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  • Stroud Valley Book Day

    The children came in this morning excited and smiling. Their outfits are incredible. Thank you so much for all of your effort. They came in and got cracking on TT Rockstars, I love their enthusiasm for learning.

  • Green Team Winners

    Congratulations to Green Team who won the Hockey Tournament today. Idris, Romie and Jaime scored many goals between them!

  • Writing inspired by Taking Flight

    We are learning about different emotions that humans feel and how they express them in different ways. In our animation, Taking Flight, the little boy experiences many different emotions in a short amount of time. We are using our understanding of emotions to make our writing even better.

  • We love reading

    Amber Class are revamping their book corner. We have new jungle wallpaper and wooden shelves to display our new books on. Mr Ward has built us a wooden bench to sit on when we are reading our books. Now we just need some cushions and it will be ready!

  • Lovely to see you all

    Thank you for sending your children back to school today. It was so lovely to see them all. They all settled in really quickly and it felt as if we have never been apart. If you didn’t manage today, please make sure your child has their PE kit (for all weathers), a full water bottle and their book bag with any books from school inside. See you all tomorrow.

  • Cooking

    IW has been busy cooking a beetroot and coconut curry. It looks delicious!

  • Baking for Eid ul-fitr

    Look at what LG is up to! He has been baking a quiche from scratch which means he even made the pastry. Doesn’t it look delicious?!

  • The Five Pillars

    LW has worked really hard thinking about what is important to her. Look at her five choices. What did you choose?

  • Collage Birds

    Look at SB’s wonderful collage birds. I love the colours and textures that he has chosen. Well done SB.

  • TTRockstars Gloucestershire Championships 2021

    Hello all,

    TTRcokstars are running a ‘Gloucestershire Rockstar Championship 2021’ this week. All you need to do is log on as many times as you can for the next 5 days. When you take part in any game mode (just like normal) one correct answer will give 1 point towards the competition. Let’s all take part together and see how well we can do!

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