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  • The latest

    Here’s this week’s Good Stuff:

    • Someone is always nice to me and doesn’t leave me out (anonymous).
    • Halle helped me think of an idea for my website design (Lauren).
    • Best Day in science!
    • In maths, I didn’t know what to do and then Maggie helped me out (Kezia).

  • During this week of extreme weather, here are the great things that have happened to us:

    • Next Monday, I am in the football match against Park Junior (Fin AC).
    • Someone was really nice to me and wanted to sit by me and care about me (by P).
    • Today in maths, I got my name moved up and 3 raffle tickets for getting all my work right and for concentrating (Halle).
    • I was scared of Storm Doris but Mrs Howard helped me get over it (Camron).
    • Kezzie is the best friend that anyone could have (Maggie).
    • Me and Billy got hurt but Persia looked after us (Lauren).

  • This week's great stuff:

    • Alice came over to me and let me play with her.
    • We have seen an amazing piece of artwork that Maya made using acrylic paint.
    • I got to tell my friends what was worrying me and now I’m feeling better.
    • I was stuck and Halle helped me.
    • I fell over and someone helped me up.
    • I got Star of the Week! Rosie M.
    • This Monday, we went on a brilliant school trip to @Bristol where we looked at robots, made speedy bread and milled flour.
    • Ice cream!

  • Aventurine Good Stuff!

    Welcome to Aventurine’s new class blog. This is the place where we will be posting all the good stuff that happens to us in our time at school. Here goes for the first edition:

    • Last week, my handwriting was awsome! Fin A-C
    • We’ve all been to Archway to watch Bugsy Malone- it was awesome especially the parts with the splurge-guns. by Camron and Grace.
    • Biscuits!
    • Last week I was quite upset but my friends Billy and Halle looked after me.
    • In maths someone was really thoughtful and made my day and also didn’t leave me out. By Persia.
    • Today I was fouled in football and cut myself. Daniel got me some tissues. By Sam.

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