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  • The fabuous Ruby class crew after birdwatching dsc01164
  • Wnat can't you eat between meals ? dsc01120

    The science boffins in Ruby class have been busy testing to find out if sugary treats such as chocolate. sweets or biscuits cause plaque to build up on their teeth that could cause tooth decay. Mrs Cavanagh was the control group so she had no treats. By measuring and comparing the amount of purple disclosing tablet residue left Ruby class concluded if you want to minimize plaque you should save sugary treats to mealtimes or just eat occasionally. They found out raw vegetables or cheese to be the best in between meal snack.

  • Drink Experiment dsc01070

    The Ruby class scientist have been asking lots of questions- including which drinks are bad for your teeth. They set about a fair test to find out. No-one was willing to donate their milk teeth to the experiment so they settled for placing boiled eggs into different liquids- water, milk , tea and coke. After a week the results were in The shells on the eggs left in milk and water were still perfect, the tea had stained the egg brown but the coke had cracked the egg and the shell was damaged. Conclusive proof if you want your teeth to stay strong and healthy drink water and milk and avoid sugary drinks such as coke.

  • Scrumdidlyumptious dsc01048

    Ruby class have enjoyed a scrumdidlyumptious start to the new school year. It all started with tasting a range of food – some delicious, some surprising. It certainly tingled our minds as well as our taste buds. Next we read some poems by Valerie Bloom including one called Fruits- which inspired us to write some of our own poems. We also made our very own tie-dye t shirts which we proudly wore at the harvest festival.

  • Class Blog:

    • Bird watching.

      What fun we had birdwatching to introduce our class reading book “My dad is a birdman” but what is a birdman? A creature that is half man half bird ? A man who looks after birds? Is he a super hero ? Is he a man who likes to eat worms and dress up as a bird? we can’t wait to read the book to find out!

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