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  • Puppet Making img_1526

    Amber Class have explored different materials: newspaper, latex, polystyrene and wood to create puppet fireflies. They developed their cutting and painting skills whilst learning how to manipulate materials by twisting, folding and strengthening. The paint hasn’t dried yet so the children will assemble their puppets tomorrow.

  • Slimbridge img_1796

    Amber Class had a wonderful day at Slimbridge. We learnt how to be Guardians of Nature and are all looking forward to participating in learning activities at home. Your child has their own login to explore The particularly enjoyed pond dipping and learnt how to identify different living things using a special book. Whilst there, we visited The Arctic and learnt how scientists live in extreme conditions. We also saw many different birds from all over the world but also wild birds that live here for all or part of the year.

  • Yoga with Jamie

    Amber Class have made exceptional progress in yoga. They have been enjoying their daily yoga adventure and have voted to practise yoga before starting their lessons more often. To make their wish come true, please make sure your child has an appropriate kit and that they are in school between 08.40 and 08.50 so they can get dressed.

  • Where does food come from? img_1884

    Amber Class visited Waitrose to find out where some of our food comes from. They looked at different fruits and vegetables and learnt where they are imported from and why they grow there. They learnt how plants grow and how the farmers look after the produce. The children even did some shopping by finding the products on a shopping list. Once they had found all of the items, they learnt how to use the checkout! Waitrose were ready to employ some of the children – they were naturals!

  • Samba Drumming img_2044

    The children are absolutely loving their drumming session! See you at 3pm!

  • T-shirt printing and yoga img_1987

    We have been busy preparing for our Samba drumming session on Friday 30th. The children have designed and stencilled their own t-shirts ready to drum out some beats. The children have been really enjoying yoga and are making exceptional progress! They can also set up and pack away their yoga mats. I am so proud of you Amber Class.

  • Lighthouse Artwork img_14103

    Collage, paint, silver dust, wax crayon, oil pastel and tin foil creations.

  • Creating image

    Amber Class have been exploring printing, wet on wet painting with ink and collage. Their faces lit up when they saw the ink spread onto the wet card and they loves the patterns they created by printing bubbles.

  • Class Blog:

    • Drumming Today

      The children are excited about Samba drumming this afternoon. Please come and join us at 3pm to watch their mini performance.

    • The Proudest Blue

      Today, we read this book from The Diversity Book Bus. The children loved learning about the importance of a hijab and enjoyed the illustrations in this wonderful book. It provoked lots of conversations about identity, being unique and cultures.

    • Maths on the high street

      Amber Class spent their maths lesson applying their tallying skills by counting the different types of businesses on the high street. Today, we made a lot of people smile as we walked past the cafes and coffee shops. The public commented on how lovely and polite our children were. Big, proud smiles all around.

    • Amber Class’ nest box

      During Mental Health Week, Amber used their printed papers to create a collage of a campfire seen. The children said that a campfire is great place to be together with family and friends. Four of the children who created really good collages, were asked to recreate their design in 3D and build within a nest box.

    • Green fingers

      AA and SM were busy keeping our green area tidy and planted some lilies for the spring.

    • Battle of the twins

      AH and AH were the two to battle in the times table challenge. Who won the final battle?

    • Celebrating our second day of 100% attendance this year

      In Amber Class we have only ever had one other full day together, back in November. Today was a happy day.

    • Dance - African animals

      The children have been developing their fundamental movement skills through dance. They have been learning about: agility, balance and coordination. Learning about African animals, we were moving and making gestures like giraffes, snakes, hippos and fish eagles.

    • Rural and urban areas

      Amber Class have been learning about rural and urban locations. They have been practising their teamwork skills by working in pairs and communicating their ideas. MM and RCF have been demonstrating respect for one another by communicating in a kind and fair way.

    • Printing inspired by, Blue

      Amber Class have been working in The Studio this morning creating prints using blocks that they made and ink. They have been rolling ink and learning how to apply pressure to the block to make a perfect print. They have also been repeating their prints to create repetition.

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