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  • The Stone Age

    The children in Ruby class are making fabulous progress with their Stone Age topic. Finding out how our ancestors made homes, clothes, food and tools from the things they could find through hunting and gathering. We have already had an impressive range of homework pieces including models, word searches and research.Well done every-one for your hard work we have enjoyed reading them and we have learnt lots of new things too. Don’t worry if you haven’t completed your homework yet as the deadline is 5th December.We have now completed all of our spellings for this term. As Ruby class are about to set a new reading scheme challenge it would be helpful for all children to use the time they would usually spend learning their spellings into an extra reading session. Good luck.

  • Welcome to year three

    Welcome back to school every-one it was wonderful to see you all ready to start the new school year with such enthusiasm.

    For many children the step into Key Stage Two can be quite daunting so we are spending the first few weeks settling the children through working on the new routines and expectations to give them the best opportunity to make the transition into Key Stage Two a positive experience. During this time we will also be reading some familiar stories and studying the characters. Later in the term we will be studying the Stone Age - more details to follow later!

    The first set of spellings to learn will be handed out next week, we will test the spellings the following Monday.

    Look out for the forest school letters too.

    Meanwhile our new camera has arrived so expect some photos soon.

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