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  • Presents dsci8525

    What a surprise! presents for the children.

    A huge thank you to the PTFA

  • Christmas fun xmas

    Look what a lovely week we have had leading up to the holidays.

  • Christmas fun

    Look what a lovely week we have had leading up to the holidays.

  • Reverse Advent calendar reverseadvent

    A huge thank you for all the contributions to the Reverse Advent calendar. We have never recieved so many items. They will be going off to the Food Bank tomorrow.

  • Reverse Advent calendar

    A huge thank you for all the contributions to the Reverse Advent calendar. We have never recieved so many items. They will be going off to the Food Bank tomorrow.

  • Bed time story campfire

    What a fabulous evening we had when the children came back for bedtime story. Zoe did us proud, lighting the campfire and hanging fairy lights all around. Emily on violin and Poppy on guitar led our singing accompanied by Chris. Followed by hot chocolate and stories in our pjs. Thanks to all who helped.

  • craft fun dsci8413

    We has a lovely time making christmas decorations with family and friends.

  • Hanukkah dsci8410

    During the festival of Hanukkah families light the Menorah

    The menorah is a special candelabrum with 9 candles. Each day an additional candle is lit. The ninth candle is called a shamash. This candle is generally in the middle and set higher from the other 8 candles to separate it from the rest. It is the only candle that is supposed to be used for light.

  • Church imag1074002

    Last week we went to Church to hear the Christmas story. The children came up to be in the play and we sang carols. Then we looked at the tree festival.

  • Superheroes dsci8212

    This week we have been superheroes trying to stop the evil villian from making the children misbehave.

  • Scavenger hunt dsci8127

    As part of our word work this week in class we had a scavenger hunt. We had to find something rough, smooth, fuzzy, soft,straight and beautiful.
    On Thursday back in class we then thought of synonyms to match the things we found.
    It was such a lovely day.

  • Children in Need pudsel1

    On Wednesday we went for a ramble along the Heavens and down the stream. We wore spotty clother to help raise money for those in need.

  • Rememberance dsci7921

    For the 100th anniversary of the Armistice we thought about children in the war, interviewed Mrs Jefferies and found out about evacuees. Stroud History society sent us photos of the Infants who were at our school 100 years ago.

  • Museum museum2

    On Thursday we went to The Museum in the park. We found out about old toys, played old games and handled old toys wearing special gloves.

  • A new memory for our memory bag picnic2

    What a great end to the first term. We made our own lunches, packed our bags and teddies and headed out to Capel’s Mill.
    The picnic was perfect in the Autumn and the trail loved by all.

  • Andy Goldsworthy forest2

    What fantastic weather we have been having this term at Forest school. We have been out and about doing fun activities that have helped us learn more about adjectives. Feely bags of textured objects and lovely leaves. Look at the pictures of what we have done back at school.

  • bread making dsci7130

    In March the Foundation children planted wheat seeds in the forest school garden. The harvest was poor. The dry summer meant the ears didn’t develop but we were lucky enough to get some seeds from Copsegrove farm. On Wednesday we got to seperate the chaff from the seeds, handmill the seeds into a brown flour and make bread rolls which were delicious with butter when warm.

  • We went to Forest school forest1

    We went to Rodborough fields to pick blackberries. We rolled down the hills and played Pooh sticks. Crumble made ready to be eaten.

  • Class Blog:

    • Maths Games

      Playing games with dice is an excellent way to practise maths skills. In this game you have to throw a dice then cover a number which is one less. Its similar to four in a row. The children really enjoyed trying to beat more than one friend.

    • Phonics

      This week we held phonic talks across the 4 Infant classes. Thank you for your feedback. If you missed this session please pop in to chat to Karen Golding.

    • School Council Reps

      We have had a lovely first week back and been very busy. We have also held an election to vote for our school council reps. Well done everyone who stood to be voted for. The chosen two were Ruby and Raven.

    • Welcome Back

      Welcome to all our new families and children from the Amethyst team - Mrs Golding, Mrs Stening and Mrs Jefferies. We are looking forward to to a lovely autumn learning new things together. Don’t forget your forest school bags and PE kit.

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