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  • Aventurine and Emerald Class assembly

    Thank you very much to all the parents and grandparents that attended our assembly. It was great to see the hall packed. We are very proud of the children and it is wonderful to see them growing in confidence.

  • It's Electrifying

    Today we put all of our electrical theory into practice. We had a great afternoon experimenting and exploring the use of cells, batteries and electrical components. We managed to get the bulbs, motors and switches to work successfully and then draw our electrical circuits using diagrams.

  • All Aboard!

    What a fantastic day we had yesterday! The children, as expected, did their teachers very proud. Once we arrived at Winchcombe Railway Station the children looked fantastic dressed as evacuees, stood on the old railway station platform. Throughout the day the children maintained a very mature, engaged attitude and interacted well with all of the activities. The children asked interesting questions and listened well to all of the characters that they met throughout the day. The whole experience really brought our WWII topic to life!

  • WWII Detectives

    Today we played detectives. On arrival to school the children heard an awful noise blaring from the classrooms. It was an air raid siren. As the children came into the classroom they found: upturned chairs, a table with very little food on it, a rationing book, old suitcases, knitting, blacked out windows, a picture of a tumbled down house and many other clues.

    The children were then encouraged to imagine and describe what had happened.

    Who lived here? Where are they now? How does this scenario make you feel?

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