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  • Treasure hunt treasurehunt

    Hope you have enjoyed the homework we set. Look out for next weeks on Monday morning.

  • Barn owls pellets

    After the visit by Falconers we bought some sterilised owl pellets. We put on gloves and slowly took them apart. We were surprised by how many bones we found covered in fur. Amazingly each group had a different mammel!

  • Sports Relief dsci2777

    Amethyst and Amber class had a fantastic day walking up and around Rodborough Fort for Sports Relief. Was it muddy, puddley and fun…yes it was. We walked 4.9 miles which we think is pretty good going.Pooh sticks the fastest ever!
    Thank you if you helped raise money for this good cause.

  • World book day dsci2675

    Thank you for all the fab costumes and the books we got to read.

  • The Falconer dsci2571

    Yesterday we had a fantastic visit from the falconer who brought a range of birds of prey in including a Barn owl called Bramble. We learnt lots of facts which we will be using when we start start Plop the owl who was afraid of the dark.

  • Bedtime story dsci2482

    And to end a fantastic term we had bedtime story by the fire, lit by our lanterns. Hot chocolate and marshmallows and a raft of stories.

  • Class assembly sleepingbeauty

    This week we had an assembly for parents. We told the story of sleeping beauty with Pie Corbett actions, danced to Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky and sang the song There was a princess long ago. After, parents came to look at our books and see what we have been doing.

  • be my brave dsci2400

    This week we looked at being brave. We brought in photos and objects to talk about.

  • hand ball handball

    A fantastic day and a top competition. Thanks to all the parents that braved the cold.

  • three little pigs dsci2240

    Once upon a time there was not 1, not 2 but 3 litttle pigs.
    We made houses that we hoped would stay up. Look what happened when the big bad wolf came along!

  • Red Riding Hood dsci2061

    What did Red Riding Hood take to Granmas house? Jam tarts of course.
    Today we found the mass of flour and marge needed to make pastry.We rolled and cut. We added jam and baked. Some of us put too much jam!!

  • post office dsci1882

    We took the children to the post office in town to post some letters they had written. We weighed, stamped, paid and posted them.

  • cinderella dsci1729

    We had a fantastic time at the Pantomime……oh no we didin’t! Tweddy made us laugh and laugh.

  • End of the autumn term. ourwork

    Can you believe that we’re a third of the way through the year. The children have been amazing learning so many new things.

  • Reverse Advent calendar dsci1604

    Dear Parents and Carers
    Thank you so much for supporting the reverse advent calendar for Kidstuff. As a result we are able to send off this huge box of toys to improve the Christmas of others.

  • Hedgehogs hedgehog

    on Thursday we met Tamsin from Stroud Valley’s project. She brought some toy hedgehogs in which you could put a flask of hot water. In four groups we had to make a home for a hedgehog that was snug and warm. We put them in their homes, with the jar in and left them. Poor Bob got left out in the cold. When we went back we found that the hedgehogs were cooler but not as cold as Bob.

  • Money money

    Do you recall spending money as a child and how confusing it was? No 4p, no 7p and no 9p. To follow on from our work on numbers bonds we have been using money to shop and buy our fruit and milk.

  • Children in need ramble imag1346

    We walked to Heavens today. It was glorious. We paddled in the stream brrr. The hill back was hard.

  • Dance dsci0988

    Can you see our bear shapes for our Toy Box dance?

  • Beddy Bear Picnic picnic

    To end the topic Healthy Eating we decided to have a picnic for families and Bears/toys, that had been in our memory bags. We made our own picnics and chose healthy fillings, salds, veg and fruit. it was a beuatiful day.

  • Music dsci0738

    We are learning about pitch high and low. We watched a violinist play on the internet. Today we were lucky that a child in y2 came to play to us.

  • Senses dsci0611

    We are finding out about our senses and what they. Today we were smelling a range of smells. Ask your child what they were.

  • Noo Noo snatchers. dsci0353

    This week we read the Last Noo Noo as part of our topic. We saw Marlon the monster being bullied and talked about how we can ask for help if we felt unhappy on the playground. We also designed, made and tested Noo Noo snatchers.

  • Bread making dsci0273

    When Amethyst class were in EYFS they planted some wheat seeds with Tamsin from Stroud valley project, they watered and cared for them. In the summer Mrs Golding harvested them. This week Tamsin came back and we had to learn to take off the chaff, mill the grain, make the dough and make hedgehog rolls to eat.
    Ask your child all about it.

  • Blackberries blackberry

    On Wednesday we went to our first Forest school. We walked to Rodborough fields to pick blackberries. Then today we peeled apples, crumbled crumble topping and made blackberry crumble. Tomorrow we will taste it.

  • Sorting and Counting dscf7031

    We have been sorting and counting in Maths. We can sort by colour, shape name, fruit name and shoe fastening. Can you think of any more ways with your child?

  • New Class classphotoseptember2019img_7882edited

    We have had a lovely first week back. All book bags are now home so hoefully you can find time to read.

  • Kindness dsci8024

    We have been looking at how we can be kind to people. How to empower children and young people to celebrate their differences. We looked at the importance of feeling valued and how to prevent bullying.

  • Class Blog:

    • afternoon

      Hello everyone did any one spot Heidi’s April Fool?

      Here’s some pictures from todays messages. Hope you are enjoying ccatching up with everything that peopl have been doing.

    • I and L

      I and L have been keeping fit by doing Joe Wicks at 9 am! It has been a great way to get the day started.

    • Heidie's been bird watching

      Morning. So Heidi has heard but not seen the elusive Chaffinch. She been busy bird watching. Look at her list and photo. Its been lovely to see what Rosie and Beth have been up to and great to chat to Freya. Will eventually talk to you all soon.

    • Hello All

      Hope everyone has had a good day. Had a lovely message from Bella and she has written a great story using her love of Horrible Histories and Elizabeth 1. Have a read of Chapter 1. I also heard from Beth. Sounds like you enjoyed making and using your telescope.

    • spellings

      These are your spellings this week. I’ve attached some ideas if you want to try and do them differently. Happy spelling bee.

      • Monday
      • Tuesday
      • Wednesday
      • Thursday
      • Friday
      • Saturday
      • Sunday

    • Afternoon

      Hello everyone. I hear that you are all doing great and working hard on the tasks we have set you. I had a fab photo of Phoebe doing her Maths this morning. I was also wowed by the amount of time you are working on Nessy. Robin you are a star. Look out for this week spellings. Will try and chat to some more of you as the week goes on.

    • Telescope

      Morning everyone. Have you enjoyed your first week of activities and having time with your families. One of my chickens escaped today and I had to catch her. Guess who woke up this week. I’ll give you a clue Winnie The Pooh loves the food they make! what do you think Winnie The Pooh is doing now he can’t go to London. Can you write a diary of what he might do in a day or write a desciption of Winnie The Pooh for someone whose never seen him before. Lovely seeing photos of Ella with her telescope in the garden and doing PE with Jo Wickes.

    • Hello

      Hello everyone how are you all doing? I’ve been busy moving some raspberry plants which had grown in the wrong place! I’ve also read alot. I’ve just started reading “A man called Ove”. What are you reading at home? It would be lovely to see some pictres of what you have been doing. You can email them to me on Heidi is saw your lovely rainbow today.

      Whilst the weather is still nice I’ve added a treasure hunt for you to try.

    • Home hub ideas from Twinkl

      When you find you have run out of things to do or your child is wanting to do more try logging in to Twinkl It offers a daily lesson plan and provides ideas and activities. Just select the age group and go.

      Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather and working out side too. If you log into Stroud Valley Project You can create a tree as a familiy and add leaves when you find the suggested plants, birds, flowers, butterflies and minibeasts out and about on a daily walk.

    • Daisy and Rex have been busy

      Daisy and Rex have been painting pebbles, playing snakes and ladders and listening for birds.

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