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  • Stem Club - Umbrellas umb1

    Mrs Golding & Mrs N-G think this was the best week yet: new collaborations (very impressed with KS2 wanting to team up with KS1), loads of fantastic ideas and talking about how to problem solve and refining of designs. This week they had to make an umbrella out of straws, sticky tape, newspaper & a plastic bag.

  • Stem Club zipwire1

    This week the children had to get a lego figure from the top playground to the bottom one using only string and two paperclips. Some brilliant zip wires were created and one group even managed to bring the figure back again.

  • Stem Club col1

    Great fun and lots of reflecting & trying again and again. This week they had to build the tallest tower they could using only newspaper and masking tape, the tower had to hold a tennis ball.

  • STEM Club col1

    The children had to work out how to hover a foil ball using a straw and a paper cone.

  • Infant Film Club filmcluboct2018

    Every Tuesday we get together to watch a film ordered from Into Film. Once we’ve shared out the popcorn and fruit we settle down to watch. Sometimes we find them funny, sad, scary, funny or a combination of everything! This week we watched a Japanese animation called “My Neighbour Totoro” and although we’ve not quite finished watching it we’ve given it a review of 5* out of 5!

  • STEM Club Week 1 stem1

    Our first STEM club was a great success – we inflated balloons without using the air in our lungs. We used plastic bottles, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

  • Scones or scones dsci6284

    Having mastered the art of pastry making by rubbing flour and butter together we moved onto scones. Measuring in ml accurately was a problem but we got there in the end! Delicious :)

  • Infant Board Games boardgamesclub001
  • golden time at forest school dsci2648

    We were really lucky to have Zoe come and light the campfire for Golden time. Hot Choc and popping corn. Yummy.

  • The last cookery dsci1008

    It was the last cookery of term and to show off our skills we cooked a full meal and had pudding. We had such a lovely time and chatted as we ate.

  • Infant Craft Club craftclub20.09.16006

    Our Infant Craft Club involves designing, painting, cutting, sticking, weaving, printing – in fact anything crafty you can think of!

  • Cracking eggs!! dscf7802

    I said “in the bowl!?”

  • Cookery 036

    Today we made rainbow kebabs. Can you think of which fruit we used for the different colours? We have learnt to use sharp knives and peelers. at the end we tasted the left over fruit and found out we liked some fruit we didn’t know.

  • Games Club dsc04308

    We have a fantastic time playing games with Miss Sleep. It is lots of fun and we enjoy spending time with Miss Sleep as well as playing with different people and making new friends. It also allows us to learn strategies and take turns in a brilliant and exciting way.

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