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  • Giffords Circus was in town! 1gc

    As part of our class topic, we visited Giffords Circus this week. It was an amazing experience that we all enjoyed. Mrs Barrett had not been to the circus since she was a little girl and it did not disappoint. It was definitely a trip to remember!!

    The children commented:
    ‘All the tricks were brilliant!’
    ‘I liked Tweedy because he was hilariously funny!’
    ‘It was really fun because we got to watch lots of different acts.’

  • Scream Machine! 1

    Our new topic is called ‘Scream Machine’. To introduce it Mrs Barrett set up a roller coaster simulation for us to experience. Some of the responses from the children were: thrilling, scary and exciting. There were also many wild screams!

  • It's all a bit fishy! dsc08041

    To immerse ourselves into our new class book ‘The boy who swam with piranhas’ we spent our Literacy lesson looking closely at fish. Using viewfinders and magnifying glasses we drew them as accurately as possible. Then it was time to guess what species of fish they were. The children had a great time!

  • Gloucester climbing centre dsc07929

    On Thursday 4th April the Year 4’s went on an overnight stay to Gloucester climbing wall. Despite the torrential rain and hail the Year 4’s were all in high spirits and had a great time. We had a go at rock climbing and bouldering before having pizza and garlic bread for dinner. The children all enjoyed having a massive sleepover followed by caving in the morning. We then headed back to school in time for the Easter holidays!

  • Mountain presentation afternoon number1

    What a wonderful afternoon we had this week. Mrs Barrett and Mrs Allen are so proud of the children. This was a great showcase of what the children have learnt over the last couple of terms. Thank you to all those parents that were able to attend. We hope you enjoyed it as much as the children enjoyed creating their presentations!

  • World Fun Day dsc07776

    We had a great time on Friday 29th March – we visited the Seven Wonders of the Modern World!

    The Great Wall of China – we learnt how to write our name in Chinese.
    The Taj Mahal – we created traditional Mendhi patterns in chalk on black paper.
    Petra – We coloured in traditional Islamic symmetrical patterns.
    Machu Picchu – We solved the Aztec code and calculated totals.
    The Colosseum – We created our version out of spaghetti and Blu Tak
    Chichen Itsa – We created our own model using Lego
    Christ the Redeemer – We created our own statue out of plasticine.

    The children each had their own passport and got it stamped if they completed each activity. Thank you to those children who brought in Japanese biscuits and sweets to try, and to those who shared with us some beautiful traditional Swiss music. We also enjoyed learning some new facts about New Zealand!

    A well deserved, fun and thought -provoking day! :)

  • Bristol Zoo! picture8

    We had a ‘wild’ time at Bristol Zoo. The children (and Mrs Barrett) were very brave as they held a ‘giant hissing cockroach’!! They loved exploring the zoo and learning many new facts about the animals they came across. Ask your child all about our learning talk on ‘endangered animals and their habitats’. It really was a trip to remember!

  • We the Curious picture7

    Last week we had a great time at ‘We the Curious’ in Bristol. Whilst there, we took part in an enriching learning experience, learning all about ‘the water cycle’. The children also got to experience the 3D Planetarium. It was a great day!!

  • Expedition to Rodbrough Fort dscf2303

    As part of our topic Misty Mountain Sierras, we went on an expedition to one of the highest points in our area. Here are some photos of our fun!

  • Reward One - Animal Day animalday7

    WOW! What a fun day we have had celebrating our hard work. The children reached reward number one on their marble jar reward and decided they would like to have a day themed all around animals. The children came dressed as animals and also brought an animal toy in for the day. We had great fun creating our own animals out of plasticine and creating stop motion animations; they were amazing! We then sat down with a bowl of popcorn to watch ‘the secret life of pets’. In the afternoon, Vinny even joined in by dressing up as a flamingo for our PE session!! It was a great day and the children are now even more determined to reach reward number two!

  • Roman Topic Day topicday

    We had a great Topic day this week. The children looked fantastic in their outfits! Throughout the day we created Celtic knots, erupting volcanoes and even attempted our own mosaics!

  • Class Blog:

    • Maths dominoes

      This term in maths we are leaning about decimals including pounds and pence. As a challenge, Mrs Barrett set the children a dominoes task where they needed to use both new knowledge and previous knowledge about measures to help find the matching pairs. It was really fun!!

    • Homework in Quartz class

      Mrs Barrett and Mrs Allen are always proud of the children in Quartz class! Over the last few weeks, the children have been producing wonderful pieces of homework related to our class topic. Here are some pictures of a few pieces handed in this week. Keep it up Quartz class! The sharing of homework, on a Tuesday afternoon, is enjoyed by all and we always learn at least one new fact that we didn’t know before.

    • It's a boy!!

      This week all members of Quartz class were excited to hear the wonderful news of a new royal baby. We decided we wanted to send on our congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The children have spent some time creating cards and notes to send on.

    • 99 Club

      Well done to all the children who have received a certificate for completing their current 99 club. Keep it up!

    • Quartz class reading challenge!

      WOW! Mrs Ward, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Allen are so proud of the children in Quartz class and their reading. This week we had an amazing 11 awards to give out for children progressing on our reading chart. Well done and keep it up!!

    • 99 club certificates

      During the 99 club session, the children have to answer a set amount of questions in 10 minutes. If they are on ‘the challenge’, then they need to answer a set amount of questions in 4 and a half minutes. Well done to all the children who moved onto the next club this week.

    • 500 Word story challenge!!

      Mrs Barrett and Mrs Allen are so proud of all the children who entered this years 500 word story challenge.

      We are extremely excited to announce that a member of Quartz class has made it through to the next round.

      Fingers crossed. Well done :)

    • First week back!

      What a busy week we have had already. We have immersed ourselves in our new topic ‘scream machine’ and Literacy book ‘The boy who swam with piranhas’. The children enjoyed looking closely at fish and drawing them as accurately as possible. They have also enjoyed going on a few theme park rides. Have a look at our gallery on the side to see what happened. The children will be bringing home a letter for our class trip this term to ‘Giffords circus’.

    • Mountain presentation afternoon

      Thank you to all those parents who were able to join us this week for our mountain presentations. I am sure you will all agree that they were fantastic and a great showcase of how much the children have learnt over the last couple of terms. Mrs Barrett and Mrs Allen are very proud of all the children! There was only one vote between first and second place! The winning team was Team 1!! Well done :)

    • Letter 22.03.19 World Fun Day

      Please see letter attached about World Fun Day.

      Thank you.

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