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  • Sunshine's first few weeks of Forest School dsc00753

    The kids have settled in well at Forest School and are getting used to changing into waterproofs and making the site their own!

  • Sunshine's first few weeks of Forest School

    The kids have settled in well at Forest School and are getting used to changing into waterproofs and making the site their own!

  • Rainbow Class Enjoying Autumn rainbowblackberrywritingandpulleys

    It was wonderful watching several of Rainbow work out how they wanted to lift a log over a high branch safely. They worked together to tie rope around the log and then heaved together to lift it up over the tree branch. Well done to them for their perseverance. Rainbow kids have also been creating blackberry ink, leaf pictures of animals and harvest crowns as well as sanding and drilling wooden discs.

  • Autumnal Amber Adventures amberapplecooking2

    We’ve had a good start to Forest School with each group enjoying time at base camp and at the Heavens. Our sessions have included experimenting with lifting heavy logs, searching for fossils and setting up a museum collection, baking apples on a campfire and using a flint and steel. I hope you enjoy the photos!

  • Autumnal Amber Adventures

    We’ve had a good start to Forest School with each group enjoying time at base camp and at the Heavens. Our sessions have included experimenting with lifting heavy logs, searching for fossils and setting up a museum collection, baking apples on a campfire and using a flint and steel. I hope you enjoy the photos!

  • Rainbow Summer Adventures paintingwithnaturalmaterials

    It’s been such a wonderful term and the children have given so much to their Forest School sessions. It’s been great to watch them persevere to get sparks with the flint and steel, or embrace the opportunity to walk barefoot on different textures, or discover which natural materials make the best paintbrushes. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the class all year and I wish them well for their next adventure.

  • Amber 'Rewild' dsc00487

    What a great time we all had in the Heavens today! The children had designed and built rafts in class and had the chance to see if they floated or sank! With little water left in the stream they had to make a pool first by careful damming. They climbed a waterfall with Miss Smart, made clay sculptures, played in the water and the woods, used the rope swing and played games. So great to see them all having so much fun and what a treat to have such a stretch of time to play outside.

  • Amber Make Maps and Follow a Rope Trail pizap.com15002345028821

    Amber children had the chance to make 3D maps of base camp using natural materials. We also had some magical lands and a wonderful ‘Dreamland’. They were also able to follow a rope trail with their eyes closed… what could they notice with their other senses?

    It’s been wonderful seeing where their imaginations have led them over this past year. I hope you all have a wonderful Summer holiday.

  • Summer Sunshine Forest School pizap.com14989455404161

    Sunshine have been performing on their outdoor stage, making bubble mix and blowing bubbles (spheres!), creating geometric patterns with yarn, following a rope trail through the camp with their eyes shut and making a camouflage net.

  • Rainbow Forest School Adventures pizaprainbowgroup1

    In recent weeks Rainbow have had various challenges. Could they close their eyes and follow a rope trail through the site? What did they notice using senses other than sight? Could they balance 14 nails on a nail head, or make geometric patterns using yarn woven around nails banged into a log? They have also had fun using the Forest School stage… re-enacting the Three Little Pigs and Beauty and the Beast. Wonderful performances!

  • Amber Forest School Showtime! amberperformances

    What a great start to this last half term of the school year: Fire, marshmallows, concocting elderflower cordial, practising Timber Hitches, Clove Hitches, Roundy-Rounds and Two Half Hitches, Shear Lashings, perfecting ridge-lines and generally getting muddy. Over the last couple of weeks the children have been putting on their own plays in the woods. We’ve had wonderful plays, sound effects, props, face paint, comedic performances, rock bands, and improvisation!

  • Rainbow at Forest School pizap.com14958044915451

    Inspired by the story of ‘Stone Soup’ the children have designed 2D houses out of found materials and created some soup of their own. They’ve also built a willow den, birds nests, planted runner beans and potatoes, made butterflies after watching how colour separates and sorted minibeasts.

  • Adventures with Amber pizap.com14958036517961

    Among other things the kids have been making sculptures, pond dipping in the stream, climbing trees, ‘abseiling’, adventuring, making playgrounds, finding fossils … and a skull!

  • Biodegradable Sculpture Trail img_20170331_112152

    I hope some of you made it down to Sladebank Woods and the ‘green lane’ for the sculpture trail. It was a lovely event that included the work of several classes. Adventurine created Papier Mache sculptures, Amber made mobiles, Quartz made their creations directly in the woods, Rainbow threaded popcorn to make tree hangings that benefited the birds and Sunshine sculpted clay creatures. We had a wonderful morning in the woods with children from Severn View Academy. Thank you to Martin Jakes from Sladebank Woods and Mr Scott who organised the event.

  • Summer Sunshine img_20170512_095704

    Much fun had at Forest School this term. From colour separation filter paper butterflies to using the story of ‘Stone Soup’ to inspire 2D house building, village decorating and soup mixing it’s been wonderful watching the children grow in confidence and have ownership of their site.

  • Amber in the Woods 166

    Amber kids have filled their session times with a variety of different activities ranging from measuring trees the Native American way and playing mini-beast Top Trumps to creating sculptures, eating popcorn cooked on the fire, forming creatures out of clay, designing fairy playgrounds and hunting for hidden pottery in the Heavens. They have bucket loads of imagination and are always full of ideas as to what they would like to do. If you scroll down the albums you’ll see information about the biodegradable sculpture trail they have made mobiles for.

  • Rainbow Rangers 192

    Rainbow have been busy these last couple of months at Forest School. The yarn strung up between the trees was an exciting obstacle course consisting of ‘laser beams’ they couldn’t touch. They have also created a bird feeder tree, made flags in extreme wind and continued their love of balancing games with the tyres. Some children have also helped to strengthen the willow tunnel by planting willow whilst others have planted rosemary cuttings.

  • Sunshine Forest School rimg0109

    As well as creating clay creatures for the sculpture trail, the children have been making music in the rain, stacking tyres, creating habitats, exploring mini-beasts, creating mud feasts as well as their own crazy games!

  • Mobile Makers, Clay Creatures, Popcorn Threaders! img_20170327_134848

    Kids from Amber, Rainbow and Sunshine have been creating biodegradable sculptures for the biodegradable sculpture trail at Sladebank Woods this weekend. Rainbow’s popcorn feeders and Sunshine’s clay creatures will adorn the Green Lane between Middle Street and Chapel Street,and Amber’s mobiles will be hung up in the woods behind Summer Crescent. Year 4 will be decorating the woods with their sculptures on Friday along with a class from Severn View as part of a community art project! Do go along and have a look on Saturday if you can.

  • Amber go to the Heavens! 082

    We have had a wonderful couple of sessions in the Heavens in a new base camp. The first group had a beautiful frosty day, but the rain didn’t damper the spirits of the second group – fun was had with the mud, mud, mud!

  • Hot Choc for Sunshine 120

    Sunshine kids had a session on fire safety and using the kelly kettle for the last session of term. They enjoyed their hot chocolate, stories and songs!

  • Marshmallows around the Fire with Rainbow firerainbow

    Rainbow group enjoyed a fire, hot chocolate and marshmallows for their last session of the term. The kids also had a go at using the flint!

  • Tarp shelters with Amber Forest School 009

    On a extremely rainy day Amber class kids were challenged with constructing tarp shelters to keep themselves dry. Some kids turned their shelters into homes, others turned them into water features. The other half of Amber had a much drier experience!

  • Sunshine in the Forest 285

    Sunshine kids have been enjoying making hedgehogs out of pinecones (thanks to the birds for donating a few peanuts for eyes!). Here are some pics of their creations as well as a couple of other pics of bulb planting and playing in a den that Amber kids built.

  • Rainbow Adventures in Forest School 261

    Pretend campfires, den building, bulb planting, using the saw and making tealight holders are a few of the things Rainbow children have done this half term so far.

  • Amber Forest School Bugs and Saws 271

    Since half term Amber kids have had the option to use tools such as saws, drills and secateurs to create a bug hotel. First guests arriving soon! Picture of bug hotel to follow. In the meantime, here are some kids sawing.

  • Sunshine Forest School! 028

    The children have enjoyed getting to know their Forest School site. They are very enthusiastic bug hunters! They have also played listening games, used clay to create faces on trees, made elf houses, planted seeds and fed the birds.

  • Rainbow Forest School! 003

    Here are some photographs from the first half term. We’ve enjoyed so many fun activities including using clay, making blackberry wood-stain, creating homes for small mammals, playing listening games, hammering out leaf prints, and using found objects to create creatures.

  • Amber Forest School! 038

    Each group has had one session onsite and two offsite so far this year. We’ve made blackberry wood-stain, built tall twig towers as high as we could to see if we could balance a raw egg on top, made mythical creatures out of found objects and told stories about them,and made broomsticks for Halloween!

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