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  • Noah's Ark Farm Zoo blog13.07.18

    This week we all went on a lovely trip to Noah’s Ark Farm Zoo in Wraxall. It was a really sunny day so we popped on our sun cream, high vis jackets and our backpacks and set off on the coach bright and early. We started off with a workshop to find out about the animals who live in all the different habitats and we had a chance to meet Colin the cockroach and Lottie the leopard tortoise. Then we got on our tractor trailer for a really bumpy ride and we loved it so much that we screamed at EVERY bump!
    Later on we went to see the animals and saw meerkats, monkeys, sheep, goats, chickens, mice, guinea pigs, a crocodile, camels, elephants, giraffes, zebras, deer, rhino, a tiger and a lion. We also managed to fit in some time on the exciting rainbow slides too. We came back exhausted but really excited about the fun times we had shared :)

  • Out of Africa playarea001

    For the rest of term we will be finding out about Africa and our new play areas will help us explore and discover more about this far away continent. We are going on a trip to Noah’s Ark Farm Zoo next week and we will be taking part in an African animals workshop and looking out for African animals who live there.

  • World Cup Day 2018 blog29.06.18
  • Land Ahoy! blog22.06.18

    We’ve been really keen to explore pirates through our play areas and our lovely caretaker Mr Ward very kindly created our very own pirate ship. We’ve had loads of fun dressing up with our friends and setting sail on our ship over the seas to find treasure.

  • Happy Fathers' Day ! fathersdaycards2018001

    with love from all the boys and girls in Sunshine Class xxx

  • EYFS & KS1 Sports Day 2018 blogx208.06.18

    What an amazing day we shared today! Children in the Blue (Painswick Leopards), Red (Slad Panthers), the Yellow (Nailsworth Tigers) and the Green (Toadsmoor Lions) teams took part in our annual Stroud Valley Primary School Sports Day. The forecast was promising and we all came to school dressed for action and ready to do our best for our team. Our proud families watched as we ran, threw, skipped, balanced and jumped our way through 12 different events. Whilst our teachers added up the scores we enjoyed a delicious picnic in the glorious sunshine with our families. The medal ceremony was a chance to reward the highest scoring girl and boy in each year group and say well done to everyone for trying their hardest. The event ended with a refreshing ice lolly courtesy of the PTFA.

  • EYFS & KS1 Sports Day 2018 blogx208.06.18
  • Our class assembly blog25.95.18

    was based on the learning activities we took part in as part of the traditional tale “Jack and the Beanstalk”.

  • Jungle Jonathon's Roadshow jjonathon005

    We had a lovely afternoon today finding out about Jungle Jonathan’s creatures. He hid Leefie and her friend in our Garden Centre – we found it hard to spot her because she was so well camouflaged in the green leaves. He didn’t bring the boy leaf insects because they have wings and can fly. We met Twiglet 1 and 2, the pink toed tarantula Velvet and Mrs Noah the rainbow boa. Lots of us we’re very brave and held the very long and heavy snake which was not wet or slimy at all! Afterwards we had a chat and wrote down some of the facts we found out. Today’s visit has proved the perfect start to finding out more about minibeasts.

  • Wheat Planting wheatplanting30.03.18

    In our final week of the Spring term we got busy planting some wheat. Tamsin from the Stroud Valleys Project joined us to explain how to grow wheat from seed and we all got busy planting seed in the raised beds in our Forest School area using compost from our compost bins. We plan to water the seed regularly and keep a close eye on it. We hope that once we harvest the wheat we will be able to make flour to bake our own bread.

  • Sping is in the air... plantingmarch2018001

    so Sunshine Class boys and girls had a busy Forest School session this week planting saplings. We are looking forward to watching them grow bigger!

  • Happy Mother's Day! blog09.03.18

    To all our very special mummies with all our love from Sunshine Class boys and girls xxxx

  • Road Safety roadsafety003

    PCSO Underwood visited us this week to talk to us about road safety and we went outside to practise STOP, LOOK and LISTEN to help us cross the raod safely.

  • World Book Day - 1st March 2018 worldbookday2018001

    Can you guess who we are dressed up as?

  • A visit from the falconer falconer27.02.18

    This week we were fascinated to find out more about birds of prey when a falconer (and his birds) came to visit us. We met Snowy, Clara, Cloud and Uggy. There were barn owls, an eagle owl, peregrine falcons and a hawk. We asked lots of questions and listened carefully as we found out some amazing facts. Some of the birds flew in the hall to collect food from the adults. We couldn’t believe how silent the barn owl was as it flew over our heads!

  • Chinese New Year chinesenewyear23.02.18

    It’s been Chinese New Year and we’ve been finding out about the Year of the Dog and tried our hand at writing the initials for our names in Chinese characters. We also enjoyed some of our own improvised ribbon dancing and pretending to be dragon and lion puppets. The role play area is now a Chinese Restaurant and we are enjoying being waiters, waitresses and customers. We ended this topic by creating and tasting a yummy stir fry which we ate using chopsticks – not an easy task but we persevered till we got the food where we wanted it to be.

  • Chicken Run chickens26.03.18

    It’s our turn to look after the Stroud Valley chickens and each day Miss Mac takes some of us to their special area and we help to give them food and water, clean up their coop and collect the eggs. Each pair of children learns what to do and the next day they teach the next children so that we all get a chance to be “chicken care experts”. The eggs that we’ve collected have been taken home to enjoy. The eggs are proving very popular and currently there’s a waiting list for them!

  • World Book Day 2018 dsc04158

    This year, the children (and parents) made an incredible effort with an amazing array of costumes. We held a’Book in a Jar’ competition. The entries were so imaginative, and a child from each class won a book token. All week ‘Shelfies’ had been displayed around school (photographs of members of staff’s bookshelves), and the children had to guess who they belonged to. We revealed the owners in assembly. A great day celebrating the joy of books.

  • Cookery blog08.02.18

    Today we had a yummy time creating our very own pancakes in preparation for next week’s Pancake Tuesday. We have enjoyed reading the story of “The Runaway Pancake” and “Mr Wolf’s Pancakes” and today it was our chance to make our own. Our groups worked together to mix the ingredients and waited patiently as they cooked. We could choose from plain, sugar, sugar and lemon or honey for our topping. We found out that sugar and lemon was the most popular topping!

  • National Story Telling Week storyteller29.01.18

    We welcomed our storyteller Fergus this week who came to tell us the story of “The Tortoise and the Hedgehog”. At the start of the story we thought the hare was going to win but after listening very carefully we found out that the hedgehog’s clever thinking and determination paid off and he won!

  • National Story Telling Week

    We welcomed our storyteller Fergus this week who came to tell us the story of “The Tortoise and the Hedgehog”. At the start of the story we thought the hare was going to win but after listening very carefully we found out that the hedgehog’s clever thinking and determination paid off and he won!

  • Forest School Fun jan18forestschool001

    Every Friday brings the chance for us to don our wellies, waterproofs and warm clothes and go out to our Forest School area – we love it!

  • " It's a Baby! " goes on tour ... southfieldsingingdec17

    to Southfield Care Home in Stroud to sing our nativity songs to the residents. It was a great success -well done to the whole cast!

  • A visit from "you know who"! ptfabooksdec17

    We know it’s nearly Christmas and we had a surprise delivery this afternoon. We heard some bells ringing outside on The Deck and when we went to have a look Santa had left a great big sack full of presents for everyone in Sunshine Class. We were delighted when we opened them to find a lovely new book for every child. We then spent the rest of the afternoon with eyes glued to the skies trying to spot Rudolf and his sleigh! Many thanks to our lovely PTFA and the “elf wrappers” who made sure Santa knew exactly where to come . . .

  • Christmas Lunch christmaslunch13.12.17

    Today was our 1st ever Stroud Valley Christmas lunch. To get us in the right spirit we thought we’d make some elf inspired hats complete with googly eyes and a pompom for the elf’s hat! We all sat together and enjoyed a yummy lunch.

  • Christmas Party Day chasevisit111217165

    What a great fun we had today when we had a visit from Chase from “Paw Patrol”. . .

  • A visit from a band bigband07.12.17

    Today we have an inspiring visit from Cotswold School’s Big Band. There was a piano, some drums, an electric guitar and lots of saxophones. We asked some interesting questions about what materials the different instruments were made of and how to play the different notes. They made a great sound and we just couldn’t resist dancing! Thank you very much for playing for us.

  • "It's a Baby!" blog08.12.17

    After spending time learning lots of new songs, dances and words we were finally ready to put on our star and angel costumes and perform our nativity. Our dress rehearsal on Monday delighted the whole school and we had lots of lovely comments from our Year 6 Book Buddies. There were 2 performances for our families to enjoy and next week we’re taking the show on the road when we visit Southfields Care Home to perform our songs for the residents there. We hope it will make them feel really Christmassy!

  • A Visit to Stroud Christmas Tree Festival blog01.12.17

    Today we visited St Laurence Church in Stroud to see an amazing display of Christmas trees decorated by lots of organisations in our community. The vicar, Simon, retold the Christmas story and we enjoyed singing and hearing some traditional carols. We then had a tour of the trees. We spotted a very special giraffe, a snowman and Stroud Valley Primary School’s own tree decorated this year by Amethyst and Amber classes. We found it very hard to decide which tree we like best!

  • Sunshine Class Children in Need Day 2017 blog17.11.17
  • Poppy Lanterns for Remembrance Day blog10.11.17

    This week we have been practising our cutting and sticking skills by making poppy lanterns for Remembrance Day. We also held a 2 minute silence to mark the 11th of November. Mrs Fathers and Miss Mac were very impressed that we stayed totally silent for the whole time – this has never happened before!

  • Bonfire Bight Art blog001

    This week we have been finding out about the story of Bonfire Night and created some super sparkly firework paintings. It’s been lots of sparkly fun – please come and have a look at our work on display in Sunshine classroom!

  • Stroud Valley Primary School Harvest Festtval 2017 blog17.10.17
  • Numicon sandwiches . . . blog13.10.17

    We’ve had lots of fun exploring our new maths resource. Each number has a coloured piece with holes relating to a number – the orange piece has 1 hole, the light blue has 2 holes and so on. The challenge was set to find different pieces from the “feely bag” using only touch and then make a “sandwich” with a peg for the filling.

  • Come and join the band! blog061017

    We’ve had lots of fun making shakers and guitars this week. We experimented with filling our yoghurt pots different materials including rice and pasta to see what sounds they make. Using elastic bands on plastic tubs we made our very own guitars. Then we used our instruments to accompany our Harvest songs – we made quite a noise!

  • Sharing our books with our new friends . . . bookbuddies2017001
  • Meeting our Year 6 Book Buddies dsc01526

  • Class Blog:

    • New year . . . new play areas

      The term has started with the chance to explore new play areas with a chilly theme. Reception children can now choose from Winter Wonderland, The Winter Cave or our Polar Explorer area.

    • We're busy building . .

      Every Friday afternoon Sunshine boys and girls get out the wooden bricks to see what we can build. Some of us choose to work independently and others work with a friend or in a group to share ideas and build together.

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