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  • Writing Success Criteria

    As lots of you are doing some creative writing at home, I thought that it would be useful to have list of what will make your writing successful - just like in your books at school: I can use capital letters and full stops. I can write neatly and most of my letters join accurately. I can use expanded noun phrases. I can start my sentences in different ways. I can use subordinate (if, when, that, because) and coordinating (and, so, but, or) conjunctions. My writing flows and is interesting to read. I hope that helps at home.

  • Manga High

    Thank you for contacting me for your Manga High logins. What I forgot to mention is, you may need the school ID too as you’re logging in from home. Here it is: 130436. Your passwords are all the same: maths. Good luck.

  • Creativity in Amber Class

    OU has been busy writing a festive poem, which she read to me over the phone. It is really very talented and I hope that she will share it with all of you when we are back together. She has also embroidered a rainbow!

  • Manga High

    Hey Amber Class, I have spoken to Miss Smart and we have agreed that we would like you to complete your Manga High tasks at home. This will be additional to the weekly learning that I set because I know that lots of you really enjoy it, like you enjoy TTRockstars. If you cannot manage to do it, that is OK - you can catch up when you’re back at school. If you DO NOT know you Manga High login and password, please ask you parent to email me at:

  • Pobble Challenge

    As promised, here is another piece of creative writing. I like how you are illustrating your stories.

  • Creative Writing Challenge

    Hello everyone, I woke up this morning feeling very excited because today is creative writing day. Already I have been sent your writing or spoken to you about it on the phone. What a wonderful Wednesday! Three pieces will be blogged now - PK, IS and BB.

  • Artists

    Here is some more wonderful art work by your classmates. It is good to hear that lots of you are enjoying the art activities set. Yippee!

  • Eeeek!

    Hello Amber Class, today I made a video of myself reading in my shed. I was VERY nervous! Can you tell? I thought of you all, out there and not too far away and gave me hope and confidence - thank you. You’re a wonderful class! Click on the video tab to watch it, if you want to. Tomorrow I have set you a creative writing challenge. PLEASE take a photo of any of the writing you do. I love reading your writing - you know that.

  • Forest Cycle

    DM has been out with her brother spotting different parts of the forest cycle.

  • Drawing with Rob

    BDT has been busy drawing with Rob. She is really enjoying his lessons. This is her latest. It is SO CUTE!

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