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  • School Disco

    On Thursday we had so much fun dancing and singing along to the music at the school disco. We all thank the PTFA for organizing it for us. It was also plastic free which made it even better than before.

  • Blood Smoothies pizap.com15615596301691

    We have been looking at blood and why our bodies need it. We made ‘blood’ smoothies by adding red blood cells (raspberries), white blood cells (marshmallows), platelets (sprinkles) and plasma (pineapple juice) and blending them all together. Cheers!

  • Cheddar Gorge pizap.com15604221959291
  • Cheddar Gorge
  • Year 5 Camping at Redwood 1

    At the end of last term all the Year 5 children spent a fantastic two days and one night camping and having fun in the forest at Redwood, near Slimbridge. They learnt orienteering skills, built dens (and even a restaurant) in the forest, problem solved, meditated in the evening sun (beautiful), climbed trees and lots, lots more. We camped overnight in bell tents and our food came from a van that visited every day. The children were fantastic and really made the most of the experience.

  • The Twits Drama Workshop drama-1

    We had lots of fun re-enacting scenes from Roald Dahl’s The Twits as part of our Wold Book Day celebrations.

  • Bristol Zoo pizap.com15475450703491

    Our Darwin’s Delights’ topic has started with a real bang! We had the most wonderful experience at Bristol Zoo. Our session on adaptation was particularly interesting – we learnt so much.

  • Christmas Fun! dsc00033

    We invited parents to come into class to make, create and decorate – what a success it was!
    And there were Christmas games galore…

  • Space Trip dsc00202

    As part of this term’s topic Stargazing, Aventurine Class visited the Space Centre in
    Leicester. The children learnt the complexities in putting on a space suit and the endurance
    required to visit space. Video footage of astronauts, including Tim Peake featured in the
    day’s presentations. There were many interesting items that have been used in space that
    are exhibited in the Centre.
    Here are some of the children’s thoughts on the visit:
    ‘It was amazing, my favourite parts were the flight simulator and the laser pointer game’
    ‘the galleries were a place of wonder, and the simulator make it feel like I was actually
    ‘We learned loads about what life is like in zero gravity and that you have to wear an adult
    nappy to do your duties in!’.

  • Class Blog:

    • Hedgehog Hospital

      on Friday all the year fives from Aventurine , emerald and the whole of quarts went to the hedgehog hospital. We had fun seeing all the animals including hedgehogs, turkeys and pigs. We even got to see a baby hedgehog called Nelly.

    • Forest school

      This week our class went out to the forest school area and took part in some activities including making tripods and dens.

      We all had so much fun making the dens and sipping at the hot chocolate!

    • Tremors!

      Our topic Tremors is already proving to be exciting - Miya baked a volcano cake. The inside was multi-coloured and it tasted pretty good too!

    • World Book Day

      We had a wonderful day!

    • Wet Play

      This is what happens during wet play!

    • TT Rockstars Battle of the Bands

      Let battle commence!

    • Evolution and Inheritance

      In Science this week, we have been looking at the characteristics we inherit from our parents by studying the children of Mr Men and Little Misses! We have also been taking a closer look at nature using microscopes, as well as creating our own creatures with special adaptations for extreme environments.

    • Making Fire!

      As part of our activities led by the marines, we used flint and steel to create a spark which caught the cotton wool leading to a flame suitable to make a fire. A real skill needed if you find yourself stranded and in need of survival skills. An added extra was enjoying roasted marshmallows!

    • Palm Oil

      We are passionate about saving the Sumatran and Malaysian orangutans. Palm oil is here to stay but this doesn’t mean that the rainforest must be destroyed too. We hope our persuasive letters have an impact on the local supermarket managers. We must protect the ‘lungs of our planet’ and the habitat of orangutans!

    • World War I Poem

      We have been learning about the causes of World War I, and wrote this poem to perform in a special assembly on Friday to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.


      Gun, shot, A blood red spot, A life had been stolen. A murder, a kill, Everything was still, A shirt painted red. Assassination, Procrastination, The world on lockdown.

      Germany, Prussia, A hatred for Russia, Two rivals, face to face. A threat, a warning, Armies were forming. Like a flock of birds gathering. Invasion, attack, An awful comeback, A bullet ricocheted against a wall.

      Power, rule, A quest for the world’s jewel, A pack of power-hungry wolves. Europe, unsettled, People shooting metal, Bullets rained down from the sky. Soldiers, an army, Coming in like a tsunami. This was only the beginning.

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