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  • Friendship dsc02415
  • Friendship

    Today we spent the afternoon learning about what makes a good friend. We discussed what makes a good friend and if the children thought they were a good friend. We decided that one of the most important qualities of a friend was to be funny so we played some games to make each other laugh. We also ‘grew’ the perfect friend in our test tubes. We all promised that we would work hard to be good friends to everyone in school.

  • Jack and the Beanstalk dsc02248

    For the last few weeks Diamond class have been learning how to write play scripts. They have been taught about the importance of stage directions and interesting dialogue. The children wrote their own versions of Jack and the Beanstalk. The class were then split into four groups to create a play to perform to Sunshine and Rainbow class. Diamond class worked hard all week to learn their lines and make the props that they needed. The children all came together Friday morning to watch the performances in the wonderful sunshine. Thank you to Sunshine and Rainbow class for being such a lovely audience.

  • Gloucester climbing wall dsc02087

    On Thursday 4th April the Year 4’s went on an overnight stay to Gloucester climbing wall. Despite the torrential rain and hail the Year 4’s were all in high spirits and had a great time. We had a go at rock climbing and bouldering before having pizza and garlic bread for dinner. The children all enjoyed having a massive sleepover followed by caving in the morning. We then headed back to school in time for the Easter holidays!

  • Completed Bridges dsc02076

    Over the final week of term Diamond class took some time to complete our bridges. The children quickly realised how tricky some of their designs were and rethought their structure. We had some measuring issues which made some bridges a little wonk. However, all the children thoroughly enjoyed using the saws and seeing their designs come together. See if you can spot the Severn Bridge amongst our pictures!

  • Bridges dsc02021

    Over the last few weeks Diamond class have been designing the perfect bridge for a village that has a river running through the middle. We have been looking at what makes a good bridge and what doesn’t. We have enjoyed looking at all the weird and wonderful bridges from across the world. Once we had decided on the best design for our bridge we practise using saws safely. The children learnt how important it is to measure correctly to ensure our wood isn’t wonky. Next week Diamond class will begin to make their bridges.

  • Chinese New Year dsc01810

    This week Diamond class have celebrated Chinese New Year. We had a fantastic day full of Tai Chi, calligraphy, fan dancing and food tasting. The children all enjoying learning to speak Chinese and can now say hello and count to ten. Everyone loved having a try of our fantastic home-made spring rolls and had fun practicing eating with chop sticks. Happy year of the Pig!

  • Teeth dsc00128

    This term our topic is burps, bottoms and bile. To start off our topic we have been learning about the the names and functions of teeth. The children then looked at what teeth they had and what teeth they have lost. We will be learning all about how to keep our teeth healthy.

  • Roman Day dsc01786

    This term Diamond class have been learning all about the Romans. To celebrate the end of our topic Diamond and Quartz class came together for a Roman day. The children dressed up and were involved in making Celtic knots and creating their own version of Mount Vesuvius, we then used vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to see if we could make our volcanoes erupt. We had a fantastic day and it was a great way to finish our topic that we have all enjoyed!!

  • The Nowhere Emporium dsc01719

    The Nowhere Emporium is open for business. Bring your imagination.

    Diamond class were all very excited to start their new class book. We have already read chapter one and the children are excited to read what will happen. Before being gifted the book the children looked at just the front cover to see if we could see any clues about the book, the children were intrigued to learn that there were two front covers with this book. Miss Haines has created a beautiful book display for the children to fill with their wonderful work. Let’s see where the Nowhere Emporium will take us over the next half term.

  • The Christmas Truce dsc01690

    Today the whole school came together to mark 100 year since WW1 ended. The children reenacted the Christmas Truce, and taught the school all about where the different battles took place. We have spent the week learning all about the war and what life was like in the trenches. We wrote letters about ‘going over the top’ and have made poppies. We have also discussed how the impact of the war can still be felt today. The children have all worked really hard this week.

  • Corinium museum dsc01658

    Diamond class had a great time at the Corinium museum learning all about how the Romans invaded Britain and how Cirencester was the second largest Roman city. We traveled back to the age of Romans and played knuckle bones and dressed up in Roman clothes. Some of us were Roman farmers or Government officials. We learnt about the food that the Romans bought to Britain and how they protected their land. We then got to look around the museum. A great day!

  • Class Blog:

    • Year 3/4 spellings

      These are the spellings that we have been concentrating on this year, we are trying to encourage children to use them within their writing!

    • BBC 500 words writing challenge

      Well done to all the children who entered the BBC 500 word writing challenge. It was great to see lots of children engaged in the challenge and creating wonderful stories. We will know in April if anyone has been shortlisted!

    • Spellings for Monday 4th February

      Miss Haines/ Mrs Bartlett’s spelling group: Night, tried, ride, fly, smell, put.

      Mrs Wakefield’s spelling group: Basically, frantically, comically, energetically, scientifically, terrifically, enthusiastically, perhaps, promise, purpose.

      Miss Nesbitt’s spelling group: Scheme, chorus, chemist, echo, ache, mechanic, stomach, chaos, anchor, character

    • Spellings

      To be tested on 28th January

      Miss Haines’ spelling group: See Meet each happy twist school

      Mrs Wakefield’s spelling group:

      Gently Simply Humbly Sensibly Horribly Possibly Terribly Responsibly Probably Woman

      Miss Nesbitt’s spelling group:

      Measure Treasure Pleasure Picture Creature Enclosure Nature Furniture Adventure Capture

    • 2 digit multiplied by one digit

      Last week Diamond class were learning how to multiply 2 digits by 1 digits. The class used the grid method and short multiplication for these questions. Ask your children which method they preferred and let them teach you how to use these methods. Keep practicing :)

    • Stratford park

      Look at this amazing birds nest our class made today!! Diamond class had a great morning walking around Stroud looking at animal habitats. We discussed what animals need to survive and why they choose to build their homes in particular places. Miss Nesbitt then challenged the class to build their own animal homes. It was brilliant to see the children working together and thinking about what they would need in their homes. We are looking forward to writing our animal fact files.

    • Problem solving

      Have a go at our problem solving involving money!! Try and use some real money to make the question easier.

    • Diamond treat day

      Please remember that Diamond class will be having their treat day Thursday 20th December- children are to bring in a toy!

    • Topic day letter for Quartz and Diamond class

      Your child should bring home a letter this week explaining all about our Topic day taking place next Wednesday!

    • Flowers

      This term we have been learning about flowers and plants in science. The children have learnt all about how flowers adapt to survive, how plants grow and spread their seeds and all about photosynthesis. The children have used their scientific knowledge to make some beautiful art in the style of flowers. Some of the children took inspiration from Monet.

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