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  • Trip Photography blog14.07.17
  • Our trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park blog07.07.17

    We had a brilliant day on Tuesday! We packed our lunch boxes, slapped on the sun cream and set off on our trip. A smooth bus journey took us to see the animals. After a quick snack we set of to see the penguins and the meerkats. Next came the sloth hunt in the tropical house. We spotted him eventually – he was hanging upside down near the roof! After a yummy picnic lunch on the grass we set off to see the rhino, giant tortoises, camels, zebras, lions and the giraffe called Wallace. The final part of our adventure found us spotting flamingos, peacocks, anteaters and goats. The day was busy so a few of us had a snooze on the bus on the way back to Stroud!

  • Creating Smoothies smoothies001

    We’ve had a tasty week creating smoothies. First we followed instructions to make a smoothie using some of the ingredients from the story of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” including melon, strawberries, apples, pears, cherries and plums. Then we had a go at creating our very own refreshing smoothie recipe by working with a friend and enjoyed tasting the different flavours – perfect during the very hot weather this week! Finally we wrote instructions so that anyone would be able to create their very own Sunshine Smoothie.

  • EYFS & KS1 Mini Olympics 2017 video
  • Summertime and the living is easy ... blog09.06.17

    Why not join us for a play in the rockpool – complete with real water! Or, if you prefer, how about an ice cream from the Sunshine Snack Shack?

  • Bean planting timebeanplanting008

    This week we have enjoyed planting out our beans in the pots outside. We started them off in clear plastic cups and damp kitchen roll on our classroom windowsill and we were amazed when, after several days, we spotted a root appear followed by the stem and leaves. Not everyone’s seed has developed at the same rate so each morning’s pot observation has been an exciting time! We think they look like the beanstalk Jack grew!

  • Finding out about bees bees003

    This week El Golding visited us to tell us all about her beekeeping hobby. We wrote questions that we wanted to find out the answers to and El helped us understand more about bees. She taught us to stand still when a bee was on us as we’re much less likely to get stung and she brought us a frame from her beehive so we could see where the bees make their honey. A jar of honey made by El’s bees was passed round so we could see what it looked and smelled like. Then we had lots of fun trying on her beekeeping suit – it was a bit big for us!

  • A visit from Margo margo001

    We were delighted to welcome Eve’s tortoise Margo to Sunshine Class today. We had lots of questions for her and Eve’s mum kindly arranged for Margo to answer them for us! Here are a few:- 1. Do you walk slowly? Yes, I walk slowly if it’s a cold day because I am a reptile and I am cold blooded.
    2. How old are you? I am about 8 years old and I can live to be 75!
    3. Are you sometimes naughty? Yes! in the summer, on a hot day, I get nice and warm and then explore and, if I can I’ll escape!

  • Meet the Sunshine Band (but no KC!) sunshineclassbandmarch2017169

    We’ve had lots of noisy fun this week creating shakers filled with rice and pasta, guitars made using rubber bands and drums using differnt kinds of boxes and pots. Then we all got together and played and sang in The Stroud Valley Sunshine Band!

  • RED NOSE DAY 2017 mathsandrednose2017015

    We all dressed up in red and brought in silver coins to help raise money for Comic Relief. Niall enteratined us by playing and singing a calypso on his steel drum from Trinidad.

  • Happy Mother's Day mothersday2017001

    to all the special mums in our life – with lots of love from Sunshine Class boys and girls xxx

  • Getting crafty collage004

    The love spring weather this week has made us all feel like getting crafty and we have enjoyed cutting and sticky different colours and textures to decorate our spring collage in the corridor outside Sunshine classroom. Please do come and have a look!

  • Exploring texture pompoms001

    Sunshine boys and girls have had lots of fun exploring texture by learning how to weave and how to create pom poms using a variety of different textures and vibrant colours – a perfect way to brighten up our outdoor area!

  • Sunshine World Book Day Dressing Up worldbookday2017002

    Can you spot all the different book characters we dressed up as? We had lots of fun today and enjoyed listening to some audio book excerpts and reading the “big books” as part of 2017 World Book Day

  • Pancake Fraction Fun fractionpancakes001

    As it’s Pancake Day we decided to have a go at cutting our pancakes into halves and quarters – and then enjoyed eating the fractions we had created.

  • Class Blog:

    • Our bean harvest has begun!

      We spotted that the bean plants that had started on our windowsill (as a bean seed in a plastic pot with damp paper) had grown some beans so we harvested them to share at snack time.

    • Wishing those special men in our lives a "Happy Fathers' Day!"

      We hope you recognise yourself!

    • Sunshine Class Assembly

      We had lots of fun this week performing our “Animals” assembly to the residents at Southfields Care Home and also to our proud parents.

    • We love reading!

      Our new books have arrived and we have loved exploring them. It’s so hard to choose which story or fact book to read …

    • A visit from the CollyOkki Bird

      We listened carefully to the story of the bird who lays her special chocolate eggs in chocolate nests and then got busy making our very own nests. Lots of colourful feathers had been spotted near our classroom so we left our classroom window open to let her fly in. On the last day of term we discovered she’d decided to lay some eggs in every one. Each of our nests had 4 chocolate eggs and The Colly Okki Bird even managed to wrap up our nests so that we would be able to carry them home safely!

    • Mr Wolf's Pancakes

      After enjoying the story of Mr Wolf’s Pancakes we decided to have a go at making some ourselves. We made the batter and enjoyed watching (from a safe distance!) whilst Miss Mac showed us how to toss a pancake. We then enjoyed eating the finished product with a choice lemon, sugar or honey. Delicious.

    • New play areas

      After a lovely half term holiday we came back to school refreshed and ready to enjoy our new play areas - The Black and White corner and The Train Station.

    • A Visit from some story tellers . . .

      We all had a fascinating time this week when we were visited by 2 story tellers who told us a lovely story with lots of creative details that really captured our interst. We really had to pay attention to all the details as the tale was woven for us and we all thoroughly enjoyed the audience participation parts too!

    • Kunghei fatchoy! Happy Chinese New Year

      If you wondered what that delicious smell was coming from Sunshine Class today it was our delicious stir fry that we made to celebrate Chinese New Year. We all got busy mixing a variety of chopped vegetables, beansprouts, egg noodles and chow mein sauce together in the wok and then set to work with our chopsticks to find out what it tasted like. Almost all of us had a taste and persevered even when it got a bit tricky to manage the chopsticks in one hand. Lots of positive comments from our chefs/diners which are best summed up by Miley’s verdict of “fantastic!”

    • Friday = Forest School Fun

      It was too muddy underfoot to use our usual Forest School area so Mrs Beaudro got us busy with a scavenger hunt. It was sooo chilly outside but we all worked together and did our best to stay warm as we went hunting for all the different items we needed. The ice we found proved to be a big hit even if it did make our hands a bit cold as we examined it!

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