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Hedgehog Republic Celebration

Wed Jan 22 14:00:00 2020

Hedgehog Republic Celebration Ruby, Diamond, Aventurine & Emerald classes only

Sunshine Class visit to Stroud library

Fri Jan 24 09:15:00 2020

Sunshine Class visit to Stroud library

Amber class assembly

Tue Feb 11 14:00:00 2020

Amber class assembly

Our School Ethos and Vision:

Our school is a safe and inclusive, inspiring learning community. We aim to create a partnership between home and the classroom within which, each child is valued, listened to and guided to reach their full potential, in all areas of school life. Our children are encouraged to understand the importance of good behaviour, to be tolerant of others’ views and opinions, while respecting individuality. We strive to achieve the highest teaching standards, to provide a varied, rich, creative curriculum and to instil a passion for learning, preparing our children to face the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Our School Values:

Each term we select a value to focus on. These are highlighted in assembly and during class time and we celebrate those children who are showing these values in our school community. We have a "Stroud Valley School Values Tree" in our school foyer which was created using pupils' handprints. Our school values are: Helpful Trustworthy Kindness Bright Friendly Sense of Humour Loyal Respectful Honest Thoughtful 

This month we will be focusing on being RESPECTFUL.

If you require a paper copy of any of the information on this website please contact  Debbie Smith or  Emma McTear in the main office.

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