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  • All together dsci27242

    Morning everyone. Hope you are all well. Please check the blog below, regularily, for updates and photos from friends. When lock down ends we will be together again.

  • Money dsci3297

    Today we started to learn about money. We need to recognise all the cooins up to £2.00 and understand their worth. It was very confusing because there are no 3p,4p,7p, or 9p so when we started adding numbers to shop for our fruit and milk, together, it was confusing. We had to pay with the right coins. some of us were cheeky and bought one then went back for the other.

  • Hedgehogs dsci3389

    We were very lucky to work alongside Stroud Valley in a Science project. We had to make a home for a toy hedgehog. We put a hot water bottle inside and left them whilst we had a hot chocolate. There was a control hedgehog left in the cold. Finally we felt our hidden hedgehog and the control one and guess what we discovered?

  • End of term picnic

    What a great term we have. We enjoyed our topic. Earned lots of house points and finished the term making our own bread, making a picnic and singing songs round the camp fire. Have a safe and fun break til we see you in November

  • balance dsci2992

    We have been finding out mass by balancing.

  • Diwali dsci3148

    Diwali is celebrated round the word by Hindus. It is special day of eating, lighting lamps, wearing new clothes and giving thanks. We made a curry, painted Rangoli patterns on our door mat and found out about Rama and Sita.

  • Greater than and less than greater

    Do you remember the greater than and less then signs. We do.

  • Speech bubbles dsci3095

    WE have been reading Jane Hissey’s Old Bear. We have been writing what the characters are saying to each other using speech bubbles.

  • Museum in the Park museum

    We have be so lucky to be leant a topic box from the Museum in the Park full of old toys, playground and home. We wore gloves to handle them and work out how they worked. We loved the new old playground games we learnt and have playe them lots ever since.
    Thanks Museum.

  • Amethyst class dsci2916

    Here’s a taste of what we have been doing.

  • Welcome meandmari

    Welcome back to school and welcome to Amethyst class. We are looking forward to meeting you tomorrow.

  • Look at us. dsci2724

    We have settled in well and are enjoying our topic.

  • cookery dsci2850

    This week we used knives and peelers for the first time. We peeled apples and made crumble. We cooked it in the oven then we ate it -yummy!

  • Class Blog:

    • Morning

      It has been a wet week but we have been working hard on the home learning. At home and school the rainguages measured around 4cm of rain!! Did you have one out? Loved seeing the work BBS has been doing, especially his volcano! Nearly the weekend. Hope you have enjoyed this weeks home learning.

    • Morning

      Morning. Look out of the window. Any twigs down and any puddles? Here’s some lovley pics from RM to make you smile. He has been super busy out and about and on Purple Mash. How have you enjoyed the work on Max the Lab. Next week it’s Bob the bubble!!! Take care.

    • Morning

      Morning all what weather we are having and worse to come. Now’s the time to have a rain guage in the garden. Easy to make and you can check it every day. SD has been busy he’s written me a great argument for and against zoo’s. He sent a video too but need figure out how to load it on here. Take care.

    • Morning

      Hi everyone how has this weeks home learning started. Well done all the Purple Mashers that sent work today. I’ve marked it all for you. It was lovely to get piccies from M. He’s grown cress and built a wormery, pplus had fun with his bow and arrow. Listen out for my call this week to catch up with your news. Try and be brave and talk to me this week if you havent so far.

    • Morning

      Morning everyone. Hope you have had a good weekend together. I’ve been busy rebuilding my chicken pen!! Stop the foxes getting in and the chickens out. The home learning this week has a wide choice of activities. There is Purple Mash everyday or the planning grid we’ve had for the last two weeks. Please feel free to pick and choose what works for you . I’m looking forwrd to hearing from you with photos. Listen out for Me or Mrs Stening. Take care til then.

    • Morning

      It’s Friday again! Have you all had a good week? hope you enjoyed the outdoor activities suggested on the home page of the website. Have talked to nearly all of you this week. OM has had a lovely week baking, using pipe cleaners and walking, plus his home learning. Have a good weekend.

    • Morning

      Hello everyone hope your wek is going well and you are getting out between the showers! I’ve had some lovely pictures from R who has been busy. Missing you all. Hope we get to talk this week. Listen out for me.

    • Morning

      Look how busy M has been with his Purple Mash, PE and going outside.

    • Morning

      Morning everyone how has your first week gone? Mrs Stening and I had planned so many things to do with you this term but they will wait until you return. Hope you’ve enjoyed the home learning activities. Look out for this weeks planning. I’m looking forward to receiving photos of you. Email if you need any advice, ideas or support. We’ll be phoning later in the week, in the afternoon, listen out for me. Take care of yourselves.

    • Home learning again.

      I am really sad to not be seeing you again for a little while but we have been very busy coming up with lots of lovely learning activities for the weeks ahead.

      A weekly planning overview for you is on the homework tab. I will be phoning you this week and making sure you all have your Purple Mash log in . Keep an eye on the website for upcoming messages and useful information.

      Please remember to send us lots of lovely pictures through the whole school email as I will really miss you and want to see what you are all up to.

      love Mrs Golding

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