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  • Mr Wolf's Pancakes

    After enjoying the story of Mr Wolf’s Pancakes we decided to have a go at making some ourselves. We made the batter and enjoyed watching (from a safe distance!) whilst Miss Mac showed us how to toss a pancake. We then enjoyed eating the finished product with a choice lemon, sugar or honey. Delicious.

  • New play areas

    After a lovely half term holiday we came back to school refreshed and ready to enjoy our new play areas - The Black and White corner and The Train Station.

  • A Visit from some story tellers . . .

    We all had a fascinating time this week when we were visited by 2 story tellers who told us a lovely story with lots of creative details that really captured our interst. We really had to pay attention to all the details as the tale was woven for us and we all thoroughly enjoyed the audience participation parts too!

  • Kunghei fatchoy! Happy Chinese New Year

    If you wondered what that delicious smell was coming from Sunshine Class today it was our delicious stir fry that we made to celebrate Chinese New Year. We all got busy mixing a variety of chopped vegetables, beansprouts, egg noodles and chow mein sauce together in the wok and then set to work with our chopsticks to find out what it tasted like. Almost all of us had a taste and persevered even when it got a bit tricky to manage the chopsticks in one hand. Lots of positive comments from our chefs/diners which are best summed up by Miley’s verdict of “fantastic!”

  • Friday = Forest School Fun

    It was too muddy underfoot to use our usual Forest School area so Mrs Beaudro got us busy with a scavenger hunt. It was sooo chilly outside but we all worked together and did our best to stay warm as we went hunting for all the different items we needed. The ice we found proved to be a big hit even if it did make our hands a bit cold as we examined it!

  • Getting Crafty

    Miss Mac spotted a lovely wooden tree about to get thrown away in a skip so she rescued it and we decided to give it a new lease of life by making winter themed decorations to add to it. This involved us choosing, cutting, sticking and tying a variety of different resources and we were pleased with the end result. What do you think?

  • "Ice, ice baby. . ."

    Happy New Year and welcome back to school! The drop in overnight temperatures gave us the perfect weather to explore ice and we have enjoyed touching and observing the changes to a variety of ice shapes this week. Some of the ice had colour, pasta and flowers frozen in it and we used the magnifying glasses to have a closer look at the patterns in the ice. We used the digital cameras to record our observations and then enjoyed looking at the images we had taken (some of them were of our friends !). We thought the sun would help melt the ice blocks but noticed that even on the cloudy days the ice melted.

  • Christmas Lunch

    Today was Christmas Lunch Day and we all wore the party hats we had designed and made especially for it. We sang Christmas songs as we went down to the canteen. We sat together and shared a yummy meal with special homemade Christmas biscuits for our pudding. Thank you Clare and Lottie (our SVS catering team) for helping us to get into the Christmas spirit!

  • Getting ready for our Carol Service

    Next week is our whole school Carol Service at St Laurence’s Church in Stroud and it’s going to be our first one ever at Stroud Valley School. We’ve been busy learning all the words for the songs and decided to dress up as stars, angels, shepherds and sheep to add extra sparkle to our event so we had a try on of our costumes this week to make sure we were ready!

  • I'm dreaming of a white Christmas ...!

    We decided to set up a Winter Wonderland role play area this week and used a very large mosquito net to create our very own igloo complete with a snow tiger and some snowballs - not “real” ones but soft and fluffy ones that don’t melt when you pick them up!

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