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  • Road Safety Training blog07roadsafetyjuly2019

    Today we had a visit from PCSO Wood who came to tell us all about how to stay safe when we are out and about. Then we all practised crossing the road safely using STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN. We found out why the cars are not allowed to park on the zigzag lines beside our school.

  • Our new beach area blog06beach05.07.19

    Our lovely caretaker Mr Ward has created a fantastic new beach area for us to enjoy.

  • Rain does NOT stop play at Stroud Valley Primary! blog05forestschool

    We watched the local weather forecast to see if we could re-schedule our Sports Day. The forecaster told us to expect torrential rain – they were right! So when it was time for Forest School we made sure that we had all our wet weather gear on and got outside to get busy creating a pirate ship for Pirate Squirrel. We got wet and muddy but that didn’t stop us having lots of fun!

  • time to plant out our beans blog0422.06.19

    When it finally stopped raining this week we got busy planting out the bean seeds that had germinated in our plastic cups that we had put on our windowsill. Then we wrote signs to remind our friends to take care of our plants using our phonic knowledge.

  • Happy Father's Day blog0321.06.19

    We have had lots of fun this week making a collage of our daddies and step dads. We had a think about what colour their hair was and whether they had a beard or glasses.

  • Jack & the Beanstalk blog0214.06.19

    This week we have had lots of fun in our new role play area retelling and acting out the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

  • Stroud Valley Scientists blog0107.06.19

    Today we got busy with lots of practical Science investigations. We were put into groups with children from different classes and worked together to find out more and have lots of scientific thinking. There was a change to investigate bubble making, create paper aeroplanes, design a carrier egg, explore the biscuit dunking challenge and make a car move without touching it – we all had loads of fun!

  • Forest School Fun . . . 05blog24.05.19x2

    The sun doesn’t always shine on our Forest School session but today it was a beautiful day to get out and enjoy a busy session. We started by decorating fabric strips to create a bright class banner to decorate our outdoor learning. Then we took it in turns to cook popcorn on the fire and then enjoyed eating it with a sprinkle of sugar. We also managed to have lots of fun exploring and creating using the hose and buckets to create special potions, waterfalls and loads of mud!

  • Practice makes perfect! 04blog17.05.19

    This week we have been busy getting ready to showcase this term’s learning for our families in our Sunshine Class Assembly. We are going to be singing and dancing lots of lively songs, retelling “Handa’s Surprise”, presenting a slideshow of photos we took on our school trip and finishing off with a ribbon dance using ribbon sticks we created in Forest School. We are really looking forward to being on stage!

  • Our trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park 02blog03.05.19

    What a fantastic day we enjoyed today! We set off bright and early on the coach with our packed lunches and very big smiles. Once we got there we had a quick snack before we set off to explore. What an amazing number of different animals we spotted including: rhino, camels, zebras, giant tortoises, giraffes, flamingos, lemurs, monkeys, parrots, penguins, bats, snakes, tarantulas, crocodiles, chameleons, lizards, goats, mice, rats guinea pigs, ponies, donkeys, red pandas and wolverines. We came back to school tired out from all the walking we had done but very happy to have enjoyed a great day out together with some lovely sunshine. Big thanks to our adult volunteers who came with us and helped make sure we all had a safe and fun day out.

  • A visit to Waitrose 01blog26.04.19

    This week we visited Waitrose in Stroud. Cathy Twiss gave us a very informative tour and we loved visiting the chilly fridge and super cold freezer! She explained where we could find all the different types of food and we bought some fruits from the story of Handa’s Surprise. Once we get back to school we plan to draw the fruit and then have a tasting session of all the exotic and not so exotic types of fruit that we bought.

  • a visit from the Colly Okki Bird . . . playareas070

    We’ve spotted some multi coloured feathers around the school this week so we think the Colly Okki Bird must be looking for somewhere to lay her eggs. Mrs Priestley helped us to make some chocolate nests in Forest School and we laid them out in the classroom with the top window open just a bit and hoped she would visit. On the last day of term we were delighted to see she had laid some chocolate eggs in each of our nests – what a tasty surprise!

  • To all the special mums and nannies in our life ... mothersdaymarch2019

    with lots of love from all the boys and girls in Sunshine Class xxx

  • Learning new skills . . . 05blog29.03.19

    This week we have been using tools to saw pieces of wood. Our adult helpers Mrs Priestley and Margaret explained what to do and supported us as we had a go … it was lots of fun!

  • Thank you to our lovely PTFA ptfaoutdoorplayresourcesmarch2019

    for supplying us with our new play resources – we love them!

  • Red Nose Day 2019 03blog15.03.19

    Our clothes colour was RED today and we brought in some silver coins to donate to Comic Relief. We all enjoyed taking part in and watching the whole school Talent Show.

  • Wheat Planting 01springblog08.03.19

    This week is World Book Day and our story is “The Tiny Seed” so we were delighted when Tamsin from Stroud Valleys Project visited school to help us plant wheat seeds. Mr Ward, the school caretaker, kindly created a raised bed in our outdoor area and we all took turns to loosen the soil and then spread the wheat seed and cover it with soil. Tamsin was very impressed that we knew the seeds would need sun, water and, in the words of one wise 5 year old “lots of patience”!

  • A little something to help the birds . . . 01springblog01.03.19

    This week we got busy making bird feeders in our Forest School session. We worked together as a team to mix all the ingredients and we coated our sticks with lard and seeds and nuts. We will take them home and watch to see which birds come for a nibble.

  • The 3 Little Pigs 05blog15.02.19

    This week we have enjoyed acting out and retelling the story of “The 3 Little Pigs”. We have had lots of great plans to build houses with different construction materials outside during our play sessions on The Green and we also tried to make sentences using story cards. We have got really good at remembering that a sentence will need a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end. The helped us sort the cards into sentences that made sense!

  • Sunshine Class find out about Chinese New Year 05blog08.02.19

    This week we have been finding out about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. We used black paint to write our initials in Chinese characters and enjoyed hearing the story of how each year is allocated to a different animal. Our role play area has been set up as a Chinese restaurant and we have been busy writing down customer orders and practising our chopsticks skills. On Thursday we got busy cooking and eating a delicious stir fry. Some of us were a bit unsure about tasting it but once we did we all agreed it was delicious!

  • Chinese New Year 05blog08.02.19
  • Hunting for treasure . . . 04blog01.02.19

    Mrs Priestley has joined us as our new Forest School leader and this week we got busy collecting all sorts of natural treasures in our Forest School area and put them in our pots. Then we played a game where the adult hid 1 item and we had to spot which one was missing. A drink of yummy hot chocolate ended our fun session.

  • making porridge for Goldilocks 03blog25.01.19

    This week we had a go at making porridge. We carefully read the instructions, collected the ingredients and then we got busy. Some of us tried it with mashed banana, some of us with raisins and some of us with honey. We thought it tasted really yummy and we can understand why Goldilocks might want to eat the whole bowl!

  • a trip to the library . . . 02blog18.01.19

    On Friday we visited Stroud Library. Fiona, the librarian, explained how the books are arranged and showed us where to find the fiction and non fiction books. Then she read us some new stories before we had a chance to choose a book to borrow and take home. Some of us already had our own library card and some of us filled in a form to get one so now everyone can choose lots of lovely books. When we got back to school we took the books to our Year 6 Book Buddy and they helped us read them.

  • Gymnastics 02blog17.01.19

    This term we will be focusing on gymnastics in our PE lessons with Vinny. We have been learning some new words to describe different shapes:- pike, tuck, star and pencil and on Wednesday we practised “soft Knees” as we landed after jumping off the apparatus.

  • our new postbox . . . 01springblog11.01.19

    Happy New Year!We were so happy when Miss Taylor donated a cardboard box to our class – we all had lots of fun painting it bright colours so that it looked bright and cheery.

  • A surprise delivery to Sunshine Class . . . blog21.12.18

    On the last day of the autumn term we came to school in our Christmas jumpers. We were just finishing calling the register when we heard the sound of bells outside on the deck area – Mrs Fathers went to have a look and found a lovely sack of presents labelled with our names. As we were just about to visit our Year 6 Book Buddies we decided to take the unopened gifts to show our Year 6 friends. Inside each parcel we found a lovely Christmas book from Santa and we then enjoyed reading them with our Book Buddy. Thank you very much Santa – what a lovely way to end our busy term!

  • Christmas Maths blog19.12.18

    Every day we use our lunch choices to help us with our understanding of maths. There are 4 options each day :- “red”, “blue”, “green” or “purple” so we count the number of children who have chosen each colour and find the matching numicon pieces and recently we have been recording the matching numeral for each amount. Today is Christmas Lunch and we found that the “red” choice (turkey) was the most popular.

  • Getting ready for SVS Carol Service blognativitydec2018

    We had fun this week trying on our star and angel costumes for the whole school Carol Service at St Laurence Church. We think our costumes will make our singing extra sparkly!

  • Christmas Party Day blogpartydaydec2018

    What an amazingly busy festive day we have enjoyed today! We started by arriving at school in our party clothes. Then we popped to The Elliot to do some secret shopping for our families before enjoying some Christmas dancing and singing too. A visit to Santa got the afternoon off to a good start and then we sat down with all our friends in Rainbow Class to enjoy some yummy party food!

  • Seasons Greetings blog15.12.18

    This year’s design is a snowman made with a print of our hand and some fingerprints too. Once the white paint dried we added eyes, mouth along with a carrot nose, a scarf and a jaunty hat!

  • Making tree decorations with our families blog14.12.18

    We had a lovely time today making a Christmas tree decoration using a variety of different paper stuck on to an outline. Cutting round some of the templates was quite tricky but our adults helped us. Finally we finished it off with a piece of sparkly ribbon ready to hang on our tree.

  • A Visit to Stroud Christmas Tree Festival blog07.12.18

    A trip to see Stroud Christmas Tree Festival at St Laurence Church kept us busy this morning. Vicar Kate spoke to us about the Christmas story and some of us were chosen to be the different characters. Next we sang “Away in a Manger” and “Little Donkey”. Kate got a child from each class to press the buttons to turn on all the tree lights – what a fab sight! Finally we had a chance to tour round to see all the different trees and we managed to spot Sunshine class’s sparkly decorations hanging on Stroud Valley Primary School’s tree.

  • Getting creative for Christmas blog30.11.18

    This year our class have been chosen to decorate the Stroud Valley Christmas tree as part of the Stroud Tree Festival. We have been busy decorating pine cones collected from the school grounds with paint and glitter. Next we wrapped some bright wool round them and added some beads for baubles. We think they will look great once they are all hung up :)

  • Remembrance Day 2018 blog12.11.18
  • 2018 Children in Need blog16.11.18

    Today we are busy raising money for Children in Need. We came to school in spotty clothes and put silver coins around an outline of Pudsey and later on we will be seeing how many hops we can do in 1 minute – we’ve been practising all week so we hope we can raise lots of money.

  • Bonfire Night blog09.11.18

    This week we have been experimenting with different painting techniques to create these firework paintings to celebrate Bonfire Night – they are on display outside Sunshine classroom. Please come and have a look!

  • Making and Tasting Pumpkin Soup blog02.11.18

    We enjoyed reading the story of “Pumpkin Soup” by Helen Cooper this week so we decided to have a go at making some ourselves. We carefully peeled and chopped the potato, onion and carrot along with the pumpkin. After gently simmering it we blended it and then had a taste. For some of us this was a new experience and we were very brave – MOST of us thought it tasted yummy!

  • Number Shapes blog26.10.18

    Using furry, sparkly and stripey pipe cleaners we’ve been exploring the different number shapes we can make. We have also enjoyed playing a game where the virtual dice was rolled and we had to work with a partner to correctly count the dots on 1 or 2 dice and record the total on our whiteboards. Finally, we had a go at recording our number shapes on a small white board.

  • Let's Harvest! blog19.10.18

    We’ve had a busy week leading up to the half term holiday. The whole class worked together to create our very own hedgehog with a pumpkin and sticks. We also created our very own harvest crowns with Mrs Beaudro at Forest School and wore them at the whole school Harvest Festival at St Laurence Church in Stroud. Some of us were a little nervous to sing our “Seeds of Friendship” song but once we saw our families’ smiling faces we really enjoyed performing. We tried to sit very quiet;y whilst the other classes performed their parts and then we joined in with the whole school song “Let’s Harvest!”. Many thanks to all families for the food donations which are being given to Stroud Food Bank.

  • Autumn Bulb Planting . . . blog12.10.18

    This week we have been busy outdoors enjoying the autumn sunshine. We’ve planted up some pots with compost, bulbs and pansies and we will be keeping a close eye on them to see what changes as we move into winter and then spring. A little robin joined us as we got busy and watched us to see what we were up to!

  • Friday afternoon building blog05.10.18

    Every Friday afternoon we have a whole class activity after our “Super Stars” assembly. This Friday we got out the big box of wooden bricks to see what we could build. Some of us worked with a friend and some of chose to work independently. We were very proud of what we created . . .

  • Forest School Fun blog28.09.18

    Every Thursday we put on waterproof trousers and our wellies and jackets and go to our lovely Forest School area and have loads of fun! Last week it was very wet but this week we enjoyed some beautiful autumn sunshine.

  • Book Buddies blog21.09.18

    This week we met our Year 6 Book Buddy. We will meet every week to share books and stories and maybe even have an extra play outside too!

  • A Special Visitor blog07.09.18

    We welcomed Charles Tongue from Stroud Bookshop who came to meet our new Reception boys and girls last week. He came to present us each with a £10 book token so we could each choose some new stories to enjoy at home. The book token gift was funded by a kind donation from a local Stroud resident who wants to support our love of books and learning. We chatted to Charles and told him all about the many different kinds of books we love. As you can see, we are delighted with our tokens and plan to come shopping very soon!

  • Class Blog:

    • do you recognise 3D shapes?

      we do !

    • Talking About Friendship

      In our PSHE sessions we have been talking about the different ways we can be a good friend. We all shared our ideas together and tried to explain what “a good friend” is - we had lots of great ideas and suggestions! Mrs Fathers put them up on the wall so that our families could read our ideas when it’s Soft Start.

    • How many leaves are there on a pineapple?

      This week we got busy estimating how many leaves there are on a pineapple. We used some tops from the pineapples we had used to make our fruit salad. We all estimated the number and recorded this on a class list. Then we got busy checking by counting each leaf and putting it on our 100 square. Our estimates ranged from 10 to 100. The actual number was 79! Then we looked at whose estimate was closest. Finally we checked with another pineapple to see if there is the same number on all pineapples - we found out there isn’t!

    • Investigating how long are feet are . . .

      We have been finding out how long our feet are. We made footprints using paint and then made a line of cubes as long as the footprint. Then we wrote our number on the class sheet. Our line of cubes was either 7 or 8 cubes long. Someone spotted that sometimes it was not a full cube we needed to reach the end of the print. Finally we ordered all the footprints with the smallest at the beginning of the line and the biggest at the end of the line. We are using this information in our new play area - “Stroud Valley School Shoe Shop” where we have a real shoe measuring machine kindly loaned to us by Clarks shoe shop in Stroud.

    • World Book Day

      Sunshine class had a great time dressing up as their favourite book character today!

    • Numicon Number Crowns

      This week we have been finding out about “teen” numbers and we made our own teen number crown with numicon shapes in the correct order 1-20.


      Every day we use our lunch choices to help us with our understanding of maths. There are 4 options each day :- “red”, “blue”, “green” or “purple” so we count the number of children who have chosen each colour and find the matching numicon pieces and recently we have been recording the matching numeral for each amount. Today is Christmas Lunch and we found that the “red” choice (turkey) was the most popular.

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