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  • Are you a supertaster? taste

    In Science this week we ran a taster session. No really, a session on tasting. Using blue food colouring we investigated how we can identify those of us who are ‘super tasters’ -people with lots of fungiform papillae (or taste buds as they are more commonly known), ‘tasters’ – those with an average amount of fungiform papillae, and ‘non-tasters’ – you get the idea. The children had great fun sticking out their tongues at Miss O’Grady and no-one was left with a bad taste in their mouth by the end of the lesson.

  • Wall Scrawls dsc04256

    We ventured out today to look at graffiti at Capels Mill and in the town centre. We have had lengthy discussions and debates about whether what we saw was art, or a form of vandalism but it was clear from most of the works that they had taken considerable time and great skill to complete. So, vandalism or street art? The writing is on the wall.

  • Room of the Seven Sages pizap.com14750518603171

    In Science this week we have been giving some thought as to what the Romans should have used to, ahem, clean up after toileting. Using chocolate spread and water, Leader Gluteus Maximus provided leaves, stones, sponge and moss to choose from, as well as our own left hands. When we got to the bottom of the matter, stones, moss and our hands were quickly eliminated and we concluded that whilst leaves are OK, they aren’t great when soiled, leaving sponge to mop up the mess.

  • Corinium Museum corinium1
  • Can you walk on custard? dsc03880

    In Science we have been looking at the properties of solids and liquids, but when it came to custard we found that we were rather unsure which category to place it in. So, armed with more milk and eggs than a family of duck-billed platypus, we started our very own custardy battle, making a batch and testing it out. After some very messy experimentation we concluded that custard is actually a colloid, because it has properties of both a solid and a liquid, and that yes, you can indeed walk on custard. So that’s a draw – or joint custardy at least.

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