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  • Thank you

    Good morning Amber Class Thank you so much for my letters. I have already received hand written letters from Phoebe and Jerome and Reuben has emailed his letter to me. Peggy has sent me a thoughtful - Happy Thought - which really cheered me up. Thank you for of your kind words and hard work. It has been lovely to see most of you at school for sports. It turns out you are more interested in the games than chatting to your old teacher! : ) I won’t be calling you now as we are seeing each other instead. Next week will be the last home learning tasks that I will set then we are all free for summer!

  • Car Timeline

    Reuben has been researching cars and has created a wonderful, factual timeline.

  • What is a tree?

    Beth has been working incredibly hard on Manga High, Nessy and all of the tasks set for home learning. This is her latest collection of wonderful work.

  • Fabulous home learning

    Reuben has written a fantastic story using story cubes and Morris has been thinking about different emotions. He also chose to do a project on the Egyptians.

  • Home learning in style

    BW has been reading with her school uniform on. Granny Rabbit has a very special uniform too. These photos show how much fun learning from home can be.

  • Art for your soul

    Reuben has been at it again - he has been busy painting a wonderful picture inspired by Henry Rousseau - Tiger in a Tropical Storm.

  • Relaxing and learning

    SS has been learning about emotions and relaxing with his pet guinea pig. He is enjoying his reading book on the sofa. It’s lovely to hear from you and see your photographs.

  • White Rose Maths

    Good afternoon Amber Class. It seems that some of you are experiencing problems accessing the maths resources. Please type “white rose home learning” . You will then be able to see Year 2 and the current week’s learning.

  • Beth's adventures in space!

    Beth and her sister Georgie have been to space! They went to the virtual planetarium and saw some films about stars and becoming an Astronomer! It looks like lots of fun was had, thank you for sharing :-)

  • Yummy baking

    SB has been baking with his sister - send them our way!

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