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  • Bristol Zoo! picture8

    We had a ‘wild’ time at Bristol Zoo. The children (and Mrs Barrett) were very brave as they held a ‘giant hissing cockroach’!! They loved exploring the zoo and learning many new facts about the animals they came across. Ask your child all about our learning talk on ‘endangered animals and their habitats’. It really was a trip to remember!

  • We the Curious picture7

    Last week we had a great time at ‘We the Curious’ in Bristol. Whilst there, we took part in an enriching learning experience, learning all about ‘the water cycle’. The children also got to experience the 3D Planetarium. It was a great day!!

  • Expedition to Rodbrough Fort dscf2303

    As part of our topic Misty Mountain Sierras, we went on an expedition to one of the highest points in our area. Here are some photos of our fun!

  • Reward One - Animal Day animalday7

    WOW! What a fun day we have had celebrating our hard work. The children reached reward number one on their marble jar reward and decided they would like to have a day themed all around animals. The children came dressed as animals and also brought an animal toy in for the day. We had great fun creating our own animals out of plasticine and creating stop motion animations; they were amazing! We then sat down with a bowl of popcorn to watch ‘the secret life of pets’. In the afternoon, Vinny even joined in by dressing up as a flamingo for our PE session!! It was a great day and the children are now even more determined to reach reward number two!

  • Roman Topic Day topicday

    We had a great Topic day this week. The children looked fantastic in their outfits! Throughout the day we created Celtic knots, erupting volcanoes and even attempted our own mosaics!

  • Class Blog:

    • Red Nose Day Talent Show

      Here are pictures of our fantastic and talented representors of Quartz class! There are so many amazingly talented children in Quartz, it was very difficult to choose but our final three acts did us proud and were incredibly brave!

    • World Book Day 2019

      What a great World Book Day we had! Well done to all the children (and adults) for dressing up; they all looked fabulous!!

    • Geocaching

      Last Thursday, we had an unsuccessful Geocache with yellow table. So Mrs Allen and her family spent time scouring for it by Holy Trinity Church on Wednesday - we needed check it was definitely there! After sometime…it was located realising there was a ‘Hint’ helped a lot!

      The children enjoyed taking part in the modern treasure hunt today. They used the Geocache app which uses satellite navigation to direct the user to the geocache (equivalent of treasure!). We talked about the maps, the compass in the app and a little bit about how it uses satellites to tell you whether you are thirty, five or one meter away. This was an enjoyable activity linked to our computing and geography learning.

      Well done treasure hunters - I wonder what new treasure hunts by be devised using computing software in the future? Maybe by you!

    • Updated newsletter for Term 4

      Please have a look in the newsletter section to see changes made for Term 4:

      1: The children will be swimming every Wednesday afternoon

      2: We will be visiting Bristol Zoo on Tuesday 5th March

      3: You will be invited into school on Wednesday 3rd April at 2pm to see what the children have been up to in their topic lessons

      4: Reading signatures will now be changed every Monday and library books will be counted every Wednesday

    • Magic Potions!

      We have had fun this week learning all about volume and capacity. The children showed that they could convert ml to l. Today, we carried out an experiment to see if we could create two magic potions that totalled exactly 600ml. There were many conditions that they had to follow - ask your child what they were.

    • Spellings to be tested 26.2.19

      Year 4: dough, bought, brought, cough, rough, enough, though, although, thought, through

      Year 5: results, orbits, evidence, observing, reliable, friction, gravity, Newton, transparent, temperature

    • Spellings to be tested 12.2.19

      Year 4: bicycle centre century certain circle consider decide exercise recent medicine

      Year 5: doubt island lamb debt climb knife knob could should answer

    • Trip to Bristol Zoo

      Your child should have brought a trip letter home today. Please could all permission slips be handed in by Friday 1st March.

    • Spellings to be tested Tuesday 5th February

      Year 4 Scheme Chorus Chemist Echo Ache Mechanic Stomach Chaos Anchor Character

      Year 5 Wear Where Led Lead Past Passed Morning Mourning Precedes Proceed

    • Types of mountains

      This week we have had great fun finding out all about the 5 main mountain types: dome, plateau, volcanic, fold and fault-block. Mrs Barrett has been really impressed with the different ways the children have chosen to present their work!

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