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  • Palm Oil

    We are passionate about saving the Sumatran and Malaysian orangutans. Palm oil is here to stay but this doesn’t mean that the rainforest must be destroyed too. We hope our persuasive letters have an impact on the local supermarket managers. We must protect the ‘lungs of our planet’ and the habitat of orangutans!

  • World War I Poem

    We have been learning about the causes of World War I, and wrote this poem to perform in a special assembly on Friday to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.


    Gun, shot, A blood red spot, A life had been stolen. A murder, a kill, Everything was still, A shirt painted red. Assassination, Procrastination, The world on lockdown.

    Germany, Prussia, A hatred for Russia, Two rivals, face to face. A threat, a warning, Armies were forming. Like a flock of birds gathering. Invasion, attack, An awful comeback, A bullet ricocheted against a wall.

    Power, rule, A quest for the world’s jewel, A pack of power-hungry wolves. Europe, unsettled, People shooting metal, Bullets rained down from the sky. Soldiers, an army, Coming in like a tsunami. This was only the beginning.

  • Marines

    Every Monday the Marines come to Stroud Valley and give us exciting physical activities and help us to be active and healthy. In one session we worked as a team to build a copy of a Roman aqueduct which wasn’t ready until the last minute! We are also CPR experts now!

  • Stroud is Famous for its Mills

    We went on an exciting tour of the old mills of Stroud (known as the string of pearls) and learnt things like how the water rich environment enabled Stroud to become one of the worlds most productive wool producers.

  • We are Stargazers

    Our class has been looking up to the stars in the sky, exploring the planets like Jupiter and Neptune especially our solar system and the galaxies beyond. We have been completing exciting homework e.g. making a 3D display of our solar system. We are working hard to reach the stars and above. That’s right, our topic is STARGAZERS.

  • Aventurine Class


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