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  • samba dsc02042

    Well done everyone . We have had such fun. The children have been amazing.

  • ‘Responsible, Kind and Safe’ dsc00673

    Hopefully, you will have heard your children talk about ‘Responsible, Kind and Safe’ -our three new behaviour values. Our new policy is based on our school vision as well as academic research, so that the focus is on recognising positive
    behaviours. Read this week’s newsletter to find out more.
    Our first week was remembering to be polite……..not a problem in Amethyst. Next week we are ‘listening to others’

  • teddy bear picnic dsc00505

    Morning all. It was lovely to see so many of you at Capel’s Mill . We were so lucky with the weather. The children have had a fabulous first term and we are looking forward to the next. Enjoy the holidays.

  • Bom Dia dsc01906

    The flight went well and we were on schedule in Rio.

  • hedgehogs hibernate dsc00876

    Today we were really lucky to work with Stroud Valley’s Project who funded our science morning. Tamsin brought some cute hedgehogs puppets that we could could put a hot water bottle in. We had to make a cosy hibernation home. We then went to do another experiment and when we came back we tested to see how warm the hedgehogs were.

  • Morning dscf7006

    We have been having a lovely few days here in Amethyst class. Vinnie was amazed how they worked in teams to cath and throw. Forest school was great. Perfect weather to work out doors.
    Thank you for all sending in the right equipment at the right time. It’s been lovely meeting you all at pick up time.

  • Welcome meandmari

    Welcome back to school and welcome to Amethyst class. We are looking forward to meeting you on Friday.

  • bedtime story dsc00919

    We had a fabulous night by the fire last night. We sang London’s burning, burnt one of the houses we made as part of the Great Fire of London topic, had hot chocolate and bedtime stories by the fire.

  • Look at us. dsc00057

    We have settled in so well.

  • Welcome mari2

    Mrs Stening and I ( Mrs Golding) are looking forward to all our new children joining us in Amethyst class in September. We hope you will enjoy PE, Forest school at Capel’s Mill and creative topics with us. Before term ends we will send you a useful fact sheet to help you get ready for your first day. Our topic is Memory Box and will be all about you and your memories. Have a great holiday until we meet.

  • Sharing our knowledge about space. s1

    The children in year 5 from Aventurine and Emerald finished off their space topic by visiting Amethyst class and sharing their work. Sharing their knowledge through the beautiful books that they had created was a pleasure to watch. The buzz in the room and the engagement from both classes was also delightful. Well done to all!

  • Class Blog:

    • ponddipping

      What an amazing session we had with the support of Stroud Valley’s project. We found Newts and Elft, dragonfly nymphs, water boatmen and to our surprise a Case Caddis.

    • Morning

      Take a look at our door. We are growing beans in a bag with no soil. Something has started to happen. We had to predict if this was a shoot or a root? What do you think? Keep watching.

    • road safety

      We were lucky today to be joined by our local PCSO Nicola Wood. She came to talk to us about crossing the roads especially as the holidays approach and we might be out and about. She took us up to the road and we had to work with her to learn STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. We practised with her then on our own as she watched.

    • Morning

      We had a relaxing afternoon painting with watercolours at Capel’s Mill. We were looking at the landscape to recreate what we saw.

    • Jubilee

      What a fabulous day and new memories created.

    • busy bunting

      Look at how well we are doing following our plans and sewing our patterns.

    • Morning

      We were lucky enough to be invited to work along side Stroud Valleys project this week. There is a consultation about whether and if so what play are would suit Capel’s Mill. We went with Emerald class.

    • Brazil

      Are you bags packed and ready to go to the Rain forest.

    • comic relief

      We done all our superheroes.

    • Morning

      We have added our leaf to the tree. We have been talking when we are challenged.

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