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  • What a Drumtastic Afternoon!

    A huge thank you to Suzie for coming into Amber Class this afternoon. We have had a fantastic time being introduced to our up coming drumming lessons. We learnt about sound waves and how we have to let the sound escape out of the bottom of our drums. We have already learnt a short piece of music that we will be building on over the next few weeks.

  • The Scented Garden

    As part of our topic and science lessons we will be growing lots of interesting plants. We started today by growing beans in clear bags. Keep an eye on them over the next few weeks to see what happens.

  • A Fantastic Mr Fox Role Play Day


    Amber Class love to roleplay. We had a fantastic afternoon planning, practicing, preforming and watching our mini Fantastic Mr Fox productions. Here are some lovely photos from our hard work. This role play helped us to think about each character and interpret their personality traits.

  • Keeping Maths Active and fun —Maths of the day!

    Today we combined our 2 favourite things, running around and maths. We completed a measuring shuttle race. This involved two very important skills, being fast yet still managing to stay calm and accurate. Amber Class did a fantastic job at both. We remembered to start at 0, hold object as still as possible and study the ruler carefully for whole numbers and even some fractions.

  • More measuring pictures

    more pictures…

  • What a lovely day to make summer drinks....and to learn how to measure volume

    Farmer Bean (from Fantastic Mr Fox) told us that he only likes to drink cider. Amber Class decided to make some recipes to show Farmer Bean how many other lovely drinks there are to try. We had to plan a recipe that came to 200ml. We then mixed our juices using measuring jugs. We had a lovely afternoon making and sipping drinks, chatting with our friends and enjoying the sunshine.

  • Shrove Tuesday, pancakes and measuring

    Back on the 3rd of March we had a great day learning about Shrove Tuesday, making pancakes, learning how to measure and checking the fire alarms still worked…ooooops.

  • Amber Class go on a Children in Need Ramble

    Last week, Amber Class ventured to Stratford Park to see the glorious colours of autumn. They stomped through tunnels, clambered over tree stumps and rolled down grassy fields. It reminded us all of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place with free fun right on our doorstep!

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