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  • A sunny day in The Heavens (again) heaven2

    This week we visited The Heavens to test our boats to see if they would float or sink. We had to build a dam as there wasn’t much water! A very big thank you to Mrs Beaudro for giving us a such a great day.

  • Cotswold Wildlife Park col2

    The sun was shining, the animals were on top form and the children had an amazing day. Here is just a small selection of the photographs. Thank you Amber Class for a really wonderful end of school year trip.

  • Pond Dipping with Tamsin 1

    During the lovely sunny weather we went pond dipping with Tamsin. We had a wonderful morning and found newts, water boatmen and water snails to name but a few. The children also painted with watercolours, made fairy gardens and collected leaves and petals to make beetles. It was a beautiful morning.

  • FLOAT OR SINK? float2

    In science today we were honing our prediction skills. The children had to choose different objects and predict if they would float or sink. They then had to try and explain why it happened. Fortunately we were assisted by the very knowledgeable and every patient Mrs Baxter!

  • Ahoy, Pirates have landed in Amber Class pirate1
  • Potato Harvest potato

    We had to harvest our potatoes today and report the weight of them to the GYOP (Grow Your Own Potatoes). As soon as we dug them up they were washed and boiled by Miss Walker. They were delicious served with a little butter.

  • Emily Brown and The Thing thing1

    Amber Class have been creating their own ‘Thing’, writing character and setting descriptions and writing their own version of the story. They also crawled through a tunnel yesterday to choose equipment to help them in their story. Ask your child to explain!

  • Mini Beast Hunt bug1

    Yesterday we were lucky enough to have a visit from Tamsin from The Stroud Valleys Project, she took us on a mini beast hunt around the school. She gave us bug scoops(spoons) and magnifying pots. We found mini beasts and had to sort them by the number of legs. Tamsin is going to visit us again in May and we will go on another hunt and compare our results.

  • SVS Chicks chick3
  • Weekend Chick Update pizap.com14905423908811

    Archie is taking good care of the chicks and Mr Nicholls-Grey is quite taken with them! I keep checking the web cam but none of the other eggs have hatched.

  • Egg-citing Day egg1

    What a day! Here are just a few photographs of our new family.

  • Extreme Weather weather1

    Today we couldn’t take our eyes off the hatching chicks until…the hail outside caught our eye.

  • Jumps with Vinnie jump1

    This week in gymnastics the children have been continuing to learn about jumping; first off benches (remembering ’1,2,3,ski’) then off the trapeziums, they had to rotate around all the different heights. Mrs N-G was very impressed with how sensible they were and brave on the higher apparatus.

  • Fractions in Numeracy dolly

    Spotting a fraction on the sole of your shoe!

  • World Book Day 2017 col1

    All the children dressed up, well done. We acted out stories with props, finger puppets and our own imaginations.

  • Snow White pantomime pantocol1

    Here a just a few of of the fabulous photographs Toni Wickens took, they capture the children brilliantly.

  • Skipping Skills skip1

    Today we have been improving our skipping skills, remembering to turn the rope THEN jump!

  • Statistics col1

    We are learning all about statistics. We have been gathering data (favourite pizza, favourite book etc) and representing it on tally charts and block charts. Today was fun as the children had to decide on their choice and make the block chart from sticky notes.

  • Imperative Verbs and Banana Smoothies banana1

    This week we have been looking at the features of instruction writing and learning about imperative verbs (bossy verbs). We have looked at recipes and today the children followed my instructions to create banana smoothies.

  • We've gone dotty for division this week! col2

    The children have grasped division (which they realise is just sharing) and keep asking us to give them more work! Wow, what great children we have, their enthusiasm to learn makes us smile.

  • We're forever blowing bubbles... col3

    …if you make a square bubble wand will the shape of the bubble you blow be a cube? Last week we asked this question & set about making different shaped bubble wands. We then made predictions about the shape of the bubbles and carried out simple tests. The results…? You ask your child!

  • Great Fire of London Evening col1

    What a brilliant evening we had. Amber Class returned to school in the dark, drank hot chocolate and ate biscuits and then set about the important business of FIRE! The children sang rounds of London’s Burning and then watched as Mrs Nicholls-Grey set fire to Pudding Lane. It looked spectacular and gave us a little glimpse into how the Londoners of 1666 must have felt.

  • Big Draw 2016 collage1

    Thank you to Martha and Hannah. I love to see the children totally absorbed in their art.

  • Colin the Cat meets another cat... col3

    …he went to stay with The Playnes and met their cat.

  • The Great Fire of London bread3

    Welcome to the Pudding Lane Bakery. A very BIG thank you to Miss Walker for making bread with us.

  • Another parcel from our dragon hel2

    We received another parcel and letter from our dragon. He sent us a helmet that he had found in his cave, but he couldn’t remember who it belonged to or why he had it! So we all tried on the helmet and then wrote a story about it in Exciting Writing today.

  • Castles Assembly col1

    We hope you enjoyed our assembly today and the mix of performance and videos. We were very surprised when we received a (slightly burnt) parcel at the end and very excited to unpack a helmet and a letter from our dragon! Our writing should be very exciting tomorrow! Please look at the blog below for a link to some of the videos we played today.

  • 2d Shapes and their properties (and marshmallows) col1

    This week we have been learning about 2D shapes and their properties and what better way to understand them than to make them out of marshmallows and cocktail sticks and then eat the sweets!

  • Easy Peasy Harvest

    Easy *pea*__sy Harvest! We’ve *bean*__ blessed…This is such a *corn*__y song,
    We’ve *barley*__ just begun, but once *swede*__ got it started, *wheat*__ better carry on!So, come on everybody, *lettuce*__ rejoice…

  • Gymnastics with Vinnie 1

    We had a great gymnastics session with Vinnie at the end of last term, we had to think carefully about how we moved our bodies and holding positions.

  • Making Our Own Andy Goldsworthy Art in Stratford Park col1

    We were inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and went to Stratford Park to create our own. The results were fantastic.

  • Making Slurp Soup col1

    Our dragon wrote to us again asking if we would make Slurp Soup (leek & potato soup to you & me) and left us a bag of ingredients. Most of children loved the end product, they said it was ‘delicious’, ‘amazing’ and ‘the best’ and they asked for seconds (and thirds). Careful of the peelers – I said they were sharp :(

  • Hot Seating Hansel and Gretel handgcol1

    How do you think like the witch from Hansel & Gretel? You act like the witch from Hansel & Gretel! Yesterday the children took it in turns to sit in the ‘hot seat’ and pretend to be her. They asked the witch lots of questions like:‘why do you live alone?’, ‘why is your house made of sweets?’ and then the children wrote thought bubbles from the witch’s perspective.

  • Greater Than and Less Than col3

    We have been learning all about number and place value in numeracy. Last week we learnt the ‘greater than’ > and ‘less than’ < symbols. To help us remember which symbol to use we put on crocodile headdresses and had some fun. The crocodile always eats the bigger number! 23>12

  • Roald Dahl Day col1

    To celebrate 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl Stroud Valley School dressed up as their favourite character, the children (and adults) made such an effort they looked super.

  • Chepstow Castle col1

    What a fantastic day we had, the sun shone and the children really enjoyed the day. We explored the castle, marched with our shields and swords and had a jousting tournament.

  • Class Blog:

    • Quartz and Diamond Class host a fair

      It was lots of fun, well done!

    • Checking our directional knowledge

      In numeracy we have been revisiting directional language. To check our understanding we had to program BeeBots and they should all move in the same direction.

    • Super Slides

      How exciting, we now have slides in the playground.

    • Chick Web Cam

      Sadly, no more chicks have hatched since Friday. The chicks came to stay at Mrs Nicholls-Grey’s house this weekend, they were very noisy in the car! They have been cuddled lots.

    • What an EGG-citing day!

      It has been described by children, staff and parents alike as ‘amazing’, ‘so exciting, I haven’t stopped looking at the live web cam at work all day’! Keep an eye on the live broadcast as some of the older chicks have been moved to the blue box.

    • The eggs have arrived

      Here is the link to view the live webcam broadcast of the chicken eggs.

    • Learning rolls with Vinnie

      This week we have been learning different rolls, this is a log roll, you must remember to keep your ankles together and use your core muscles to roll over.

    • Potato Planting

      Yesterday Amber Class dug out our home grown compost from the bins and planted our potatoes. They should be ready to eat in June.

    • World Book Day 2017

      Every child dressed up, they looked fantastic and we had a day full of stories and activities around books.

    • Marbling Dream Jars

      On World Book Day we marbled dream jars from The BFG, next week we will be writing about the dream they contain.

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