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  • Chickens dsc00429

    Ruby class did a brilliant job cleaning out and feeding the chickens as well as collecting their eggs.

  • What ingredients make the best lava? dsc00688

    Ruby class decided to test which ingredients would make the best lava. Carefully measuring was needed to make sure the test was fair. Diet and full sugar coke were tested alongside vinegar. The chemical reactions were made by adding either a mento or 10g of bicarbonate of soda. The result? The biggest reaction was caused by the bicarbonate of soda reacting with the vinegar which created trapped bubbles of air which made the solution expand – a perfect lava for any home made volcano.

  • Violent Volcanoes dsc00636

    Wow look at the fabulous array of volcano related homework proudly presented by Ruby class. Well done!

  • World Book Day 2018 dsc04158

    This year, the children (and parents) made an incredible effort with an amazing array of costumes. We held a’Book in a Jar’ competition. The entries were so imaginative, and a child from each class won a book token. All week ‘Shelfies’ had been displayed around school (photographs of members of staff’s bookshelves), and the children had to guess who they belonged to. We revealed the owners in assembly. A great day celebrating the joy of books.

  • Baking cakes. dsc00375

    We have been working really hard getting everything ready for our Christmas Carol concert including baking individual cakes for the audience to enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee. Thankyou PTFA for organising the refreshments and for all your hard work raising money for the school.

  • Christmas trees. dsc00308

    We visited St Laurence’s Church to look at the trees in the Christmas tree festival. We brainstormed adjectives to describe our favourite trees.

  • Stone Age Children dsc00243

    In our Forest Schools sessions we explored what it would be like in the Stone Age and acted out making huts, making spears and tools , catching and cooking meat and gathering berries.

  • Children in need. dsc00211

    We had lots of fun dressing up and learning spellings to raise money for this important cause.

  • forest schools dsc00133

    In forest schools we used the same materials Stone Age people had to see if we could build a wall. Pity we didn’t have any animal poo though as it is excellent for holding walls together and making them waterproof!

  • Copsegrove Farm dsc00042

    We had a fabulous day at the farm. By using our skills of talking , listening, co-operating and compromising we worked on improving our team work skills. We accomplished passing a hoop around a circle in under three minutes, leading a blindfolded friend through the woods , moving planks without stepping on the grass and making dens. We also made delicious smores on the fire. Thankyou PTFA for helping fund our trip .

  • Class Blog:

    • Ruby and Diamond class performace

      Well done to Ruby and Diamond class who performed fabulously to their parents and the whole school. We all enjoyed listening to their performance of ‘We know the way’ from Moana and ‘When we grow up’ from Matilda. A huge thank you to Susie for teaching us to perform over the last term, and thank you to the amazing Cotswold’s school Choir, we all had a lovely afternoon!

    • Flow

      Well done Ruby class for your fantastic homework focussing on volcanoes. After a well deserved Easter break we will be coming back to school where we will be studying the journey of a river to the sea, finding out about animals along the way in our new topic called Flow. There is a lovely river at Stratford park so if you have some free time you could persuade your parents to take you there for a walk. Feeding the ducks and swans seed is fun as well as playing Pooh sticks from the bridge but remember to keep yourself safe.

    • New Term

      What a fabulous time we had last term. We loved looking at your work about the Stone Age, what a lot of thought and effort you put in.The Christmas Carol Concert was fantastic , the cakes you cooked looked amazing and the instrument players did a fantastic job.

      Thank you so much for your cards and gifts- it was very kind of you and very much appreciated.

      We will start Forest Schools next week. Our first session should be Tuesday 9th January. We are still looking for volunteers to help us so if you are free on Tuesday between 1.15-3.15 (usually every third week) please let Mrs Cavanagh or the Office Staff know.

      We hope you enjoyed the festivities with your families and friends and are looking forward to seeing you all again.

    • The Stone Age

      The children in Ruby class are making fabulous progress with their Stone Age topic. Finding out how our ancestors made homes, clothes, food and tools from the things they could find through hunting and gathering. We have already had an impressive range of homework pieces including models, word searches and research.Well done every-one for your hard work we have enjoyed reading them and we have learnt lots of new things too. Don’t worry if you haven’t completed your homework yet as the deadline is 5th December.We have now completed all of our spellings for this term. As Ruby class are about to set a new reading scheme challenge it would be helpful for all children to use the time they would usually spend learning their spellings into an extra reading session. Good luck.

    • Welcome to year three

      Welcome back to school every-one it was wonderful to see you all ready to start the new school year with such enthusiasm.

      For many children the step into Key Stage Two can be quite daunting so we are spending the first few weeks settling the children through working on the new routines and expectations to give them the best opportunity to make the transition into Key Stage Two a positive experience. During this time we will also be reading some familiar stories and studying the characters. Later in the term we will be studying the Stone Age - more details to follow later!

      The first set of spellings to learn will be handed out next week, we will test the spellings the following Monday.

      Look out for the forest school letters too.

      Meanwhile our new camera has arrived so expect some photos soon.

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