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  • Visit from David Drew daviddrew

    Earlier in the year some of the children wrote to David Drew MP about the issue of plastic pollution. Not only did he write back but he also visited us to answer questions. He even got involved in our fire drill!

  • National Space Centre Trip space2

    What a day! We had an amazing time in Leicester. The centre was mind blowing: original parts of space rockets, astronaut suits, ‘life in space workshop’ and much, much more. Here are just a few pictures.

  • The Marines Have Landed marines1

    We are extremely fortunate to have the Marines visit us every week. They have talked about setting SMART goals, working as a team and improving our mental and physical health. This week we learnt about DRAB: Danger Response Airways Breathing – first aid. The children were very mature and responsible and rose to the challenge of showing what they had learnt.

  • The Hoodies Have Arrived. dsc00600

    A MASSIVE thank you to Gudi & Hayley for all their hard work in getting the Y6’s their hoodies – they look great – I particularly like mine!

  • Sports Day 2018 col2

    Here are a few pictures of Year 6’s last sports day at Stroud Valley.

  • Day 3 of Res col444

    Here is what we have been doing today. See you all tomorrow, you will have tired children! Good luck emptying their bags, hold your breath – it’s been a hot and sweaty few days!

  • That 20 minutes until dinner time col1

    Play sleeping lions! I haven’t seen the children that still all week!

  • Swimming & lots more swimcol

    This after noon & evening we all went swimming and had great fun on the water slides. Then it waas 10 pin bowling and games

  • Res Day 2 saktingcol1

    The sun is still shining. Today we have been curling, printed t-shirts, played adventure golf and been ice skating. Just off swimming now then 10 pin bowling – exhausting but great fun.

  • Roller Disco col5
  • Day 1 of Res col1

    The weather is glorious! So far we have played cray golf, archery. dodgeball, a moving climbing wall, ate a lot! Now we are off to a roller disco.

  • Plastic Not So Fantastic Update imgid149903183.jpg.gallery

    The children have been delighted to receive responses to their persuasive letters, thank you to The Crown & Sceptre, Milanos, Waitrose, Ecotricity and David Drew. Both Waitrose and David Drew asked to meet the children so that they could discuss the important issue in more depth, so this is being arranged. We are also using paper bags at our cake sales. Here is the link for the article & film in the SNJ.

  • Mixing Mocktails ratio1

    In maths today we used our ratio skills to mix mocktails; we had to explain the different juices in terms of ratios, percentages and fractions.

  • Day of the Dead Masks masks1

    Here are our masks, thank you Mr Scott.

  • Now Wash Your Hands (& the furniture)! breadgerms1

    It’s been just over 2 weeks & the results are quite disgusting. The bread that was rubbed on the children’s chairs & tables had the most mould growth on.

  • Circuits with Kick Off Stroud circuit1

    We have been pushing ourselves this week with circuits. We had 45 seconds per activity and will do the same again next week to see if we can improve our scores.

  • What we've been doing pots2018

    We have been enjoying a new picture book ‘The Viewer’. In science we have been investigating bacteria using slices of bread that have been handled by every child/by one child/using clean gloves/wiped on the tables and now we are waiting to see what microbes develop! We have also planted potatoes inside the classroom and outside and will make predictions about their growth. A Busy week!

  • World Book Day 2018 dsc04158

    This year, the children (and parents) made an incredible effort with an amazing array of costumes. We held a’Book in a Jar’ competition. The entries were so imaginative, and a child from each class won a book token. All week ‘Shelfies’ had been displayed around school (photographs of members of staff’s bookshelves), and the children had to guess who they belonged to. We revealed the owners in assembly. A great day celebrating the joy of books.

  • Extreme Frisbee col1pe

    This term Vinnie is teaching us ‘extreme frisbee’. We played indoors this week due to the cold weather. We learnt to stand with our hands up in the crab position ready to catch. We played ‘frisbee golf’ to help improve our aiming and throwing (and it was a lot of fun).

  • plastic not so fantastic img_7765

    In literacy we are improving our persuasive writing skills. We have been researching the devastating effect of plastic pollution in our oceans and seas and asking ourselves what can we do to make a positive change. As a class we are going to reduce our use of plastic and we are writing to local businesses to persuade them to reduce plastic use (especially single-use like straws and takeaway containers). Some of the children have already finished and delivered their letters, we will keep you posted with any developments.

  • First Week Back mex1

    This term our is topic is ‘Hola Mexico’. We also have a new map of the world which the children are enjoying looking at and talking about and catching up on ‘First News’.

  • Christmas 2017 xmas2

    On the last day of term Emerald Class had a party. Mrs D-B & Mrs Howard made delicious cakes & Mrs N-G mixed mocktails.

  • Happy Christmas

    Have a lovely holiday.

  • Darwin's Finches & The Theory of Evolution 1

    In science we learnt about Charles Darwin – on his visit to the Galapagos Islands he discovered several species of finches that varied from island to island, this helped him to develop his theory of natural selection. We had different ‘beaks’ (cocktail sticks, pegs, tweezers, chopsticks) and had to predict which would be most suited to pick up different ‘foods’.

  • How Fossils Are Formed 1

    The children have started to present their science homework – how fossils are formed.

  • It's fun getting a letter! letter1

    Last week we received letters from our buddies inviting us to watch their Nativity. We loved reading them and looking at the pictures they had drawn. We wrote back to the and watched them on Monday – what a great job they did.

  • When you leave Mr Scott in charge of the class... woolymammoth

    …this is what happens!

  • Animal Adaptations To Survive col1

    This week we learnt all about how animals adapt to survive their environment with Tamsin from Stroud Valleys Project. We learnt about the hazards of migration, how hedgehogs hibernate and use natural materials as insulation, that hibernation in hot or dry weather is called ‘aestivation’ and much, much more.

  • Iron Age Day at Copsegrove Farm col1

    We had the most fabulous day at the farm with Kate & Martin. The children transformed into Celtic Warriors (complete with capes and blue face paint). They used maps to find their Celtic Kit, built roundhouses, improved their fire lighting skills, cooked on an open fire and tried their hand at wattle and daub.

  • Playing With Our Buddies col1

    Today, instead of reading, we let our Buddies show us old Year 6 children how to play!

  • The Great Emerald Class Bake Off 2017 cake3

    What a fantastic and delicious day! The children really impressed us with their skills, not only did they look and taste great, some of the children worked together and showed collaborative skills. Each entry had positive qualities. I was particularity pleased with how articulate the children were talking to adults about their hard efforts. That said…I don’t want to eat another cake for a long time…you can have too much of a good thing!

  • Stone Age bone1

    This term Emerald Class have been learning about the Stone Age. We have foraged for food and cooked and eaten berries and nettles, cooked bone marrow on a fire (which we lit using flint) and ate it (the children loved it) and went to the Museum in the Park to learn more about Stone Age fossils.

  • Year 6 and Reception Buddies buddy2

    Every Friday the Year 6 children ‘buddy up’ with their Reception ‘buddy’, it is a a great opportunity for the older children to read to the younger children and talk about books. I feel very proud when I look at them and see how nurturing and caring they are, what great role models.

  • The Play Pod has arrived... col1

    …and what a lot of fun it is! The children have loved using their imaginations, getting dressed up and just having fun.

  • Class Blog:

    • Marines Sessions

      We are having a great time with the marines, we have been improving our observational skills and speaking and listening as well as our fitness.

    • SATs Week

      The children have worked incredibly hard all year and will sit their SATs tests this week. After all that hard work they will be spending Friday out in the sunshine for games and ice cream.

    • How Our Words Impact Others

      In PSHE last term the children wrote (anonymously) examples of what others had said to them; both positive and negative. This created a great discussion with very thoughtful contributions. On the left are the negative comments and how they tear you apart and how you can feel whole when those comments are positive.

    • Discovering Pi

      In maths this week we have been investigating Pi.

    • Spellings

      To be tested Monday 16th April 2018.

    • Spellings

      to be tested Monday 26th March 2018

    • Spellings

      To be tested on Monday 19th March 2018.

    • Spellings

      To be tested Monday 12th March 2018.

    • Spellings

      To be tested on Monday 5th March 2018.

    • spellings

      To be tested Monday 26th February 2018

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