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  • TTRockstars Gloucestershire Championships 2021

    Hello all,

    TTRcokstars are running a ‘Gloucestershire Rockstar Championship 2021’ this week. All you need to do is log on as many times as you can for the next 5 days. When you take part in any game mode (just like normal) one correct answer will give 1 point towards the competition. Let’s all take part together and see how well we can do!

  • I hope you all had a lovely break!

    Hello Aventurine class.

    I hope you’ve had a wonderful, well-deserved rest over the break. You can, as always, find this weeks home learning under the homework tab. This week it starts on Tuesday as Monday is an inset day (however for some subjects I’ve given you a few optional ideas to keep you busy).

    I look forward to catching up with you all on Teams this week. As last time, our meeting will be at 11am on Wednesday! If you have any ideas of games or things you’d like to talk about, please let me know by Tuesday so I can plan those in!

    Keep me in contact with what you’re up to. Let me know any problems with the home learning and we can sort them together! Do not suffer or worry in silence <3

    Have a great week and I’m looking forward to all of the Purple Mash work to start pouring in again!

    Miss Kelly x


    Adventurines - you are invited to join a LIVE music workshop this FRIDAY 12th February. This workshop is from The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama and all you have to do is follow the link below.

    Sign in from: 1100

    Workshop Activity starts: 1115

    Activity ends: 1200

    Joining Link:

    We would love as many as possible of you to join this free & fun event.

  • I love all of your project work

    Check out this fantastic project from IS. I know you wont be able to read it due to the picture being too small, so here is some of the key information on TARDIGRADES.

    They are likely to survive the end of the world!

    Water Bear

    Johanna August Ephraim originally named the tardigrade, Kleiner wasserbär, meaning little water bear in German. The name water bear comes from the way they walk similar to a bear’s gait (walk). The name tardigradum means “slow walker” and was given by Lazzaro Spallanzani in 1777.


    They are aquatic and often found on lichens and mosses. Other environments are dunes, seasides, soil, and a marine of freshwater sediments. Tardigrades, in the case of Echiniscoides wyethi (a new marine tardigrade), may be found on barnacles or often by a soaking piece of moss in water.

    Excellent work IS

  • Yet more fantastic work

    NS has enjoyed researching the Northern Lights. See here her fantastic art work! Apparently she has particularly loved experimenting with different mediums and decided that soft pastels on black card worked best for her. AMAZING!

  • You are really 'flying' with our Natural Worlds topic

    Keep sending in the fantastically creative, lovely work!! Well done SB and IW for all of your hard work this week and last :-D

  • I have some news...

    So because you are all part of my wonderful class, I wanted to share my very exciting news with you first before it comes out in the school newsletter tomorrow! I am in fact pregnant and am expecting a little baby girl in June. This means the next time you see me, I may be looking slightly larger and rounder than you remember, don’t be alarmed, it’s not because I’ve spent lockdown eating too many biscuits :D

    I am very, very, very excited, I just wish you were all in school to help me celebrate!

    I hope you are all ok! I haven’t heard much from you this week so will calling around this afternoon and tomorrow to say hi:)

    Take care of yourselves and never hesitate to email asking for some help if you need it!

    Best Wishes,

    Miss Kelly

  • Read Gloucestershire

    Hey hey!

    We’ve just found out about a fantastic online event called ‘Read Gloucestershire’. The event will take place all day Friday, with lots of different things you can get involved with.

    All the information is in the link below. You need to pre-register for the first event with the author Sam Copeland. Please follow this link to do so

    Let us know if you have any questions that you would like to ask Sam Copeland. If we could have them by Thursday afternoon, we can then send them on. You never know, Sam Copeland may answer your question! Read Gloucestershire Leaflet

    Take Care,

    Mrs Nicholls-Grey and Miss Kelly

  • What beautiful, icy weather we are having!

    I am absolutely loving this weather, alongside all of the fantastic art work opportunities that come along with it! A huge THANK YOU to Mrs Jowers for all the amazing inspiration. Here is SB’s amazing ice sculpture! I love it!! Great work SB!

    Here is a link for week 3 art club:

    Keep sending in all of your creations - I think they’re fabulous!

  • And just like that, it's Monday again!

    Hey Hey!

    I hope you’ve all had a fabulous, snowy weekend! I certainly have, watching Loki run around in the snow in one of my favourite things to do!

    This is just your weekly reminder of how proud I am of all of you and how I completely understand if you have a bit of a home schooling wobble…that is completely normal. If you think I can help in any way, please drop me an email and I’ll contact you ASAP!

    But for now, check out your new learning timetable for this week :) any questions/glitches/problems etc please do let us know!

    I believe in every single one of you and know that you will smash this week! Stick with it, WE’VE GOT THIS <3

    Best Wishes,

    Miss Kelly

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