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  • When you leave Mr Scott in charge of the class... woolymammoth

    …this is what happens!

  • Animal Adaptations To Survive col1

    This week we learnt all about how animals adapt to survive their environment with Tamsin from Stroud Valleys Project. We learnt about the hazards of migration, how hedgehogs hibernate and use natural materials as insulation, that hibernation in hot or dry weather is called ‘aestivation’ and much, much more.

  • Iron Age Day at Copsegrove Farm col1

    We had the most fabulous day at the farm with Kate & Martin. The children transformed into Celtic Warriors (complete with capes and blue face paint). They used maps to find their Celtic Kit, built roundhouses, improved their fire lighting skills, cooked on an open fire and tried their hand at wattle and daub.

  • Playing With Our Buddies col1

    Today, instead of reading, we let our Buddies show us old Year 6 children how to play!

  • The Great Emerald Class Bake Off 2017 cake3

    What a fantastic and delicious day! The children really impressed us with their skills, not only did they look and taste great, some of the children worked together and showed collaborative skills. Each entry had positive qualities. I was particularity pleased with how articulate the children were talking to adults about their hard efforts. That said…I don’t want to eat another cake for a long time…you can have too much of a good thing!

  • Stone Age bone1

    This term Emerald Class have been learning about the Stone Age. We have foraged for food and cooked and eaten berries and nettles, cooked bone marrow on a fire (which we lit using flint) and ate it (the children loved it) and went to the Museum in the Park to learn more about Stone Age fossils.

  • Year 6 and Reception Buddies buddy2

    Every Friday the Year 6 children ‘buddy up’ with their Reception ‘buddy’, it is a a great opportunity for the older children to read to the younger children and talk about books. I feel very proud when I look at them and see how nurturing and caring they are, what great role models.

  • The Play Pod has arrived... col1

    …and what a lot of fun it is! The children have loved using their imaginations, getting dressed up and just having fun.

  • Class Blog:

    • Haka video

      Please practise the words and movements at home.

    • Stone Age Village

      This afternoon with Mr Scott Emerald Class made a Stone Age Village.

    • This week our buddies came to Emerald Class

      We read to them and the older children loved revisiting all the books they used to love.

    • This term we have been reading...

      …’Wolf Brother’ by Michelle Pavour is the book Mrs N-G reads at the end of the day and ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar is our class book that we all read together, out loud.

    • Harvest 2017

      The children’s last Harvest at Stroud Valley School.

    • Foraging in The Heavens

      Thank you Rosie Bear for your sketch of me slipping in the mud, I’m sorry I grabbed you as I started to fall!

    • Cave Cake

      Look what these ladies created for their Stone Age homework - a cave cake. It looked fabulous and tasted delicious, a great effort ladies.

    • Emerald class go foraging at the heavens

      On Friday 15th we collected blackberries, sloes , nettles ,hazel nuts,cooking apples,rosemary and elderberries.On Monday we’re cooking the foraged food. George C got stuck in the mud and Mrs N G slipped in poo! By Sam and Kody

    • Emerald Class 2017/18

      Welcome back, here we all are smiling and ready for Year 6.

    • Tribal Art with Tracy and Hannah

      At the start of term we agreed we were a tribe, ‘Emerald Tribe. We wrote ‘Tribal Values’ that we will abide by this year and were lucky enough to have Tracy & Hannah spend time with us to create our own tribal patterns on a photo of ourselves.

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