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  • Investigating Materials

    For half term, we would like you to design and make a pirate ship using scrap materials. It must float. Take note of what materials you used and why. When we return in November, we will test your pirate ships together as a class. Happy Making!

  • Puppet Workshop

    Amethyst and Amber enjoyed a wonderful puppet workshop with Bella, a local puppeteer. They asked excellent questions and learnt lots about puppets. They watched puppets move and even had a go themselves. Thank you Bella for creating amazing memories with us.

  • Spelling Champions

    Super palm-facing and sounding out each word. These children got 10 out of 10!

  • Reading Champions

    Wonderful reading at home! Thank you for listening to your lovely children reading at home.

  • Reading Champions

    We are so proud of you for reading at home.

  • Spelling Champions

    This week’s champions. Well done children.

  • Hit the Button Heroes

    These children have excelled in learning number bonds to 10 and then answering quick fire questions on Hit the Button. Their scores have massively improved! Most started off earning 2 or 3 points to now gaining up to 28 points! Incredible progress!

  • Lighthouse, beam of light art project

    Amber Class have been learning about lighthouses, and for the past two days have been creating a piece of art inspired a story that we read together. The children have used: wax crayon, colouring pencil, oil pastel, acrylic paint, collage, sand and silver dust to create this beautiful seascape.

  • Spelling Champions

    Our first spelling test in Amber Class and these children got 9 or 10 out of 10. A great job!

  • Reading Champions

    Well children for reading at home regularly and getting your diaries signed.

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