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  • Pirate Ship - dress-up day

    Amber Class have said goodbye to their pirate project. We celebrated by dressing up as pirates and posing in the incredible ship that we built together as a team. We have one final project - to sail our homemade, mini pirate ships.

  • Pirate ship building

    Amber Class worked incredibly hard today, designing and constructing a pirate ship using cardboard boxes. They developed their teamwork skills by sharing jobs and supporting one another. They used different strategies to make the cardboard stronger and used different design ideas to make the ship appealing. Let’s celebrate it by having a dress-up day on the first day of school! Dress up as a pirate on Monday 4th November.
    Sadly I can’t upload photographs so you’ll have to come and see it.

  • WOW - celebrating achievements in and outside of school

    Amber and Amethyst Classes will be celebrating the children’s successes in and outside of school by displaying their photographs on the WOW board. If your child achieves something incredible please let us know.


    On Tuesday 22nd October, Amber Class will be working as a team to construct a HUGE pirate ship. We will need: Extra large boxes Large boxes Lots of boxes! Please be aware that your child will probably get mucky.

  • Representing numbers

    We are using Dienes, Numicon, cubes and counters to represent different numbers. We are learning to compare numbers and explain our ideas using mathematical vocabulary.

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