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  • Science

    Me again,

    Read my previous blog so this one makes sense. OK, have you read it? Good. I have attempted to upload the science - it should be under the Information tab on Amber’s page. Thank you to Phoebe’s dad for sending it to me.

    Good luck

  • G'day - I'm running out of ideas of how to say, 'Hi'

    Ello, ello,

    It was so good to hear some of your voices this week, I have left lots of voicemails and will try again to call you. If I haven’t called you yet - I will. It was interesting to hear all about what you’ve been doing: Percy made breakfast over a campfire, read a poem to the world, Reuben has glow in the dark glasses (very cool) and has painted a picture inspired by Paul Klee, Annie has written a wonderful response to The Magic Tree, Phoebe is having fun with mini sports events and Stanley has written an amazing poem about fear which includes many contractions! If you’d like to email me, please use and in the Subject field type: Amber Class or Miss Lennox. Oh, it seems there is an issue accessing the science - dead, alive, never been alive. Please don’t pay for a Twinkl subscription. Last week it was free and accessible, now it isn’t. I will use a different resource in the weeks to come.

    Hopefully hear from you soon,

    Miss Lennox

  • A message from Miss Smart

    Hello Amber Mathematicians,

    I am VERY IMPRESSED with those of you who have received medals on Manga High! Keep up the good work. Make sure you all sign in and play, play, play.

  • An untypical Tuesday

    Good morning y’all,

    I hope this sunshine is flooding through your window or you’re out playing getting some fresh air. I have received so many fabulous emails this morning. It’s great to hear from you! The Spanish is going…well it’s going. I have learnt some new words but mostly I am only remembering what my brother taught me thirty years ago! It just shows how much easier it is to learn when you are young. Please remember to be good at home and say thank you when your parents are helping you with something. I am trying to teach Harvey to say please but he just grrrrs at me or screams. I won’t give up though. Have a wonderful day, Miss Lennox

  • Brrrr! Good morning Amber Class

    Hi everyone,

    I hope you all had a good weekend. I am sitting in my shed - it’s the only way that Harvey can’t eat the plug of my laptop. Anyway, I feel like Roald Dahl because he wrote in his garden shed.

    Thank you for the email Stanley. It looks like you’re working very hard at home. I read some more of your stories at the weekend and Stanley your writing was incredible! The best piece of writing ever! Reuben and Matilda - your stories were also fantastic. I feel so proud of you all. If I was sending Drake home it would once again be a VERY difficult decision.

    I have loaded this week’s home learning onto the Homework Ideas tab. If you want to access the science resource from Twinkl, you need to sign up for free. If there are problems with this let me know and I will find some other resources for you.

    I’ve decided to try and learn Spanish, wish me luck.

    Miss Lennox

  • HAPPY weekend

    Hi everyone,

    Well the sunshine is taking well deserved break. I read some more of your stories this morning and I’m very impressed. Matilda, if we were at school, you’d be taking home Drake. What an excellent story! Well done. Jerome, thank you for the YouTube lesson. I had no idea what kingfishers sound like and they’re one of my favourites. Well done for counting the contractions! Please send me some photos of what you’re up to. Have a good weekend,

    Miss Lennox

  • Another sunny morning hello

    Good morning Amber Class,

    It’s Friday morning - we would normally be changing reading books and challenging ourselves on TTRockstars. I love Friday mornings because I get to hear you, ‘WHOOP!’ when you achieve a high score in TT. I also love it because I get to hear about what you’re reading at home and why you’re enjoying the book. I truly hope that you’re reading every day. I’ve been reading with Harvey on the lawn which has been lovely sitting in the sunshine together. He loves books - eating them, listening to them and looking at the pictures. Lots of authors are reading online - Benji Davies is reading on Instagram and YouTube. What book are you reading? I’d love to know. I’ll be phoning to speak to you all next week. I miss you a lot and think about you all the time. Be safe. Be well. Be happy. Be you.

    Miss Lennox

    Please to write to me to let me know how you are and what you’re busy doing with your families.

  • Sunshine and Rainbows

    Good morning Amber Class,

    I was up with the birds this morning. Whilst listening to the blackbird and the robin having a singing competition, I was reading your wonderful adventure stories. You have put so much effort into your writing! Maddie, your story made me laugh out loud. Eric - you wrote so much and it is so creative! Laurie your use of language is very mature - have you been reading a lot?! Yesterday I went foraging for wild garlic and nettles. Have a look at some recipes online or ask your family members if they have any. Get out foraging with the people you live with - remember to keep a safe distance from anyone else that you meet . Let’s have a long distance cook up! Children where I live are also painting rainbows, like some children at Stroud Valley. I’m going to paint one later with Harvey and then put it in our window.

    Make you keep active, stay safe and be good.

    Miss Lennox P.S Does anyone fancy reading Fantastic Mr Fox with me? You can get copies online to read for free - I know it’s not the same but we can pretend to be reading together.

  • Home hub ideas from Twinkl

    When you find you have run out of things to do or your child is wanting to do more try logging in to Twinkl It offers a daily lesson plan and provides ideas and activities. Just select the age group and go.

    Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather and working out side too. If you log into Stroud Valley Project You can create a tree as a familiy and add leaves when you find the suggested plants, birds, flowers, butterflies and minibeasts out and about on a daily walk.

  • Hello Amber Class

    Good afternoon Amber Class,

    I hope that you are all enjoying the glorious weather with your families and doing lots of outdoor learning. I’m sorry that it’s taken so long for me to write - it seems Harvey not only likes to eat dragons (Drake), he also like laptops. Anyway, I’m here now. Have you attempted any of the learning tasks? I am about to embark on marking your wonderful stories, inspired by Taking Flight. You can watch the full animation on: If you’d like to email the school to let us know what you’ve been doing use this address:

    How many contractions did I use in this blog?

    ) Keep smiling, miss you all.

    Miss Lennox

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