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  • @Bristol img_0925

    Ruby class scientists explored their senses and expanded their minds to take in all that @Bristol had to offer.

  • Playpark Science dsc04537

    Ruby class once again proved what first class scientist they are. Stratford Park play equipment was scrutinised, measured (in Newtons of course) and tested for the types of forces they use.

    Can you see examples of: where is the centre of gravity? What effect would being streamlined have? Which is faster – going down the slide in tights or bare legs? Is it the same when it’s wet? What effect does friction have ? Why does it need to be balanced?

  • Simnel Cakes dsc04553

    We used our measuring skills and followed instructions in a recipe to make our own mini Simnel cakes for Easter.

  • Red Nose Day dsc04403
  • Forest Schools dsc04217

    Thought you might like to see some photos of us at forest schools. Because of Christmas performances and INSET days our next forest school session is planned for Tues 10th January.

  • The Big Draw dsc04227

    We at Stroud Valley love drawing and did you know every-one can do it! It’s creative relaxing and fun. So why not get your pencils out and give it a go!

  • Cadbury World dsc04021

    The tastiest trip by far is Cadbury World. It’s not all tasting chocolate though. We found out about how chocolate was first discovered, the history of Cadbury’s chocolate, how chocolate is produced and packaged.

  • Our journey down the chocolate river. dsc03996

    Roald Dahl day was so much fun we went on an imaginary trip to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. We got to taste delicious treats such as the chocolate river, spicy crisps and a strange root that looked like a twig but was actually licorice! We used our senses to think of adjectives then wrote poems in the shape of boats!

  • Class Blog:

    • Camp fire and homework.

      As the term is drawing to a close we celebrated by singing some tradition and new songs around a camp fire. Thankyou to William , Daisy , Lilly, Lucy and Saxon for teaching me some new fun songs and leading the children to sing them too. We rounded of the afternoon by sharing the fabulous homework the children have done- from wonderful home-made instruments, to playlists, to music reviews and even a quiz. The children also told us all about concerts they had been to and Elise told us how to play the harp! What a talented bunch of children. We are very proud of you and impressed by the depth and range of study you have undertaken at home.Just a few more days of school left but don’t worry we’ve some more science experiments and maths investigations to keep us busy until the end of term.

    • Playlist homework

      The children have been enjoying and making different styles of homework in the classroom and are now ready to try it out at home. They will be searching the house to see what everyday items can make brilliant percussion instruments (you may want to invest in some ear plugs) as well as collecting boxes to make instruments at school. Look out for the homework sheet coming home this week, remember these are suggestions so it is absolutely fine for the children to follow their own line of enquiring. The children should aim to complete three activities. They can be recorded using pictures,writing photos or even power points. Completed work needs to be brought to school by July 10th.

    • Playlist

      Hope everyone is having a fabulous Easter holiday and a well earned rest. We are busily getting everything ready for the new term. Our theme for the new term is called Playlist in which we will be finding out about different styles of music from all around the world. If you want to join in listen to some music with your child to think about which you like best. Miss Taylor is getting very excited and is dusting off her Take That albums.

      Now that we have finished our turn swimming , we will be doing forest schools again. To avoid confusion we are going to do a block of forest schools starting on Tuesday 25th of April. So wellies etc will be needed the first week back.

      Meanwhile enjoy looking at some photos of what we’ve been up to.

    • Mighty Metals

      Our scrap robots are beginning to take shape, we would like to thank you all for sending in materials to make this possible. In science we have been learning about magnets and after half term we are going to move onto other forces. We plan to go on a trip, possibly to Stratford park so that we can find out how different sorts of playground equipment works.There is no homework for maths passports or spellings because the children have earned a well deserved rest. So we hope you all have a fun filled half term.

    • What a scumdiddlyumptious time at school.

      What a fabulous time we have had learning about food. We’ve learnt about food from other cultures, about which foods are good for your teeth, about the importance of having a balanced diet and the different jobs that different foods do. We have also found out the role food plays during special occasions such as Christmas dinner. The homework the children did was fantastic. The children chose lots of different ways to research and present their findings which helped deepen their knowledge and they were then able to share their knowledge with the rest of the class. We were very proud of them . No homework over the holidays ( although enjoying a good book or going for a walk in the park would be good) make sure you have plenty of play, family time and fun.

    • Welcome to Ruby class

      Well done every-one in Ruby class for making the transition into Key stage Two so well. You have all grown up so much in the school holidays and we are proud to have you in our class.

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