with :)

    • Hi, Miss Di Vico Here :)

      Have you all had a good week in the glorious, warm sunshine? I realise it’s a little chilly now. You will be glad to hear I had a steaming hot roast beef dinner on Sunday, it was delicious, I would tell you all about it but know you’ll be salivating and full of envy. Amelia had to make a decorative, high in sugar and high fat cake for her Food lesson, she made a Red Velvet Cake and it was delicious. I made a sourdough loaf and am making my way through it quite quickly. I know some of you have baked and helped with dinner, what have you made? Can you send in pictures? How about making a recipe book with beautiful drawings and doddles??

      Take care and stay safe!

      Miss Di Vico

    • Happy National Numeracy Day

      Today is national numeracy day! Check out their official website to learn more :) It’s not just for you, it’s for your mums and dads too! On the activities section they give each age group a task; I think lots of you are clever enough (maybe with some help from an adult) to crack the activity for 11-12 year olds. Good Luck.

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