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  • Spreading love, understanding and positivity...

    Inspired by Ed Sheeran’s new song ‘What do I Know’, Emerald class set about promoting kindness within our class, school, home and the wider community. We decided we could have a huge impact on the world around us by simply spreading a little kindness wherever we go.

    What have you done today to pass on some positivity?

  • World Book Day Maths!

    Maths from a book? Of course, maths can be found anywhere! Our challenge was to solve The Rabbit Problem. In this book, The Rabbit Problem, it set out a number of sequence challenges which required us to work logically and communicate our ideas within a group. We discovered the Fibonacci Sequence and worked out the rule to continue the sequence…we could have gone on forever!

  • We become the teacher...

    As part of our challenges in maths, we have been showing and explaining our ideas to the class.

  • Chocolate Problems!

    We have worked as a team of mathematicians today to use algebra to solve a chocolaty problem. Each team worked hard together to discuss, represent and find the solution. We represented parts of the problem using the ‘Bar Model’ and wrote equations to match before calculating with formal methods. It was a little tricky at times but we persevered and all succeeded!

  • Emerald class go to @Bristol (By Eva, Viv, George & Ethan)

    We went to find out about ‘Tame the swarm’, which is a type of robotics - we actually played with real robots! We didn’t just see the robots though, we explored most of the exhibits. Viv said: ‘there were loads of interesting, hands on things to do instead of just looking and not being allowed to touch. It’s educational and fun at the same time: a brilliant mix of pleasure and learning.’ Fraser’s favourite things were the bubbles: ‘you could make massive bubbles and go inside them.’ Rosa said she enjoyed the shadow freezer. ‘If you got the timing right you could jump and after you can see your shadow in the air. It was cool because when you moved away your shadow was still there!’ Everybody really enjoyed it and said they would gladly visit again.

  • Some extracts from our next chapters of The View...

    Pain surged like a flash through Tristan’s body. Where was he? Lights popped in front of his eyes as he became accustomed to the endless darkness. Voices started to whisper all around Tristan: they were all male, accepted two. Two of the men held flame torches (that seemed to have been lit for a very long time, fifty, maybe sixty years). By Meggie.

    Nothing: Tristan could see nothing. An inky black darkness surrounded his small, tense body. Tristan realized that somehow his old life has ended and a new one was about to begin. It was an adventure that would take him across time… but how long would it take him? By Aaron.

    Tristan could smell the sweet nectar: silky sweet like candy floss. He could see the lemon yellow nectar blowing in the breeze. Anxiously he jumped, hearing a scream coming from the direction of the city dump. The light was fading, he could see colours (like the rainbow) swirling in the sky. By Paisley.

    1945, Japan, Hiroshima. My eyes flickered open, my ears focused in on the sound of violins, I heard the shriek of a bomb as it came whistling down to earth, revolving as it went. By Nyle.

  • The Viewer By Meggie and Paisley

    At school, our class have been reading a book called The Viewer by Gary Crew and Shaun Tan. It is about a boy called Tristan and his favourite place is the city dump. He discovers a peculiar box which changes his world forever. The class have been writing the next chapter in the story. The chapters are themed on our topic (Tomorrow’s World). We found the book well written and descriptive. Although it was a little creepy and dark in places, we still enjoyed the plot and the incredibly detailed illustrations. We would recommend this book to others!

  • Farm Fun Day!

    On Thursday 17th of September, Emerald class went to Copesgrove farm in Bisley. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed all of the activities. Also, we made scrumptious, melting in the mouth, ‘smores’ out of digestives biscuits and marshmallows, (they were very delicious). The trip was very a-moo-sing and udder-ly brilliant.

  • Allotment of Fun...

    As part of our learning about our topic ‘Allotments,‘we were lucky enough to visit the allotments on Spider Lane. Mr Scott led us to many plots and we learned many new things. We even got to taste some of the produce!

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